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  1. Tillek has approached me in email and we've discussed the purchase via phone for the last few weeks/days. He has made what I think is a fair offer. I'm not going to post it out of respect for him. He approached me almost from the time I posted the original message above so I opted not to go the eBay route or even put an asking price for the machine here or elsewhere. He is buying everything from me, including software, etc. Great person and I hope he will be happy with the machine! Regards, Chris
  2. Rybags, Thanks. That's good advice. I agree about offering items here, or any Atari forum for that matter. I think I'll do that. I'm going to spend some time working with the system today and tonight and will post later. Regards, Chris
  3. I am finally getting around to putting my TT030 up for sale. I am interested to know peoples opinions on software still loaded and installed on the machine. Should I erase any of the software on the machine prior to selling it so that someone can start off fresh, or just leave it there? Are there any legal reasons for deleting the software or should I include the original boxes, manuals and discs with the system purchase? Does having those items (boxes, manuals, discs) add any value to the machine itself? Would there be any "dilemma" in selling the machine with all the software as is and then selling the software separately? Also, I have a hard / CD ROM shoebox case. Should I include that with the system or sell separately? Thanks! Regards, Chris
  4. First post updated. I'll try to get this machine ready for sale as quick as I can.
  5. peedenmark7, Thanks for the welcome! Well, I've really opened up a can of worms. I couldn't wait until Monday night and I've been pretty excited the last few days with this machine sitting here in front of me. I decided to hook everything up to see if this machine was going to work or not. The first attempt did not look good. Hard drives spun up, floppy drive spun - everything looked like it was going to be great. However, the monitor buzzed and gave a lifeless black screen. Tryed swapping some cables around to no avail. I went ahead and hooked up my HP 24" monitor to the VGA out and it worked fine! Mouseboot came up on the screen and off I went! Right up until the 2 bombs.... All is well though, just a couple of autoboot program conflicts. After a few minutes I was using NeoDesk and launching PageStream! Ahh the good ole days! After browsing through the hard drive partitions and generally checking things out, I set out to try to get a video driver working for the Cyrel card. Been working on that for a few hours. I found the card documentation and the video timing generator program and was able to access some resources from other TT owners with graphics cards but so far no joy. I suspect I'll be able to pin it down, its just going to take a couple of hours to examine the existing library of VTG files and tweak them to work. I would really love to be staring at 800x600x32 bit! At any rate, I think I am going to suspend this thread so I can get the card working. My wife suggested I just hang on to it. Don't know if I really want to do that or not. If I did, I'd want to put an ethernet interface on it like I've seen on a website and then start working on the XWindows and WWW browsing stuff I started to get into back when that stuff started to show up. I imagine some of this stuff is doable, some hard some easy, but I just don't know if I have the time for it! And not to mention visiting this board has got me thinking about my 2600! I'd like to show my 8 year old son what Adventure looked like and how we thought it was the best thing going! Ahhh! I'm being sucked back in! I'll be PM'ing those who have reached out to me with interest. Regards, Chris Cassaday
  6. I've had someone contact me via PM about a single piece of software in this list, so I am wondering whether or not it would be better to break the software up and offer it individually. If anyone has any interest in any of the software titles, please PM me and we'll discuss it. I plan to get everything set up this coming Monday night and start testing the machine out. As I do that, I'll run a video camera and try to capture some of the highlights. Additionally, I'll be checking all of the floppy discs that I have to make sure that they all work properly. What I may do is copy the floppys over to a CD ROM in order to create a more reliable master of any of the originals. I'll update the first post on Monday night with a list of software titles as well as the picture links and hopefully a video as well. Again, let me know if anyone is interested in any of the software titles. Regards, Chris
  7. Mendon, I think Sheldon was the name of the guy who ran the Computer Studio in Asheville, NC. If you look closely at the shoebox harddrive / CD ROM, it is from the Computer Studio. I ordered most of my Jaguar games from there as I preferred to support Atari stores rather than box stores. If memory serves me correctly, I also purchased my TT RAM and ST RAM upgrades from Sheldon as well. Regards, Chris
  8. I searched "glimfeather" result: Positive feedback: 0%|Feedback score: 0 ARE YOU KIDDING? And this is your first post here and attempt top seller a large collection ? Yeah please provide a credible references / feedback as well as info like where your shipping from and some original pictures of the items your attempting to sell here before you can expect anyone from this community to take you seriously. We do not blindly buy from strangers in this community just because it's an ATARI item. OldSchoolRetroGamer I revised my first post with a correction to the link on my Ebay profile. I originally just did a cut and paste which is why the closing parenthesis was not included in the link. I used the link command in the message editor and it works now. Regards, Chris
  9. No harm, no foul. I considered adding hints of sarcasm to my post but decided against it. GEnie was quite a fun place for Atari Users. I spent quite a bit of time there. Hopefully this forum will allow for someone to make this computer a new home. Its not doing me any good out in the garage. Regards, Chris
