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  1. I don't believe there is any way or difference between a prototype that may have been made by the people who were making the game and one that somebody would make today by putting the program on a ROM besides the that we have better equipment today. I have been in the video game industry since '88 and I was involved in making some console games back in the cartridge days. For example I worked on a few NES games such as Pacmania, Vindicators and Dragonstrike. A prototype is nothing more than the programmer burning the latest build onto a ROM that was stuck into a empty case so that it could be tested. It isn't anything official, that is the whole meaning of the word prototype. They weren't labeled officially or anything, it was just something to test with. I have a "prototype" Tengen (the name Atari used to make NES carts) Tetris game. It is just a ROM on a board in a black un-labeled case. We were developing, I think, Vindicators and another game for Tengen while they were working on Tetris before they lost the second lawsuit with Nintendo. They sent us a prototype so we could check it out and I somehow wound up keeping it all these years. By the way, it was a much better version of Tetris that the one Nintendo rushed out. Speaking about Dark Tower specifically, the story I heard about this game when I bought it back in the early-mid 90's was that it was a legend. There were people who believed that it didn't exist at all. Occasionally there would be some discussion about it on some online forum and one of these discussions was found by the programmer of the game. He confirmed that the game did exist but the market collapsed just as they were finishing the game. He said it was finished and to prove it, uploaded the program. I unfortunately can't find this story online anymore, and looking for it is how I found this website. I think it was on Sean Kelly's website or in his newsletter. He is the guy I bought my Vetrix, master 'multi' cart and Dark Tower from. I think he owns a store in Chicago now and is one of the organizers of the Classic Game Expo. I do know that Dark Tower was never put into production / manufacturing which is when the labels and such would be made that would separate it from just a ROM on a board. -Joseph- www.working-as-designed.blogspot.com
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