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  1. I would like to remind you, that this is the last day of voting, you may vote until midnight of your local time
  2. It's not ineligible in Kaz Kompo! You are probably confusing Kaz Kompo rules and ZeroPage Homebrew's Atari Awards rules.
  3. Thanks, Ingo! Only five? Maybe tomorrow you could find a few other games that deserve some points?
  4. Like I wrote a few messages earlier, "License Plates" come from BASIC Tenliners contest, so they were announced in the appropriate thread: There is no "one place with everything". We try at AtariOnline.pl and we have special pages dedicated to specific years, but it's hard to follow all sites, Facebook groups etc., it's a big effort, so we're not always up-to-date. Maybe there exist one or two lesser known games that we missed in 2019 list, who knows? True. In the years 2014-2017 I tried to write carefully on AtariOnline about every single released (but not covered on AtariOnline yet) game on the main page before starting Kaz Kompo, which caused KK editions to be postponed permanently (the delay grew over the years). We had to change it.
  5. Sure, we accept all votes And we would love to know what are YOUR personal gems from 2019, @davidcalgary29 One more announcement: I'd like to remind you that this year we have a special prize for the person who will add the most interesting summary of scored games, who will explain in the most interesting way the choises he/she had made. So - if you want to get the first prize - write more than just the points The first prize is the full official "Jim Slide XL" game box with cartridge, disk and 2 posters, you may see the photos in this thread: You may find more details about the prizes in the rules (see the first post).
  6. This is the list of 10-liners from BASIC Tenliners contest included in KK2019: Dragon Trainer (Jason "8Bit 1337" Gruetzmacher) - PUR-120 category, Turbo BASIC XL Floody Bot (Kevin Savetz) - 2nd place in EXTREM-256 category, Turbo BASIC XL Hubbub (Eric Henneke) - PUR-80 category, Atari BASIC Lander (Kevin Savetz) - 2nd place in PUR-120 category, Turbo BASIC XL License Plates (Victor "Vitoco" Parada) - PUR-80 category, Atari BASIC Mini Bros (Victor "Vitoco" Parada) - 1st place in EXTREM-256 category, FastBasic 3.4 Missile ("Etom000001") - PUR-120 category, Atari BASIC Missile10 (Bill Kendrick) - EXTREM-256 category, Turbo BASIC XL Neverending Sorry (Paweł "Pirx" Kalinowski) - EXTREM-256 category, Turbo BASIC XL Pixelated Puzzle (Victor "Vitoco" Parada) - 1st place in PUR-120 category, Turbo BASIC XL Poke Pig (Kevin Savetz) - PUR-120 category, Turbo BASIC XL ReactorX (Jeff "jeffpiep" Piepmeier) - 3rd place in PUR-120 category, FastBasic 4.0rc UFO Attack! (Victor "Vitoco" Parada) - PUR-80 category, Atari BASIC We also included in KK2019 "Mini Kaboom" game by Victor "Vitoco" Parada - it's a variant of "UFO Attack!" from BASIC Tenliners contest Other 10-liners: "Minilife", "Mini Character Editor", "Garden" by Kevin Savetz and "Amen [BREAK]" by Bill Kendrick were excluded as they are not really games. I agree that some of the games are not presented widely on AtariAge, maybe some of the creators should care more about the reception of their work? Wasteland? Actually, the creator of Wasteland announced the game on AtariAge (although not in A8 forum)... And then there was a thread created by skr:
  7. I try to encourage everyone to play all the games, but it's not always possible. If someone has time to go through all games, will find all the gems, no matter what we would write in this thread But if someone has less time and is overwhelmed by the number of 79 games, the shorter list could be a real help - it's kind of a strong recommendation from other voters, where to start from (those 20 games received more than 90 percent of all points).
