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  1. Also, still has really old firmware on it. Even an Atari 800 emulator.
  2. "New" 3DS-XL with all of the games pictured, charger and Nintendo case. Works perfectly in excellent condition. $125 shipping included in the US. Paypal friends and family method. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was able to figure it out and now have bootable disks! Sweet! One thing though.... A couple of the games that I have put on to disk - When booting up they display "SIO2SD LOADER.XEX" followed by the image name "filename.xex" Is this unavoidable? Not really a big deal, just curious.
  4. What do you have? Loose is preferred.
  5. First off, I appreciate everyone tolerating my inexperience. I have an SIO2SD but I would really love to run some of the games off of actual 5 1/4" floppy disks. What is the easiest process to do this? I don't want multiple games on a disk or to have any menu system. I would love just having one game per disk and to run them just like I did back in the day. Is there step by step instructions somewhere on how to do this? Thanks!
  6. Both of those look really sharp! Nice work.
  7. Who is currently selling the nicest XL-style SIO2SD case?
  8. These are great. Did anyone ever do a Jr. Pac-man label?
  9. Thank you. I really appreciate this forum and how willing everyone is to share their knowledge. My father had cerebral palsy and couldn't do normal activities like sports with me as a child. He bought me an Atari 800 instead and would watch me play and help me program the type-in games from magazines. Pretty much all of our bonding was because of video games. When the Intellivision came out, I saved money from mowing lawns and whatnot and bought it for him. Because of the disk controller he was finally able to enjoy playing video games. He loved mostly strategy games since he didn't have to worry about fast reflexes. Since he passed I have had a renewed interest in in both old systems. Just trying to re-learn everything I have forgotten over the years.
  10. Seems there are a ton of options but some aren't available anymore. What's the current best way to bump up the RAM in my 800XL which is only rocking 64kb right now?
  11. Yes. Got it working! As far as I can tell I didn't have the SIO cable in far enough.
  12. Yeah, that's what i would have thought but that just gives me Error 130.
  13. Sorry, I think I asked that wrong... How do I get the 800XL to look to D2 when at the READY prompt? Sorry, elementary question but I haven't had a dual drive since i was a kid.
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