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  1. This thread and all the hard work by the people involved is making me think more about picking on up if i see one.
  2. Memories, my first proper tv game , its like seeing a skateboard with red kryptonics on it , just takes me back years.
  3. I just noticed whilst skimming thru the last few pages that im on the possible ban list ( fame at last ) Must admit i never put an order in for the vcs and was waiting for it to hit ebay ( if it ever got built ) but i have just lost £50 thru the pledge music fiasco that ill never see again , anyway more taco photos please and some pie and mash ones for us londoners !
  4. I remember in the early eighties when atari released pele soccer that here in the uk atari sponsored an arsenal football (soccer for you taco loving yanks ) I remember they had the game playing on the 2 jumbotron screen before during and after the match and loads of atari advertising , also pele was there and the matchday program ( booklet ) had a few page spread about the game . Tried finding more out on google but not too much on there .
  5. Just come out the cinema after watching 'ready player one ' wont say anymore as spoilers but its a good advert for atari .
  6. I remember buying activision fishing from selfridges in oxford street , berzerk from boots the chemist, also in the film called electric dreams (film about a home computer taking over the home owners house ) has a few minutes shot inside a department store video games area . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Dreams_(film) 5 minutes in and you see an imagic display , think there maybe more , film is on youtube.
  7. I know in this thread theres been talk about what atari have been doing (speaker hat , game band thingy , tacobox ) but was just watching tv and saw an advert for atari:codebreaker quiz game on discovery science. https://www.codebreakershow.com/about/
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