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  1. Hey there. I own a OSSC and I have to say it is the best option to use for a HDMI solution. I have a SCART cable that works great with low and med res. You can get right up to the screen and see little to no noise or distortion. Its a strait plug and play and the LCD screen tells you the signal its receiving. I have heard that the Framemister works great with it too, but this is the next step down as far as price goes, and it is so worth it. Best solution in my book, highly recommended.
  2. Are the official updates to the firmware going to stop? Other than the fact that I'm worried about Jookie, that thought is in the back of my mind.
  3. Yup sure enough, thats my SIO device. Its a bit crazy seeing my device in a video from half way around the world. Anywho, yeah I just have real bad luck with devices with bad OTG support. Its weird because I run apps that says I have it and I can run mouses on it and stuff like that. But I guess it falls short of running old Atari hardware. Guess the phones are old and out of date For the record I am running a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Motorola G 2nd gen.
  4. Alright, a bit of added questions. I tested this last night and I got my wireless mouse on my phone that didn't work. I didn't try my other phone, but I have had some other OTG work in the past. Are you talking about the FTDI EEPROM Programming Utility talked about at the bottom of this page? If I go through this process, how will it work any differently? I will loose my 10502PC ability? How does that work? I have a older version, version 2.0 if I remember correctly. It has two screws where I can open it, should I add a diode? I am sending it off to greblus as he has offered to look at it for me, but if that doesn't work then I guess I'll try this stuff.
  5. Hey man, long time no talk. I'll send a PM.
  6. Plus does APE interact or work with Aspeqt? Would the device from Atarimax work with Aspeqt on my phone?
  7. Yeah I have about two or three USB OTG cables. So I have switched them up to try to solve the problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen (4G-LTE) that both have USB OTG support. I have a older apk build from some years ago that I keep because it kind of works with it. It reads it and sends information, but it is very figity. I have worked with the author of the app and he was kind of stumped on why it wouldn't work. And I have seen some of the items on AtariMax, but I hear different things about support and responses to customers. Plus those devices are kind of exposed. Rays device was nice because it was a plug-in-play. Has anyone tried lotharek SIO device?
  8. Hey guys. I have had a SIO2PC/10502PC from Ray and it works great on my PC. But I want it to operate on my Android using the Aspeqt app on my phone. I have now gone through two phones where it just doesn't seem to work, and I am wondering now if its not something with Rays device. So where would you guys suggest that I get another one from? Thanks.
  9. Wow, I didn't even know that you could put any ink into the printers now days. I have to look in my closet (man, when I get to it) to see what I actually have in there. But hey, I think I have a 9 Pin Star in the bundle too. What exactly does that do?
  10. Also, if your into hard/soft modding, a Gamecube emulator can play any sega system (Gen, CD, 32X) that you want really well. You get a Gamecube to Genesis controller adapter, and you have a Sega CD everdrive, essentially.
  11. Hey guys. So I bought a Commodore 128 bundle because it came with a lot of original boxed games. I have a A800XL and 1040STF with all of these copied (pirated) games, but no original boxes to go with it. I haven't had a chance to dive into it yet, but I also got a printer in the bundle. I am wondering if its worth keeping it. I'm not sure how tough it is to get it working, and if it is even worth it. Anyone on here with experience knows how to get it working and what good it is to have it? I don't see a lot of uses, but I am also wondering if its going for any cash. Just being a total n00b, anyone here has any words to help me out? Thanks guys.
  12. Alright guys, these items have been sold. Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hey how guys. I have two monochrome monitors that needs a good home. It only displays in high resolution for Atari ST/F/M/E and I think it should work with Megas and Falcons too. It works best with using word document programs or working with the ever popular Cubase. The first one is pictured in the cardboard colored box works great. The serial number matches what's labeled on the box. That is going for $37 plus shipping. The second one in the white box works well, but the screen flickers while you are turning some of the knobs. But its steady once things are set. That one is going for $27 plus shipping. If you have any more questions or want pictures, send me a PM. Thanks guys.
  14. Hey guys. I have these two floppy disk containers that need a good home. The first is medium sized but it can hold quite a lot of disks. The other is hand held sized and is great when you are on the go. PM me if your interested and they are yours for the low price of shipping. Thanks.
  15. So it works right out of the box! Thats great man. Good to know, for if I ever have $400 to throw at something.
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