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  1. If I may ask, I am interested to know why it is so valued by overseas collectors? I have tried to find more information on this but I've come up with nothing. Is it better functioning than the US one? Or does it have any other inherent advantage that I just can't see from my perspective?
  2. I would be interested to know if there is anything unique about that particular adaptor that would make it so intensely desired. I thought all Australian power adaptors were the same - quite different from the US adaptors, but I wasn't aware of any regional variation within Australia. Now I'm really intrigued to find out what I receive from the guy I purchased from.
  3. Thanks for the replies; this is all fascinating to me. I had no idea there was aggressive demand for the Australian adaptor. I suppose this leaves casual collectors like me (I was only prepared to spend $150 or so) with limited options as we'll always be outdone by international buyers. Anyway, at least my story has a happy ending - I managed to track down a Colecovision, expansion module #1 and #2 (boxed) with Donkey Kong, Lady Bug, Smurf, Turbo, Space Fury, Venture, Carnivale and Cosmic Avenger all boxed and a stack of miscellaneous boxed Atari games for $65. Not bad all things considered.
  4. Firstly, forgive the noobishness of this question - I am very new to ColecoVision. I have been very eager for a number of months to get my hands on a Coleco, mostly to play some classic arcade titles that I missed on the 2600. Now, the Australian market in video game collecting is inconsistent at best, but I would really like to know why this recent Ebay auctions ended the way it did - with what seems to be a very high price tag: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230835137633 What particular game/peripheral would drive prices up to these levels? I couldn't identify any particularly rare games in that lot - some uncommon, I suppose, but not enough to drive the price up that high...surely? Another recent Australian auction went for about $600 but it was boxed with expansion module #1 and #2, so I kind of understand that a little better. And if there are any Australians out there, is this typical for the Australian market?
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