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  1. Several days ago ‎Jamie Battison‎ from Bitmap Soft wrote this on atarionline.pl Facebook profile: "I am looking for devs who maybe interested in releasing an Atari XL/XE game with our Bitmap Soft label?" So yes, they are interested in A8 games publishing
  2. José, glad to hear good news from you. I was deeply moved by your initial post and sent some money by traditional transfer this morning. Good luck, I hope you will come back to "normal" way of life soon...
  3. Here you have an analysis of all versions of The Last V8 (C128/C64/A8/CPC). According to that comparison blog, all of them have similar problems with playability and C128 version is the only with 3 levels.
  4. I'm not sure I get it - this is a new thread, but you are referring to the content of disk number 051, from some years ago?
  5. One of the "software-driven modes" that is not on the list from post #182: Graphics modes can be mixed by switching between 2 modes every second line. As I checked, GR.9 can be mixed successfully with high resolution GR.8 - the result is: hi-res details, 16 shades and no flickering Additional PMG allows to use extra colours as an underlayer: in GR.8 lines missiles and players can modify the hue of playfield pixels, in GR.9 lines missiles can modify hue and luminance of pixels. I've created that kind of graphics for "Assembloids XE" in 2013 (unfortunately this game is PAL only), coded by Xeen, music & sound effects by stRing. This is how two of the in-game faces look after separation of the modes: P.S. Yikes, it's my post number 500 here on AtariAge
  6. You mean something like Gury's page about standard graphics modes?: http://gury.atari8.info/ref/graphics_modes.php Some time ago there was a Wikipedia entry about Atari 8-bit software-driven graphics modes (without pictures) - it seems it doesn't exist now, I just found its copies like this page: https://enacademic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/5875720 I agree, outstanding work by R0ger. But I'm wondering, why still there is no separate thread?
  7. Yeah, absolutely, it adds very nice mood to the gameplay. It's a cover of Wally Beben's original tune, to be precise. Nevertheless I strongly recommend playing Total Eclipse with sound effects instead of music, as they give sonic clues for puzzles in several locations and also may warn of danger. What's more, the sound of increasing heart rate makes the game quite immersive
  8. It's quite easy to find it at the end of Atarionline article or on the official party page: https://www.lostparty.pl/2019/ The link: https://www.lostparty.pl/2019/stuff/LostParty2019stuff.zip
  9. I don't see Al's response. I think I can smell "Adventure II XE" release here, but I'm not sure about other games
  10. Well, it was already released when you were writing this comment. XEX file and G2F file in the official stuff pack.
  11. To be precise, in GR.11 mode there are 15 colours in 1 luminance & constant black This mode is used in Murder on the Zinderneuf game. And in one of Atari Blast levels too. In general there are two options: a) 4 missiles share the colours with 4 players b) the missiles have one common colour ("5th player" option).
  12. At the moment I just would like to add that there exist tricks which allow to use about 90 colours in one scan line - see "New Direction" intro by MaPa and PG:
  13. Similar technique in GR.11 mode: - black + 15 hues which share the same luminance (playfield pixels) - black + 15 hues with another luminance (missiles as the 5th player over the playfield pixels, black is still black in this mode) - 6 colours of multicoloured players (additional colours made of P0+P1 pixels and P2+P3 pixels) Which means up to 37 colours in one scanline (picture attached, OlivierP palette).
  14. Well, it's not really "the complete answer" - for example in graphics mode 9 one may use 38 colours in line (see the picture attached): - 16 shades of one colour (playfield pixels) - 16 shades of another colour (missiles as the 5th player over the playfield pixels) - 6 colours of multicoloured players (additional colours P0+P1 and P2+P3)
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