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  1. I did the same. That's why I used the Dremel to cut it open. I could still probably tape it back together. I do want to add a fuse holder to it. -Bob
  2. On this one I wasn't careful. I used a dremel to cut the case. I will be less destructive with the others. -Bob
  3. I'm bringing this back up because, well, I'm an idiot. No, seriously. IDIOT. I hope you all won't revoke my hobbyist card over this. The reason the fuses popped on the power supplies is that I had left the bottom half of the shielding in place and the metal was shorting the pins on the power input. Damn. I cut open one of the bricks and soldered in a new fuse. It popped as soon as I turned on the 1200XL. I put in a new fuse, disconnected the cord from the computer and plugged in the brick. The fuse held. I measured the voltage (AC) at the plug and it was 10.4 volts. I said to myself, "OK something's going on with the computer. A simple memory upgrade shouldn't cause a short in the power." That's when I realized what was happening. So, I get to wear the idiot tag for a while. Now I'll find a fuse holder and a project box to put the guts of the brick in. Damn. -Bob
  4. The surge protector is old. The power supplys were plugged into the surge protector and into the 1200xl/1050s. I turned the surge protector on and the power supplys died. I don't know if a spike from turning the surge protector on caused the issue. Once I open one of the power supplys and am able to easily replace a fuse I can do more testing. I should be able to work on this before the weekend. -Bob
  5. The tough part is going to be breaking into the brick. I should be able to cut through the plastic pretty easily though. -Bob
  6. The surge protector is the issue. Yes, it needs a decent burial. I'm not getting anything out of the bricks. That's why I'm hoping it's just a blown fuse. -Bob
  7. Finished putting a Newell 256k RAM upgrade into a 1200xl. Flipped the rocker on the surge protector to test the install and I get nothing. Try the 2 1050s plugged into the same strip and nope, no power either. So, I take my spare PS and plug it directly into the wall. The 1200xl's power led comes on. Plug the PS into the surge protector (I should have known better, I know) and I hear a "click" and no power. Looks like they may have just blown a fuse. I'll have to cut them open to find out. Damn. -Bob
  8. I picked up a CO21697-11 to put in a 1200XL that's getting a Newell 256K memory mod. No pics, sorry. -Bob
  9. Thanks for the advice. I will probably install it in the 130XE that I have sitting here. I don't have a way to burn ROMs but I can work on that. I am kinda partial to SpartaDOS though. First I have to find a block of time to install it. Maybe my schedule will free up in the next couple of weeks. Having said that, I'm still thinking of putting it in my 800XL. I can swap the stock Atari ROM in the RamRod with the IDE bootable ROM. Decisions, decisions. -Bob
  10. I have an original, internal MyIDE board from 2002. Original packaging, never installed. Would it be worthwhile to install it? I have a choice of 3 machines: 1. 800XL - Newell 256k, Ramrod XL 2. 1200XL - Newell 256k 3. 130XE - stock I'm thinking I would like to boot from the hard drive, is the ROM still available? Would it even work in the 1200XL as a bootable device? The more I think about it, I'm liking the idea of putting it in the 130XE. Thoughts, ideas, advice? Thanks, -Bob
  11. In the late 90s I had an ATR-8000 that had 2 SCSI hard drives attached. I don't remember how I acquired it and I ended up selling it (which I kinda regret). The drives were housed in a modified case and sounded like a jet engine when they spun up. I think there was an Adaptec 4000a controller involved with the ATR. -Bob
  12. Do we have a pool on when we get a first post from a new member asking how to repair a 1200XL keyboard?
  13. There's a Cintari Yahoo group. There 24 members and the last activity was in 2015. -Bob
  14. Should proofread better. It's Norwood. -Bob
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