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  1. Oh it was, but soldering was my passion back then. Now with kids, I can barely get out of bed in the morning. Seriously, it looks great. Congratulations.
  2. Complementary. These consoles are rude and don't compliment anyone. Heck, they even call some Berzerk players "chicken"
  3. Probably too late, but does this help? deathskull via wayback
  4. I'm not sure the connector is the right size. You can use a 5200, jaguar, or TG-16 supply if you have one around: wayback link
  5. I published an adapter circuit a few years ago you might enjoy reading about: adapter
  6. I got one, 9V DC 1000ma (a higher current rating is fine). Inner conductor negative, outer positive.
  7. PSX Spyro Year of the Dragon, Sgt Byrd was a playable character.
  8. I'm also in Santa Clara with a Sony HS-20 projector if you want to try. It only takes hdmi and dvi though.
  9. A mint gameboy SP was too much trouble for him to take and not worth the trouble of selling?
  10. My fav: Tomb Raider II. Lara's about to drop her outfit and get in the bath then she looks at the camera and asks "Haven't you seen ENOUGH?" and shoots the player. Worst ending: 2600 Chess. You checkmate the system, it buzzes, but then you can take the king and keep playing. Silly game doesn't even know it's over.
  11. jsoper


    Digikey can be a little pricy but it fits since they're located in Thief River Falls
  12. It's my experience that jobs suck just as much as school. I get to write code and solder which I like, but right now my boss is pushing me finish a stupid ISO spec. He told me to keep it short, then bounced back the first draft for not enough detail, I hate that friggin document. Another time I was at a friend's house party who got a physics doctorate from Stanford, and was still working there. Way smarter than me. Heard him and his colleagues talk about what a drudge writing research grant proposals were. Even handymen and contractors have to write up job quotes they usually don't get called back on.
  13. I've gotten flamed a few too many times at DP. AA and ArcadeControls feel much more homey to me. YMMV.
  14. I'd probably just put a couple plain-jane silicon diodes in series to drop the 2600 5v down enough. It's probably at least 10% margin which means 3-3.6v of juice should work.
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