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  1. One suggestion - "Nudge" buttons for Baby Pac-Man on the 7800. While playing the pinball portion, nudging is important for the game play. It's mapped to up and down on the joystick. Since you have the flipper buttons on the sides it would be sweet to have buttons where your thumbs rest so you could "nudge" the game(actually it looks like pointer finger buttons might be batter). Otherwise you have to reach to the joystick to do it which isn't ideal.
  2. I was at a Showbiz Pizza in Chicago when they unboxed a Baby Pac-Man. It is a very vivid memory. I love the game. Anyone who shies away from it is really missing out. The art and the cabinet itself is beautiful as well.
  3. Is there a site that sells homebrew ROM's? I don't have any interest in spending money on carts but would happily pay for the ROM's.
  4. Anyone have any experience with this mod as compared to the ones that have been around for a while? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Composite-Mod-RCA-out-PCB-a-v-audio-video-board/143868822004?hash=item217f4001f4:g:-0MAAOSwbDtfxmgj
  5. I really hope they aren't going through this post office Lol: https://www.wxyz.com/news/local-news/investigations/it-has-mail-from-wall-to-wall-packages-stuck-in-transit-at-allen-park-facility I legit have stuff that I bought off of ebay 3+ weeks ago that is tracking to this post office and then stopping.
  6. Damn, that is some serious patience posting closed and open pics of each game.
  7. I just need one to scavenge the side buttons off of. You can cut the cord and ship it in a padded envelope. Thanks!
  8. Very sweet controller! Just a heads-up - Baby Pac-Man arcade game didn't have a plunger. The ball was launched via solenoid that was either triggered by the right flipper button or automatically triggered if you didn't press the flipper button within 5 seconds.
  9. Sorry to hijack but do you have a link to who sells the best A/V mod for the first Intellivision? Thanks
  10. What would be the best way to either repair or replace my original Intellivision controller? It's the original unit from '79/80. Anyone sell refurbish kits? Anyone sell refurbished controllers? Is it best to replace them with Flashback controllers? Thanks for the information!
  11. Looking for a working Atari 1040ST internal disk drive. The one with the long eject button. Thanks
  12. I got it working mostly. When the desktop loads I am showing the following partitions: Hard Disk: C,D,E,F,G,H,J,L No I or K. Is that normal? Also, did a list of games ever get made for this image? Thank you
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