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  1. 25 game lot. All games are tested and working. Everything is in amazing condition. Check the pics. All games have manual and at least one overlay except Space Armada and Sea Battle are missing the overlays(might be stuck in one of the other boxes) Make me an offer.
  2. I have owned this since new. In great condition and works perfectly. $120 shipped?
  3. Had my 1040STF sitting for about 6 months. I had done a 4mb mod and it was working great. I went to power it on and I just get a black screen with a light grey blocky border. I opened it up and disconnected the drive to see if that would help it boot but no dice. Power supply problem? It's a ASP34-1 Rev. 2. Thanks
  4. You bought something from me because you felt sorry for me? Little gross to say that isn't it? I mean not as gross as bragging about spending the last 25 years of your life posting more than me on various retro gaming forums but close. Congrats on that by the way. "I also bought your AtariAge 7800 hand me downs for essentially full store price because I felt sorry for you" = icky You bought Baby Pac-Man and Dungeon. Retail for both is $80 plus tax, plus shipping. I charged you $70 and I paid the $14 shipping. You're a better person than this.
  5. "Outright scalping". I ordered this thing over a year ago. Never intended on selling. To imply I'm "scalping" is quite an insult. Guess what? People go through bad times in life and this is one of mine. I don't determine what the current market price is. If you don't like the price, make an offer. What the hell are you even talking about "diminishing trust"? This post isn't affecting you. This post doesn't make this forum a "worse place to be", posts like yours do. I've been on this forum 8 years longer than you. I have never screwed anyone on a sale. Again, you aren't interested? Move along.
  6. What's a fair/realistic price to pay for one of these?
  7. These are in amazing condition. They both feel brand new. Both tested and working perfectly. $80 shipped. Friends and family method only. Thanks
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