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  1. Sigh. All I want is a decent, working Atari 2600 for around $30 shipped. is that REALLY too much to ask?

  2. I'm not dead - just busy. Cheers.

    1. Bryan


      "I'm getting better!"

    2. Grig


      LOL! Perfect - and glad to see you back!

  3. Putting "!" at the end of a sentence does not, under any circumstances, make it a question. That's what "?" is for.

  4. It's not licensing, either. Nintendo purposefully left off that functionality to discourage pirates.
  5. Yeah, I played Atari and ColecVision in 1982. So?

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    2. GodzillaIsMyCopilot


      So was every year after that, in my opinion. Sure, there were a few small dry spells, but, overall, our pasttime has been treated well. The point I'm trying to make is, whenever it is that you picked up a love for video games, the important thing is that you love them.

    3. atari2600land


      You must have been very rich to have both!

    4. GodzillaIsMyCopilot


      Not at all. My family had a CV; my grandparents had the Atari. I wasn't until 1984 that my family got an Atari at a yard sale.

  6. I'm confused how can the person spending the $$ be considered Greedy? Taking a wild guess here, in all seriousness (I have no idea what he really meant): Maybe it comes from the implied "I want it so no one else can have it!" mentality> That's as close to sensical as I can come up with having read this.
  7. Here's all I have to say on this (and I realize I am simply rehashing a lot of people's points - this is in the interest of solidarity): I hope a whole mess of legitimate reproductions (legit hereto refers to a repro that is clearly marked as such) are made. Games like this belong in the hands of players. As with TCM< Halloween, and others before it, there will always be unscrupulous repro scammers, but that shouldn't discourage the honest folks from benefitting. Some people abuse their children - it doesn't mean that the entire human race should stop breeding. That particular cartridge belongs in the hands of a collector.
  8. hmm. No, I haven't - haven't gathered the tools yet. :/
  9. Giving back feels good.

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    2. Chuck D. Head

      Chuck D. Head

      Rocky Dennis Shooting Team?

    3. the.golden.ax
    4. GodzillaIsMyCopilot


      I swear, I'll shave your beard when you're asleep.

  10. Am I the only one who finds it tragically hilarious that we're discussing a case... that sold in a box?
  11. Just because you can, it doesn't mean that you should.

    1. raskar42


      just because you should, dosen't mean it can't be done later, maybe after a nap.

    2. GodzillaIsMyCopilot
    3. purduecrum


      Sounds like the basis for many behavior related laws.

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