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  1. And this is my first ATASCII work "Rain" which took second place Thanks for organising the competition and congratulations to all the participants. My personal favourites were "Attack of the Giant Bugs" and "Croweye".
  2. It's great that we'll see this game on Atari 8-bit computers. One little note: it would be nice to correct Locomalito's name on this title screen.
  3. As you could read in another thread, @bocianu spent last 9 months working on "Flob" game which should be released today. Maybe he will return to Komplex K-12 soon?
  4. Not a game, but a playable demo of PAL blending mixed colours technique by @Xuel, mixing lines of 4 hues (black, red, green, blue) with lines of 4 luminances. Source code: https://github.com/lybrown/tiles Assembloids XE game, mixing lines of GR.9 (16 luminances) with hi-res GR.8, coded by @xeen:
  5. You may check Bumpong. Source code: https://github.com/pfusik/bumpong
  6. Another thread with some interesting stuff:
  7. Thanks, this is exactly what I planned to ask you in the next question
  8. Hi, actually this thread is about the incoming second part of Hobgoblin. Both parts were coded by @xxl and he should know the answer to your question.
  9. @ggn You've written about three titles, including "Two Days to the Race", but I haven't seen any mention about Atari 8-bit version of this game. Are you sure that such version exists?
  10. Here is the Top 500 Atari 8-bit games list on Atarimania ordered by rating - there's plenty of quality action/arcade games to choose from :)
  11. Sikor, I don't see such declaration there. Like Ilmenit wrote just before your post, Kski (the coder) declared improved controls and better NTSC check. And in his latest comment (so far), Kski wrote that he would have to get rid of music, some Albert colours and ladders to make it work in NTSC - or make other changes that would make Albert a different game.
  12. I think you miss the point here - read the first post of pixelmischief: "(...) I play just about everything that comes out on the platform (...)" - he's a gamer, what he wanted was a kind of answer that was provided by Philsan, not "The Last Word" as an answer.
  13. Well... Homesoft converted Playsoft's fixed 5200 version back to 8-bit, didn't he? Yar's Strike.zip
  14. There are many new games every year for Atari 8-bit (completed and work-in-progress). Compare seven A7800 completed games for the whole year 2020 with about 70 completed games in whole A8/A5200 category (see here). I helped with collecting those titles. The A8 2020 WIP list (also present there) does not reflect the full picture as we knew there would be no WIP category in 2020 - hence there was no need to collect all titles for that list.
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