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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2020/12/23/kfc-console-announced-4k-240fps-kentucky-fried-chicken-video-games/
  2. Just done some googling and think I found it , I think it was future cop L.A.P.D
  3. Thanks for the reply tho it doesn't jog my memory , you could upgrade weapons on the Walker but not transform to different machines.
  4. Hi all, Trying to remember the name of a Ps1 game that we used to play a lot but have now forgotten , it was a police robot walker type thingy and the game arena was a room with walls and ramps and just loads of bad guys (robots ?) Any ideas ?
  5. Get well soon mate and take it easy !!!
  6. Rip curt , A big loss to his family and the atari /games and hardware community.
  7. In the film ET there is a vcs sitting by the tv ,and in ele tric dreams ( the film where the pc takes over the house ) there is a scene filmed in a games department and you can see Imagic games in boxes.
  8. It's still a fairly new system and hopefully some smart people including people on these atari forums will start solving some problems (Problems isn't the right word but couldn't think of another ) check out tea for gods on the sidequest page as that's a good game that fits the play area into your guardian So it's always changing .
  9. There is a way to improve the resolution on the quest https://uploadvr.com/oculus-link-resolution-increase-odt/ Tho I haven't tried it but people on Facebook are having success , there's a few demos in the quest store ( either in the quest store on the quest or phone app ) Creed is a boxing game with demo which is a good game , also there is a refund policy on games and I think it's if you have it for 2 days or less but haven't played it for more Then 2 hours but please read up on it first incase I'm wrong . I haven't got a link cable so can't answer your last question again .
  10. Pretty sure you cannot connect a blu ray/dvd player to it . There are ways of playing ripped films , also an app called big screen has movies being played that you can either watch for free or buy a ticket to watch a big screen movie show.
  11. I have downloaded some 3d movies from certain sites ( that I have the actual disc ) then used sky box vr ( installed on the quest ) to watch the films from my laptop to the quest , the 3d effects seem to be so much better then viewing on a 3d tv.
  12. I don't really find the strap too uncomfortable, you have to make sure you pull the one down going across the back of your lower head and then lift it up so the Weight is off the front of your nose using the velcro strap going from front to back of your head , the htc vive deluxe audio strap is the one people use for the frankenquest mod Strap and then they use either velcrose to secure it or 3d printed parts which people are selling on ebay . The Facebook group I'm on is called oculus quest community and they have good good tips,youtube videos on there . The sales on the oculus app don't seem as good as the sales for the other oculus devices but people have found out about the crossbuy makes it cheaper but read up about it first .
  13. Must admit I do like the beat sabre 360 games in easy , I'm terrible at it tho, also I have a few custom songs on it now.
  14. Myself,my daughter,and wife , the wife likes wander ,which is something like google earth, and watching the films , daughter likes the games . Just recently oculus released a cable so you could if you wanted to , connect it to a gaming pc for other games but then the headset is tethered , the cable is called link and there are other cheaper cables but I dont have a fast pc so haven't gone this route, also just recently somebody has posted on facebook groups how to have more then one user on a quest rather then just the 1 account being shared amongst families.
  15. We dont have Vader, it was given out free ( 3 Vader episodes ) from just before xmas to end of January, , you can always delete games and reinstall when you want to play them again but you lose any saves , we haven't had space issues tho , and any films (3d) we stream from our laptop using an app called skybox or you can watch what other people are showing in an app called big screen.
  16. Sidequest page , https://sidequestvr.com/#/webvr
  17. Weve had one for few months now, its a Great device , you can also load sidequest and download free games to it , Also if you browse to https://webvr.directory on the browser in the quest then there is a load of free games to play in the browser, save it as a bookmark We haven't touched the xbox360,xbox1,switch wii u and dare I say it atari ( I still look at the tacos 😀 ) if you do go for 1 , then try get the 128 gig rather then the 64 gig, The hand tracling works well and hopefully few games will come out that uses it , My fave games so far are pavlov, box vr, beat sabre and thrill of the fight.
  18. There's some on american eBay but the prices are just daft.
  19. In the photo showing the white object behind the right hand side grill , it looks like a piece of plyboard to me with the different layers .
  20. I think that new atari company with the taco box haven't made an original (or any games ) .
  21. This month's retro gamer magazine (uk) has loads about the old proper a tri vcs and worth a read if you can get it where you are, readly normally give a 2 week free trial for mags and with a UK vpn you might be able to read it for free , the mag is the 200 edition and a photo of it is below. https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/gaming/retro-gamer-magazine-subscription/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08XA17bJ5QIVmpntCh0wswI6EAAYASAAEgJuavD_BwE# I've just looked at my link and you can read a lot of it by clicking the bottom right of the pic. 😀
  22. Your right , this is dumpier then then dump thread 😁
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