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  1. Absolutely loved Double Dash and the addition of two riders on a kart. Also has the best course of all-time... Baby Park!!!! I could play that course with friends for hours and hours!!!
  2. I love the fact that Mario Kart: Double Dash, one of my all-time favorite games, made it onto one of my favorite tv shows (Veronica Mars).
  3. Bandicoot Power!!

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    2. Dreamcast Gamer

      Dreamcast Gamer

      Crash still exists?

    3. Stephen


      1st game convinced me to buy my first Playstation. Toasted everything I had previously seen on the Jaguar+CD which was my newest console at the time.

    4. Ska_music_fan83


      I didn't know they were making HD remakes of the three PSX games, that's really cool! :)

  4. Moon Patrol Freeway Maze Craze Crystal Castles Solar Fox Kaboom! Stampede Indy 500 Outlaw Space Attack
  5. I've found that Water Ski actually plays very well with the ProLine joystick. Other than that, Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position 2 and Robotron: 2084 are all alright. Games that require you to press buttons frequently are very, very bad though. lol
  6. You can always try a local retro gaming shop. It might be more expensive but at least you know it doesn't run the risk of getting damaged in shipping.
  7. The Sony Playstation gets my vote due to the amazingness that is Point Blank.
  8. Ikaruga - Nintendo Gamecube Crazy Taxi - Nintendo Gamecube 007 Nightfire - Nintendo Gamecube
  9. Happy to hear you finally got what you wanted as a kid. It's a great feeling!
  10. Alien Storm for the Sega Genesis. Didn't really have too many choices though. The only other Halloween-themed coop game I have is Zombies Ate My Neighbors... but I like Alien Storm better.
  11. Ghostbusters - Atari 2600 Super Smash TV - SNES Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - SNES
  12. This isn't related to this topic but I just had to say something because I'm so happy to see Harold the dog from the Mr. Rossi cartoon as your avatar. You just made my day! I used to watch those cartoon movies as a child and I've never met another person who knew who Mr. Rossi was.
  13. Killer Instinct - SNES - Got completely destroyed by Eyedol... had to give up after about 10 tries to beat him... Wipeout XL - Sony Playstation Joe and Mac - SNES
  14. I am very bad at Killer Instinct for the SNES but I really do love the soundtrack! Especially the intro... :)

    1. GoldLeader


      There's one game I just never owned for the SNEZZ...

    2. Papa


      I was impressed back in the day, although the controls (unless you had the arcade stuff) were pretty tiny. All the half circle, full circle, quarter circle moves and having to keep doing them over and over to keep up combos. Had fun with it, though.

    3. Ska_music_fan83


      Yeah unlike Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat it's all about how many combos you can do which are really difficult to pull off sometimes.

  15. I'm excited that I'm already halfway done with my "Sharknado" Halloween costume!! :)

    1. 7800fan


      Stock up on motion sickness pills! All those spinning is going to make you sick

    2. GoldLeader


      One more trip to the hardware store for some hammerheads...

    3. Ska_music_fan83
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