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  1. Oh... This is a lovely port !!! And the music is quite enthusiastic... Great Stuff ! And especially... Thank you for making it available on our platform ! (Atari Lives...)
  2. "I'd say that this is the most likely scenario. The Last Starfighter DVD seems to be a pretty slapdash effort overall; aside for the nice "making of" featurette, not a lot of effort seems to have been put into it (the transfer was recycled from laserdisc, etc). I'd love to see them re-release it with an anamorphic transfer." Check your DVD Installation / settings. The Universal DVD released back in 1999 contains an Anamorphic transfer (done especially for the DVD as the Japanese laserdisc used a non anamorphic D1 Master albeit in widescreen / 2.35:1 format). The HD DVD released this past week is a decent upgrade but nothing great. BTW- I strongly disagree with your opinion about the DVD. Back in 1999, this Collector's Edition was highly revered (and still is to this day). Plus it was the baby of Sharpline Arts (David Fein & Michael Matessino) who were the main personel behind the Director's Edition of Star Trek The Motion Picture. Considering they almost had zero budget to work with (welcome to Hollywood), their DVD of TLSF is one of their greatest achievements. Their website is currently being rebuilt (www.sharplinearts.com) but the previous one contained a great making-off about their Last Starfighter DVD.
  3. Guess that HD DVD of The Last Starfighter wasn't enough... You Tube links: The Last Star Raider (Starfighter and SRII Revival done w/ Blender 2.41) Enjoy...
  4. "Why? Because a EXE version would be nice. Just as it is nice to have Commando and other protos in EXE form. That's why. LOL" But how do you expect Fandal to recoup his investment if the ROM is floating around ? Look at what happened with the Commando situation (the ROM was released at the same time as the cartridge and I'm not sure many carts got sold). Again, Fandal invested around €2400 into the transaction. He deserves to get some of his investment back.
  5. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/1890...pace_opera_.php
  6. Spoof of IK+ on You Tube: (Very Funny)
  7. For those who didn't notice, AtariMania just unveiled its new look. The functionality stays the same but the presentation is now much more pleasant to the eyes... http://www.atarimania.com
  8. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that the TV is gone. Thanks to all who responded in the first place. AB.
  9. Hi Guys, A very special post as I'd like to donate a European Imported SONY 14" (Pal/Secam/NTSC) to an ATARI 8-BIT community member who's active in either developing new software or new hardware for the platform. The monitor is in absolutely pristine shape but I no longer need it as I recently upgraded my setup to a multistandard (PAL/NTSC) LCD monitor. Compared to my new LCD monitor, the Sony gives TRUE artifacting. Nevertheless, it's too bulky to be kept in my small apartment. (Local Pick-Up Only) European Imported SONY Trinitron 14" (KV-14LM1K) in pristine condition. Gently used in a post-production environment to check PAL and NTSC masters (this TV is also SECAM compatible and will perform an automatic 16:9 squeeze on any 16:9 content). Comes with a power converter (Philmore ST-1000 -> a $70 value) and all the necessary Video Adapters (SCART / COMPOSITE / S-VIDEO) + a SONY remote.
  10. Is there anyone on these boards who code on Mac ? With the switch to Intel processors and software such as Parallels, did anyone try to run PC coding apps on Mac ? Thanks.
  11. Hi, If anyone is interested: Galaxy Force Cartridge for the Sega Master System. Comes with the box but no manual. This is a European Import. Item is FREE but you must pay for Shipping via Paypal ($5 for the U.S.). Thanks, AB. (Pic Below)
  12. Hi, Just got the following three carts from Ebay in average / fair shape (all loose / no manuals or boxes). E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (USA RELEASE / SILVER LABEL / 1982 COPYRIGHT) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (USA RELEASE / SILVER LABEL / 1982 COPYRIGHT) JUNGLE HUNT (USA RELEASE / SILVER LABEL / 1983 COPYRIGHT) All are Warner Released carts (not Tramiel Era Released Carts) The carts were part of a larger auction made of Atari Basic books and I have no interest in them (I'm an 8-Bit Person). Price: $2 each + S/H (Paypal OK) Please PM me if interested. Thanks, AB.
  13. Hi Guys, I can probably pick up all that stuff. Just need an e-mail address from the person in question. Thanks, AB.
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