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  1. CX22 is a Trak-Ball, not a Heavy Sixer console
  2. atarianer2003


  3. 1 Heavy Sixer 1 Sears Heavy Sixer 1 Light Sixer 1 4-switch wood 1 4-switch black 1 junior black 1 junior short rainbow 3 junior long rainbow 1 7800
  4. Taiwan – 72R DA 28817 303 – Date on mainboard JUL 20 1983
  5. Nearly everything from serial production. Missing are 520STF, 520STE, ATW800, PC2, PC4, PC5 and all ABC desktop models (have the notebook twice), from the consoles 2800, 5200 and Lynx I
  6. Latest catch: The remains of a former Atari service. Contains: TT030, Mega STE, 2x Mega ST2 (both upgraded), Megafile 44, Megafile 60, CaTTamaran accelerator, Riebl network adapter, Eickmann VME videocard, ca 1000 diskettes, magazines (German ST-Computer 1997 to 2003, several ST Format issues, several Atari World issues as well as Italian and Dutch magazines), an Atari backpack, a banner, several still sealed articles by Best (including a catalog), a shop sign, several external drives (hard disks, CD-ROM, Zip, MCD) ………
  7. Spotted Atari computers: "Married … with Children", episode "Old College Try": Bud has an Atari ST in his dorm "Bullyparade – Der Film" (Germany): Löffler has two Atari ST computers on a shelf in his garage "Ein Fall für TKKG – Drachenauge" (Germany): The kids are looking up a poet in a database with a 1040 ST "Police Academy 4" - In the background in the warehouse is a box of a 520 ST "Terminator 2" - The Portfolio scenes should be widely known http://atarimuseum.de/tv.htm
  8. Atari VCS, Model CX-2600, S.N. 26157J Sears Model 637.99743, S.N. 23370S
  9. Since last year I am rebuilding a collection I dissolved in 2006 (one of my bigger mistakes....). So far I have Jaguar 2 Jaguar consoles (boxed) 1 Jaguar CD unit (apparently never used before) 3 controller pads (1 with rotary modification) Memory Track Alien vs. Predator Atari Karts Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales Cannon Fodder Checkered Flag Cybermorph (2 loose cartridges, 1 boxed) Doom Hover Strike Iron Soldier Raiden Rayman Tempest 2000 Wolfenstein 3D CD: Baldies CD: Battlemorph CD: Blue Lightning CD: Myst CD: Myst Demo CD: Tempest 2000 - The Soundtrack CD: Vid Grid All items boxed, if not declared otherwise 2600 / 7800 CX 2600 A console ("wood") CX 2600 jr all black CX 2600 jr long rainbow (2x) CX 7800 (completely new and unused) CX 20 Driving Controller (2x) CX 24 Proline Joystick (4x, 1 boxed) CX 42 Remote Control Joystick (boxed, sadly the left controller is missing) CX 50 Keyboard Controllers (boxed) CX 78 Joypads (3x) Sears Video Arcade II Controller (boxed) 32 in 1 Game Cartridge (2x) Air Sea Battle (loose) Alpha Beam With Ernie (boxed) Asteroids (loose) Atlantis (loose) Bowling (loose) Centipede (loose) Championship Soccer (loose) Combat (loose, text) Crystal Castles (2x loose, 1 grey, 1 silver) Decathlon (loose) Demon Attack (boxed, picture label) Die hungrigen Frösche (loose) Donkey Kong (1 boxed, 1 loose) Eishockey-Fieber (boxed) Fire Fighter (boxed) Frostbite (boxed) Galaxian (loose) Indy 500 (2x, loose, 1 text and 1 pic) Invasion aus der Galaxis (loose) Jr. Pac-Man (loose) Jungle Hunt (3x, 2 boxed) Maze Craze (loose, text) Moon Patrol (loose, grey) My Golf (boxed) Outlaw (2x, 1 boxed) Pac-Kong (Quelle, loose) Pac-Man (loose) Phoenix (boxed) Rampage (boxed) River Raid II (pirate, loose) Roc'N Rope (boxed) Starmaster (boxed) Schnecke gegen Eichhörnchen (boxed) Solaris (boxed) Space Attack (boxed) Space Invaders (loose) Sprintmaster (boxed) Star Raiders (loose) Star Voyager (loose) Strahlen der Teufelsvögel (loose) Trick Shot (boxed) Vanguard (loose) Wüstenschlacht (loose) Yars' Revenge (loose) Lynx Lynx II (Model PAG-0300) Chip's Challenge (boxed) Klax (boxed) Rampage (loose) Shanghai (boxed) ST-TT-Falcon 520 STM (2x) 1040 STF 1040 STFM (2x, 1 boxed) 1040 STE Mega ST 2 Mega ST 4 Mega STE (3x, 1 boxed) Megafile 30 PTC 1426 SF 314 (5x, 1 boxed) SF 354 (4x, 1 boxed) SH 205 SLM 605 (2x) SLMC 804 SM 124 (9x, 5 boxed) SM 146 Stacy 2 STM 1 (~20x) TT 030 (3x, 1 of them is a daughterboard TT) TTM 195 Eagle 030 (1 complete and 1 board only) Hades 040 (as of yet not in working condition) 2 Nova VME adaptors with ET4000 video cards 1 Crazy Dots video card for Mega ST computers and tons of third party hardware, software, books etc. Most of that came from a former Atari service in Baden-Württemberg. PC & Portfolio PC 1 Portfolio model HPC-004 Parallel Interface HPC-101 (boxed) Card Drive HPC-301 (boxed) 400/800/XL/XE computers 800 XL 1050 (with Engl Turbo) XC 12 (boxed) Other Atari stuff CC 91 G credit card calculator CC 1010 calculator DB 2300 data bank DMP 2002 calculator with printer BH-100 "Touch Me" handheld Jaguar baseball cap Atari floppy disk map There are other systems here too (Game Boy, PlayStation 2, Commodore 64 and Super Nintendo), but for those I am not actively collecting. A few pictures (most parts are currently in the basement, for which I have still to get shelves...)
  10. Hi, behind the Stacy label under the display are hidden two screws. Then you can lift the cover. Disconnect all wires, unscrew the left suspension, pass all wires through the right suspension (the one with the smallest connectors first, one you can't pass through it, it has to be disconnected from mainboard later), than you can lift off the display. The back right corner of the Stacy is a bit difficulty - try and try again, sometime it will lift off. Mike
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