  10. I searched "glimfeather" result: Positive feedback: 0%|Feedback score: 0 ARE YOU KIDDING? And this is your first post here and attempt top seller a large collection ? Yeah please provide a credible references / feedback as well as info like where your shipping from and some original pictures of the items your attempting to sell here before you can expect anyone from this community to take you seriously. We do not blindly buy from strangers in this community just because it's an ATARI item. As orpheuswaking indicated - please search on eBay for the name (glimfeather) in parenthesis. I would not be so presumptious as to execute any sale here without more documentation. Yes you are correct, that was my first post. I was as devout an Atari fan as there ever was - hence my reference to the GEnie Atari Forums. Heck, I was even on the organization committee for an Atari festival / Computer show we put on in San Antonio back in about 1992 or so. It was called Fiesta Atari. (Had to pay the Fiesta Commission in San Antonio $100 just to use the word "Fiesta" in a public event!) I don't mean any of you folks disrespect but I am not interested in carrying on any discussions about yesteryear so I was quite happy that there is not a post minimum required to post in the Marketplace. If anyone knows the TOAD's - Dave and Jennifer Troy - I used to travel up to Maryland to participate in their Toad shows. A good friend of mine also had a TT030 - he was heavy in to MIDI music and Desktop Publishing / 3D modelling / Raytraceing like I was. He and his wife performed live music that was sequenced on his TT030 using SMPTE Track Platinum software while he played guitar and his wife played keyboards at one of the shows. We used to demo his TT030 - he also had a Cyrel card in his TT as well. I don't know what ever happened to Dave and Jennifer but I think they left the Atari community a long time ago. They may or may not remember me. I know the guy who lives in New York who organizes the Classic Gaming Expo. He was in the Air Force and lived in San Antonio in the 80's - I sold him my 600XL when I upgraded to an 800XL back in the late 80's. We are friends on Facebook. His name is John H. I'll not mention his last name but I think that should identify him. If anyone knows him, ask him - I just messaged him on Facebook about looking to sell this machine earlier this week. I was the Software Librarian for the SALSA - ST Atari League of San Antonio in the early 90's. Then went on to be the Treasurer, then the Newletter Editor and then later the President. I am not a reseller nor an eBay junkie - so 71 is what I have. A mix of selling and buying. Not sure if you can see it or not in the seller feedback detail but I sold my Jaguar to guy in California about a year and half ago. The TT030 will be shipped from Lumberton, TX - which is where I live now. You will find me under my proper name of Charles in public listings. BTW, I gave my name at the end of the message - try googling that, I hope that you will not find my name in conjunction with any scams or fraud attempts on other forums. Let me know if you are satisfied with my credentials. While pulling this stuff out for pictures I also found additional stuff: Avant Vector Devpac 3 STraight FAX 2.0 Also, I have the original users guide for the TT, plus the original brick mouse. The keyboard is original (down to the green letters) and I do not recall any keys not working. The serial number on this unit is Y2 23B 1000575. I also came across 2 Supra FAX Modems. One is 28.8k data and the other is 14.4k data. All power cables, RS232 cables, SCSI cables and RGB cables are included. I also have an "A/B" switchbox arrangement to handle the cyrel card. The cyrel card does not operate initially at bootup so you have to switch to the RGB out on the TT to see the bootup process and then switch over to the Cyrel video output once the bootup selector program finishes and starts loading all the TSR programs. The NEC 4FGE monitor is not pictured. It is on a table out in my garage buried under a bunch of other stuff. I am not a smoker, but I did live at home with my mom at the time this unit was used and she did smoke. This computer was in my bedroom but has a slight discoloring - may or may not be from smoke. As you can see in one of the pictures I did cut away the grill work on the fan in order to allow for more ventalation - I think I did this after I installed the Cattamaran accelerator. As I noted earlier, I have not powered this bad boy up in quite some time. If someone is interested and wants to make a serious offer, I will video the process of testing and working with the computer before a deal is struck. Regards, Chris Cassaday BTW - no, I am NOT KIDDING! http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3292.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3291.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3290.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3289.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3288.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3287.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3286.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3285.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3284.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3283.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3282.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3281.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3280.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3279.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3278.jpg http://i1096.photobu...30/IMG_3277.jpg
  11. I had previously posted information on a Atari TT030 Computer that I own here in this thread. I am in the process of testing it and getting video drivers completed for the CyRel graphics card that is installed. When I am ready to sell this machine, I will either have a price in mind, or place it in the auction thread / eBay for interested parties to discuss. Unfortunately I don't have a time frame in mind, but will post here when I am ready. Regards, Chris Cassaday
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