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  1. On the teaser video it looks like a console with retro design without a screen and controller ports that I assume connects to TV.
  2. Tractional sense? Do you mean traditional sense?
  3. Besides Ladybug other Universal games are Cosmic Avenger and Mr Do! Bill said Universal, Exidy, Sega, and Midway are represented.
  4. We're getting Exidy Pepper II and Venture but not Mousetrap? RATS! No pun intended. What other CV maze games are there if Ladybug is not on there either?
  5. Will a MAZE game like Mousetrap or Ladybug or BOTH be on Colecovision Flashback?
  6. Will 2014 Sega Genesis Classic Console 2 REALLY have 80 Genesis games this time NOT 40 Genesis games and 40 little "arcade" games like 1st Genesis Classic Console?
  7. Thanks, Bill! And please pass along my and others suggestions for Atari 5200 and 7800 Flashback systems in 2015! Since 5200 and 7800 game libraries were small maybe COMBINE both systems into and Atari SUPER Flashback! 5200 was called the Super System!
  8. Thanks, Bill! ALL 4 companies I metioned will be represented even Midway? What about possibility of special controlles/modules with built-in games being sold separately?
  9. Bill, thanks for the answers so far! Will these companies be represented on Colecovision Flashback: Sega- Carnival, Congo Bongo, Space Fury, Subroc, Zaxxon Exidy- Mouse Trap, Pepper II, Venture Universal- Cosmic Avenger, Lady Bug, Mr Do! *I DOUBT Midway which is now WB Games will appear- Bump N Jump, Gorf, Omega Race, Root Beer Tapper, Spy Hunter I am not familiar with many HOMEBREW CV games, I'd probably prefer ALL OFFICIAL CV games! Maybe AtGames could release Driving Module, Roller Controller, and Super Action Controllers with their unique games BUILT IN and sold separately! Looking fowad to Colecovision Flashback! I have a Dollar General around the corner from my house!
  10. I wish AtGames could make Sega Saturn and Dreamcast Flashback systems but since those were CD games it would require too much memory. I have the Xbox 360 Dreamcast Collection CD but that only has 4 games! Could have at least included 10 games!
  11. Totally awesome! I cannot believe we're getting a Colecovision Flashback system! I thought it was impossible since most CV games were LICENSED! With Zaxxon pictured on the box I hope there will be other Sega games like Carnival, Congo Bongo, Space Fury, and Subroc! I really want Turbo and Driving Module with other racing games built-in! What about Roller Controller w/Slither and Super Action Controller with SA Baseball and Football? 60 games is generous since there were only around 150 CV games, so we're bound to get many good ones! I also want Bump N Jump, BurgerTime, Cosmic Avenger, Frenzy, Gorf, Lady Bug, Looping, Mouse Trap, Mr Do!, Omega Race, Roc N Rope, Root Beer Tapper, Time Pilot, and Victory to name a few! Ah Colecovision the Dream System of 1982!
  12. Thanks. I forgot about Start/Pause/Reset buttons. I can plug Masterplay in 5200 Port 1 and 5200 Trackball in Port 2 and use Trackball keypad?
  13. Can I use my WICO Colecovision Command Control Joystick/keypad with 5200 Masterplay that I won on ebay? Does the keypad especially work like 5200 keypad? Can I plug a 2600 joystick into Masterplay port and use WICO Colecovision controller keypad in other port to make game selections? And can I play 5200 TRACKBALL games Centipede and Missile Command with it? Thanks
  14. I remember when the Atari 5200 came out 30 years ago in 1982 when I was 12 starting Junior High and my best friend told me about a 5200 TV commercial showing all the games for the system! I had owned a 2600 since my birthday in 1981 and wanted a Colecovision because of Donkey Kong, Turbo, Zaxxon, etc, but the 5200 did look like a SUPER system! I did NOT get the 5200 or Colecovision for Christmas 1982 because they were expensive. A year later my cousin got a 5200 and I LOVED the games but NOT the controllers which were flimsy and unresponsive making Pac-Man impossible to play! Instead for Christmas 1983 I got an Atari 800 computer which had SAME games as 5200 and accepted 2600 JOYSTICKS! YAY! In hindsight I should have gotten a Commodore 64 computer which lasted YEARS longer than Atari computers! Now 30 years later I am enjoying playing Classic video games Arcade, systems, and computers with emulation on Xbox and PC including 5200! Xbox controller works WELL with ALL the games including 5200! A good controller could have saved 5200, because the GAMES ROCK! And Atari should have kept several games EXCLUSIVE to 5200! Why did they make inferior 2600 versions, too? Atari 7800 was too little too late it should have come out in 1984 to beat Nintendo! Looking back 30 years Atari 5200 was never the successor to 2600 Atari and fans hoped for but lives on today in emulation!
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