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  1. This is TRADED. Thanks to smeagolsama on NintendoAge. Glad we could make a deal.
  2. This is TRADED. Thanks to Unity00000209890012 on NintendoAge. Glad we could deal.
  3. More close ups. The "fair" condition described is dirt and grime. I'm not going to attempt a wash or cleaning of this.
  4. I'll trade for Gamegear games too. CIB games or several loose ones depending on what they are.
  5. Old TSR DragonLance and a couple Forgotten Realms books. ~30 books. Enough to know all Ansalon. Some Weis&Hickman Hardbacks too. D&D 2.5 Dungeon Master Guide. 1 Campaign Module. Trade Only!!!!!!! Looking for GG and Master System games I don't own.( Like Miracle Warriors w/ a map or a couple Wonderboys or Phantasy Star or Defenders of Oasis). Give me an RPG or shooter trade offer I'm open to alot.
  6. Throwing in a few more extras with pictures. A boxed Phantasy Star or Miracle Warriors w/ a map would be nice. Or a couple boxed Wonderboys. Or a couple boxed anythings ~60-~70
  7. 140 hours of play+++. (That's where I stopped anyway and still needed one tablet for second secret world but had most classes and alot of monsters maxed). Guidebook has a little wear on the spine and game case has 2 small scratches on it. (they are used not brand new). Including Breath of Fire 3 disc because of this. Looking to trade only. Looking for Sega Master System and Gamegear games I don't already have.Loose is ok depending on what it is.
  8. I received my trade package the other day. WOW!!! I'm one happy gamer! Our trade went very smoothly.
  9. Don't know if it will help but, a couple older Acer laptops I worked on had LCD issues with color. One was a bad mini ribbon wire not taped down correctly that was getting too hot from the insides. Might wanna crack your case and see if anything looks half melted.
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