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  1. Designed a PCB that can be used for 2k/4k games, but also 8k, 16k and 32k games. Using the jumpers, you can select what type of bankswitching you want to use (F8/F6/F4, or no bankswitching). And with the rest of the jumpers, you can select different games. It uses a 1024k Eeprom (29F010 in my case), and a 20V8 PLD just like the PixelPast cartridge. So if you want to use 16k games for example, put jumper F8 and F6 sideways. The A12 and A13 signals from the PLD will then go to the Eeprom. The other jumpers can then be put to either up/down (+5V or Ground) for selecting 8 different games. If you want to use it for normal 4k games, use all jumpers to either +5V or Ground for selecting 32 games. Bankswitching is then not used, so the output of the PLD is only used for the Chip Enable signal. NOTE: Only tested with an (unstable) breadboard setup, so I will need to make the PCB to see if this is indeed a stable working solution... NOTE: Not sure if the PCB fits in all cartridge cases, but it does fit in the one I have. It think it was the case from Asteroids, but its been so long ago that I'm not sure of this.
  2. Don't know if anyone ever thought of this, but just in case... Here are my findings... The PixelPast bankswitch card works as expected, using the F8 file for 8k games in the PLD, and a 27C256 Eprom. Since only A12 on the Eprom is used for bankswitching, A13 and A14 (as mentioned in the PLD file (thank you alex_79)) are only used to select where the game is started from. So I loaded 4 different 8k games in the Eprom and disconnected A13 and A14 from the PLD. Connecting A13 and A14 to either +5V or to ground, selects one of the 4 games. Games in the Eprom, in this order were: - Ms. Pacman - E.T. - Galaxian - StarGate Worked perfectly for Ms. Pacman and E.T. Galaxian started scrambled. SartGate didn't start at all. But to be honest, I tested this on a breadboard with about 50 wires connecting the PLD to the Eprom and the Atari connector, so a bit of instability was to be expected. I will make a PCB for it soon for more testing. And I guess it will also work for a F6 (16k) bankswitch card, selecting the games with only A14 (and A15 if you use a 27C512)
  3. I have a UV box, so I don't mind erasing the chips. Usually keep the failed or old Eproms in a separate box, and erase then all at ones when I have 10 or so... I'm actually working on a cartridge that supports multiple F8 games, but wanted to try the PLD cart first to figure out if that was useful to me. So eventually I will indeed use a EEprom, maybe 4M or 8M so store several 8k games. Work in progress...
  4. Yes, that did the trick... Many thanks !!
  5. Ah, okay... I will try that. Thanks!
  6. Anyone any experience with the bankswitch cartridge from PixelPast (http://www.grandideastudio.com/pixels-past/)...? Made one using the F8 program in the PLD, and Ms.Pacman (8k) but all I get is a black screen. There is no mention in the description of the card, but I wonder if I should fill the 27C256 with the same game multiple times ? Now I just programmed the 27C256 with 1 time Ms.Pacman, and filled the blank space with "FF", just like I would do on any other Eproms. Anyone ?
  7. Other than the chip, it took me several minutes to get that stupid spring back in place 😆
  8. I recently had to open up my E.T cartridge because the plastic slider that protects the connector got stuck. To my surprise, there was only one chip (covered with a metal shield) on the board. I thought that E.T was an 8k game and therefore needs bankswitching...?
  9. Okay, so basically not worth the effort... That's a shame, it's my favorite game to play on the Atari 2600. luckily I still have the original cartridge as well
  10. Couldn't find much about it, so I'll ask the question here... If I understand it correctly, there is a custom chip in the original Pitfall II cartridge. But... would it be possible to make a Pitfall II cartridge with pure hardware (logic chips), so no PLD or other "software" based chips ? Thx!
  11. I took out the Atari chip added a socket. Then I made the mod on a board with pins that go into the socket, and a socket for the Atari chip. In this way, you can always take out the mod and make the Atari original again... At first I didn't get sound, and there was no color. So I added a FMS6400 Dual Channel Video Drivers chip to the original schematic. Now everything is working perfectly. I have a small LCD TV in my workshop with an S-Video input. That gives me perfect picture. When I connect it to the LCD we have in the livingroom, using a S-Video to Scart converter, the picture is a bit blurry. I have 3 more of the FMS6400 chips. If you can't find it on eBay or in your local electronics shop, let me know...
  12. Finally got it working... Look at the quality of the svideo signal, it almost perfect
  13. Still the same problem... Perfect picture, but only black/white. I altered the circuit a bit and added the FMS6400 chip, like they use in the Longhorn mod. Now I do have color output, only there is a little bit of noise on the edges of the screen, but that doesn't bother me. Thanks!
  14. Sound is working now... I had a faulty capacitor. But still no color though. Anyone ?
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