  8. For those who don't have time to play all 79 games - these are 20 entries that received the biggest number of points so far (in alphabetical order): Abyssus Adventure Ponies Berks Four Block on Legs: First Steps Castle Defender Dungeon Hunt II Eel Ecurb Fruity Pete Gravity Worms Great Green Adventure 2: Prologue Imogen Jet Set Willy 2019 Last Disk Mister Hoppe Monty on the Run Moon Patrol Redux Rescue Expedition, The Space Fortress Omega Star Vagrant Wasteland
  9. Thanks, Yautja and Carlsson! OK. Just one thing - I hope you realise, that this is Czech version of Millionaire in the package (the one from 2019), the other language versions were published in 2018 and we'll come back to them in future Kaz Kompo 2018? I understand your pain. There's still a few days left, maybe you would find some time to play several other games (not necessarily ~45) and possibly modify your vote.
  10. Thanks, @ggn! And some of AAge members have already voted on AtariOnline (@Poison, @CharlieChaplin, @Philsan, @therealbountybob). So who's next? The fight is fierce, the point differences between entries are in some cases very small, your vote may be decisive!
  11. And... well... I'm sorry for you that you have to read all those "rz" and "sz" live
  12. Hi James, I've watched the ZeroPage Homebrew livestream - here are full credits for A8/A5200 finalists which I think should be read next time :) Adventure Ponies - Daniel "Gibstov" Blevins, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik Berks Four - Jon Wiliams Castle Defender - Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček, Piotr "Piesiu" Radecki, Michał "stRing" Radecki (original game by Chris Bradburne) Gravity Worms - Krzysztof "xxl" Dudek, Jakub "Aceman" Szeląg, Kamil "Vidol" Walaszek Imogen - Frantisek "Fandal" Houra, Petr "HardCore" Postava, Lukas Bezdek, José Pereira (original game by Michael St Aubyn) Jet Set Willy 2019 - Terence "Tezz" Derby (original game by Matthew Smith) Monty on the Run - Krzysztof "Rastan" Wróbel, Marek "Konop" Konopka, Michał "Miker" Szpilowski (original game by Jason Perkins, Terry Droid) The Rescue Expedition - Kamil "Gorgh" Trzaska, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Star Vagrant - Rafał "MADRAFi" Czemko, Rafał "Broniu" Broniarek, Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki Wasteland - Michael Jaskula
  13. I'm happy to announce that in the KK2019 games package you may find 2 games that were previously available only for ABBUC club members: "Another Pong" (by Ralf "PPs" Patschke & Mario "Emkay" Krix) and "Full House Poker" (by Florian Dingler). Thanks for making them public, Sascha (@skr), Ralf (@pps) and Florian (@FlorianD)! Regarding the games that are absent or not present in full version in KK2019 games package: "Animal Keeper", "NovaWolf" - commercial games created by Peter J. Meyer and Lance Ringquist, sold by Atari Sales on cartridges only "The Rescue Expedition" - commercial game sold by Retronics (to order the game send PM to @Duddie or an email to orders(at)retronics.eu), only short demo is available publicly "Star Vagrant" - commercial game, demo version from Silly Venture 2k19 is available. Full version sold by MADSoft "Dungeon Hunt II" - this game won ABBUC Software Contest 2019 (and was distributed among ABBUC club members), not published after the contest. You may order the game by PM to @jacobus, here's the thread on AtariAge:
  14. The winners from previous editions: 2016: 1. Laura, 2. Pang, 3. AtariBlast! 2015: 1. Duszpasterz Jan Rzygoń / Priest John McPuke, 2. Bomber, 3. Dimo's Quest Lurch Edition 2014: 1. RGB, 2. Treasure Island Dizzy, 3. The Great Return of the Penguins 2013: 1. Assembloids XE, 2. Deathchase XE, 3. The Hunt 2012: 1. Ridiculous Reality, 2. Line Runner, 3. Callisto 2011: 1. Space Harrier, 2. Marbled, 3. Mighty Jill Off 2010: 1. His Dark Majesty, 2. Ocean Detox, 3. Dr. Mario 2009: 1. Kolony 2106, 2. Nightshade, 3. Ghastly Night 2008: 1. Bomb Jack, 2. Hobgoblin, 3. Knight Lore 2007: 1. Yoomp!, 2. Crownland, 3. Mindblast 2006: 1. Flowers Mania, 2. Klony, 3. Nibbly You may ask: what about missing years 2017 and 2018 - we will come back to them after Kaz Kompo 2019
  15. Thanks, @therealbountybob, I've just created the official KK2019 thread here:
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