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  1. I think one that I sold was probably the most recent. Mine sold for $ 254.99 fixed price on 9/02/2020 (Item # 383697445151 but it will long be gone in history). I do tend to get decent prices since I am a trusted seller, etc Previous to that, I purchased one with a slightly better label (hence the reason I sold mine above) for $131.10 on 4/11/2020 (auction listing). The seller was in Egypt so that may have hurt the value a bit to the US, but it was in superb condition. Hope this helps! Rob
  2. Being a long time collector (and eBay top rated seller) - you always have to look at sold listings, not active. Atari 8-bit values are quite low right now (now the Roklan Cart - Rack 'em up that is on there now is likely to go big). That Gold Mine has been on there for a loooog time now.
  3. You are definitely onto something there. I always assumed that the potential litigation from Atari is what spurred the total rewrite from the John Harris Jawbreaker to the Chuckles-written Jawbreaker II, but it would make sense that the litigation caused On-line system (and thus John Harris) to change the maze up totally different than Pac-man and issue that revision to the public. I would think that the revised maze version is the more common one (as again, it's the only one I have ever played in all of my years), but I could be wrong.
  4. Yes - that is the same version. I need to look at my packaging - as I see the "screenshot" on the back of yours matches the screen layout. Curious if mine matches the game I have
  5. Certainly. So the attached photos here are of the version that I have only ever known. Different layout completely - the tunnels are on all sides of the screen (not juse the top and bottom), and the ghosts emerge from a smaller box, and can come randomly out in either up or down direction. Looking back at the alternative version I just acquired, as you can see from those photos, the tunnels are only located at the top. Also, the center where the enemies appear is different. It just seems very odd that there were two different mazes released. My speculation is this: The one that that I recently squired, with only to tunnels was the first release. Perhaps Harris deemed it a bit too difficult and change the maze layout and added the two additional tunnels?
  6. So Jawbreaker is in my top 10 Atari 8-bit games. I recently acquired another original On-Line Systems disk in a large lot of loose disks. Upon booting it, I noticed right away that it is an entirely different maze/version than the my beloved game. So my question is - what's the story behind the two different John Harris versions? I know the whole sued by Atari, Jawbreaker II release etc. I have attached photos. So the screenshots are this new version (you start on the left side of the maze and the enemies emerge right center. I have been an Atari 8-bit user since 1982 and I have never played this one before. The only versions I have ever had was the maze where you start on the right of the screen and the enemies emerge top center. The diskette screenshot features my traditional (or at least what I thought was traditional) version at the bottom (with the "JB: 001-201" part number on it), and this "new" variation (again, at least to me) above it.
  7. As the title says, been locked up and bored, so exploring some of the not often played titles in the cart collection. 1) Which is your favorite of the the Romox Carts as far as gameplay? After today, I have to say Topper with Starion a close second. I know, I know, Spark Bugs isn't bad, but I (sadly) let someone on Atariage talk me into selling it 4-5 years ago. Topper could almost pass for a Synapse at best, Datamost at worst, title. Very flashy graphics. Very nice. Plus, I like the way you can just keep pressing the button to skip continue in a very fast method - no matter what the screen. I will go back to this one a lot more. 2) Now, we all know that for some strange reason (perhaps because the games themselves weren't the best) that Romox had the coolest cartridge artwork? Favs there? Mind would have to be Whiz Kid, with Topper a close second. Now...where was that joystick at??? e Artwork in the same order as above:
  8. Thanks for the tips. I think it is fine now that It's getting use now, but you never know when either of my Rana's will run into further issues
  9. Exactly - this one eluded me after our move to our new home for the last couple of years. It amazes me how resilient these old drives are.
  10. Exactly! How fun would that be??
  11. I couldn't resist sharing this, as I figure you all will get a kick out of it. This past week, I finally found my original Rana 1000 (the one that most recently had the switch broken discussed earlier was one I picked up later). So the switch broke off on my original back in the 80s but with, shall we say, some rural Kentucky engineering, you can see my solution in the photos below. It's a wonder I didn't burn our old farm house down back then, lol. The wonders that one can do with a bread tie and solder... What was interesting is that when I first fired it up this past week, it wouldn't read too well and was rotating slowly but, after she warmed up and after booting 5-10 disks, it is back in action and works like a charm. Was just a little tired from lack of use. So I ordered a second power switch from Digi-key to be here Monday. Since I am reminiscing, I can remember wanting one of these drives so bad - the ads in Analog, Antic, etc - but it had to have been 6 months of delays before they finally shipped. I just about gave up figuring it was never going to ship. I drove my poor mom crazy. I only had a 410 recorder at that point, and didn't want to buy a single density, bulky drive. The Rana just was so compact. I seem to remember, too that it was more affordable, perhaps $349 or $399 USD, can't remember exactly as I was in my mid teens. In KY we practically had to mail order everything. But anyway, thought you all would enjoy these photos, have a great weekend
  12. Digikey ships fast! It's funny, that little tiny switch was in a small pizza box size box, packed very nicely. I can report back, that I installed the switch and it is a perfect match (at least it mates up and powers on!) I actually like it better than the original. The original was more difficult to turn on and off (I am assuming to make sure it doesn't accidentally get turned off while reading/writing. The to me is why the switch eventually broke and became unsoldered. The new one is much better. I think it will last another 30+ years now, lol Thanks again to all! Rob
  13. Well, definitely by the image, it is nearly spot on like you say. I think for $2.54, I"ll take a chance. Thank you!
  14. Thanks so much! I will check out the options!
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