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  1. Sure, you can ground yourself, but many other things can be static generators in the typical environment. A mat is there to protect sensitive parts when putting assemblies or chips down on the work surface or reworking components. I used to work in telecommunications equipment repair and believe me, we used ESD mats in addition to personal grounding straps (wrist or foot based). A good ESD meter can also be helpful for your work space. Is it overkill to put in an ESD mat or have a meter nearby? Maybe, but it is a one-time investment and my personal experience is that is worth it. I like Desco products. The make a good, quality ESD mat.
  2. Thanks for the update. Things look very encouraging.
  3. That looks great! Thanks. Always fun to try a new update. Going good!
  4. Yes, that could do well in the contest. Fast, clean graphics, smooth, responsive controls, nice audio and prefect gameplay for the A8. Well Done!
  5. Hmmm, indeed. I hope he get the help he needs, but I'll have to pass also having already sent 50 euros the first time.
  6. Ah, I was hoping there would appear a Christmas surprise Looking forward to seeing the project progress.
  7. Disk version arrived! Excellent as always. Thanks again!
  8. Oh good to hear. Not sure why paypal said you weren't a paypal user then. Maybe it's because you are in a different country.
  9. The worrisome thing is that it was the money I had sent back at the beginning of October. Then here in November it gets sent back. That is strange. I hope they didn't try to take it from José, that would be bad I think. And I see José hasn't posted in almost a month.
  10. Uh-oh. The money I had sent through paypal was refunded and I got an email saying the José was not a paypal user or didn't register on the site. I hope everything is ok.
  11. So I imagine adding an additional entity to the manufacturing process is going to raise the price quite a bit. The question is how much?
  12. Just progress slowly. Set a limit per week @SainT and don't do any more than that. You have to balance work and life to be happy. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.
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