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  1. It's too bad that they are so expensive on eBay now. I purchased one when they were first released and one after they went on sale. Hard to believe that controller on sale cost me $24.99 an now they go for around 10 times that. It's a great controller though for sure. For me personally, I would not pay that much for it, but if I had never had one and I really wanted one, I might have to think hard about it. Us Jag fans can be pretty crazy.
  2. Fair enough. I guess the fact that he seemed so proud of being a "legacy gamer" and then stating what he did about the Jag seemed pretty ridiculous to me. But like I said, it just hit me the wrong way.
  3. Wow, pretty disrespectful. I am absolutely none of them. I was simply thinking that some fans here might want to correct their misinformation. That's all. I've been a Jag fanatic since I got my first Jag in '93 and have contributed as much as possible over the years on many of the Jag forums. I replied to the video and tried to correct some of their information. There was no other intention to this.
  4. I am sorry that I am bringing this up as I should not care at all, but I just happened to see this video and I was a bit surprised by the commentators' recollections of their time with the Jag. It just bothered me for some reason and seemed comical that someone would be trying to say they are a "legacy gamer" as he states and doesn't know what he is talking about. The Jag cost $900? The telephone keypad was used to jump and move around? The Jag had no memorable games? I am highly doubting they actually ever played it and if they did, it was for about a second! I had to comment. I am in a bad mood today and this just got me. Maybe I am missing something in their conversation? They can have their opinions and that is cool, but the information they gave was so bad! Always best to do your homework. Lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59CA-qMszsE
  5. Holy cow does that look and run well on the PC!
  6. Yeah, there had to be a lot of moisture contact at some point or a long time sitting in a very, very humid area. I still use my original Jaguar from '93 and JaguarCD from '95 and there is no rust anywhere on either unit inside or on outer screws. That's too bad for sure. I hope it can be revived somehow so you can play. Good luck with everything.
  7. Very nice! Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I just realized that auto-correct changed "Telegames" to "Telegrams" in my original post!!!! Sorry about that.
  9. That gave me a good laugh! I needed that this morning.
  10. Just for an update, the review is now on my new website <here>. Well, no luck with the cart as I got a bit of the run-around again. But I have been told that there is a version of the game on cart somewhere that is actually playable (not the first time I have been told this though). I cannot confirm this of course, but hopefully it is true and I can track it down as I just emailed someone about it. I do not want to bother Lee as he may not have been hard to find, but I think he has gotten over the WTR story a bit and probably does not want to be bothered anymore about it. If I recall, and I can check my old emails, I think he stated that he does not have anything pertaining to WTR or it's development anymore? Here's a couple new screenshots to make the bumping of this old thread less angering to everyone here. Scenic Shot Beautiful Monaco Wheel to Wheel Racing
  11. There were a few games to choose from for the winners. Nothing too great. As far as what I went through, there was no way my JagCD's and copies of World Tour Racing and their accompanying betas were leaving me. We are good now and I am happy to be back.
  12. WOW! The updated version of Star Wars looks absolutely amazing! I have been away for a while and I apologize for asking as I may have missed this somewhere, but is this version or the earlier version available to purchase on cart as I have no way of making my own anymore and I didn't see it anywhere here? Again, sorry if I missed it.
  13. I have so many copies at this point that I have used the carts themselves as replacements for damaged carts at times. I do have both variations as I think many Jag players do also. I should have a go at the game sometime soon as I have not played it in many years.
  14. First, I cannot apologize enough to the winners. I have already sent messages diving a bit into detail about the situation that had arisen involving myself and some personal issues to both Masematte and LianneJaguar64 for what has transpired over the past 5 months with the contest winnings. I was going through litigation that involved a certain ex and items that I had accumulated over the years and was advised by my attorney not to sell, gift or otherwise burn or destroy any of my things listed as a precaution even though we were confident in what would happen. I was embarrassed and depressed and simply disappeared and it was wrong to do. Again, I cannot apologize enough. The Jaguar community has been a great friend to me over all these years and I am simply happy that I have my Kids and a new outlook on things. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I will be sending these prizes out by the end of this week as I am now confident in giving away what I want to and selling what I might have to so that I may pay for all of this!
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