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  1. Yeah, absolutely, it adds very nice mood to the gameplay. It's a cover of Wally Beben's original tune, to be precise. Nevertheless I strongly recommend playing Total Eclipse with sound effects instead of music, as they give sonic clues for puzzles in several locations and also may warn of danger. What's more, the sound of increasing heart rate makes the game quite immersive
  2. It's quite easy to find it at the end of Atarionline article or on the official party page: https://www.lostparty.pl/2019/ The link: https://www.lostparty.pl/2019/stuff/LostParty2019stuff.zip
  3. I don't see Al's response. I think I can smell "Adventure II XE" release here, but I'm not sure about other games
  4. Well, it was already released when you were writing this comment. XEX file and G2F file in the official stuff pack.
  5. To be precise, in GR.11 mode there are 15 colours in 1 luminance & constant black This mode is used in Murder on the Zinderneuf game. And in one of Atari Blast levels too. In general there are two options: a) 4 missiles share the colours with 4 players b) the missiles have one common colour ("5th player" option).
  6. At the moment I just would like to add that there exist tricks which allow to use about 90 colours in one scan line - see "New Direction" intro by MaPa and PG:
  7. Similar technique in GR.11 mode: - black + 15 hues which share the same luminance (playfield pixels) - black + 15 hues with another luminance (missiles as the 5th player over the playfield pixels, black is still black in this mode) - 6 colours of multicoloured players (additional colours made of P0+P1 pixels and P2+P3 pixels) Which means up to 37 colours in one scanline (picture attached, OlivierP palette).
  8. Well, it's not really "the complete answer" - for example in graphics mode 9 one may use 38 colours in line (see the picture attached): - 16 shades of one colour (playfield pixels) - 16 shades of another colour (missiles as the 5th player over the playfield pixels) - 6 colours of multicoloured players (additional colours P0+P1 and P2+P3)
  9. The original game was Quartet (2010) by Photon Storm. Assembloids XE (2013, PAL only) conversion for Atari XL/XE looks like this: In 2017 Quartet Deluxe for Atari ST was published (screenshots from Atarimania): There exist also other conversions, including Assembloids 2600 for Atari 2600 sold on cartridges by AtariAge:
  10. Regarding the price of "The Atari Book" - AFAIK it was a collection of reprints from several years of Retro Gamer magazine. It was quite easy to put existing pieces together and sell the same material for the second time. Also, bigger volume means lower costs per unit.
  11. Jon, thanks a lot for the new game! You may read about Jon's future plans here, in an interview from last year An excerpt from this interview: "My plans at the moment are to finish off the ever growing Berks game and upload that to the Atari forums. I then plan to convert the game back to the Plus 4 as there are still a lot of people who follow the machine … mainly in Europe. I think that will take a few months. As soon as Berks is out of the way I’m going to take a look at a Jet Boot Jack update. I’m hoping to make a single master disk that will contain the original version of the game, an updated version with (at least) 10 new screens and some new game mechanics … and then a new game that contains the main parts of Knuckerhole (I’ll call it something different though). Then I may sleep ;)"
  12. As I have written on AtariOnline, in the newer v1.2 version of RodMän demos there are 2 colours of enemies in low resolution version and collision detection seems better.
  13. It seems that when you buy the cassettes, you also get access to the files: "+ Free Digital Download for use with SD2IEC / divMMC Future type devices or emulation"
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