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  1. I wouldn't mind gettin' a transparent case. I think it'd still look good on my colecovision.
  2. I agree with everyone else. If it's possible to put all the games on one cart like the pac-man collection do it .
  3. What PC and or games for other consoles would you like to see on the Colecovision? If I could pray to the Colecovision gods for one game it would be Zeliard. Zeliard was created by Game Arts and originally released on the NEC PC-8801 then later ported to DOS. This game is filled with a lot of awesome. The gameplay itself is sort of a cross between Namco's Dragon Buster and a RPG. It also has a kick ass sound track (like many of the other games released by Game Arts). http://youtu.be/WkAnWnfmQCM http://youtu.be/3Nqgjs5wYnU I don't know if this game is technicaly possible on the Colecovision or the SGM but a man can dream
  4. Forgot to add the other link. Here is where you can download the bigjonpcgames if you are interested http://www.mediafire.com/?3t27pfzfczpqz
  5. I love Scrabble and I wish NBC would bring that show back (Along with Sale of the Century) but I rather see Scrabble on a new gen console than the colecovision with the approprite music & sfx. Also Colecofan1981 if you have a jones to play Scrabble bigjonpcgames.com made one for the PC about 4 years ago that is pretty fun and someone on the forums made a great question pack. and if you want to host your own scrabble game there's a OK version of that here http://www.qwizx.com...rols/index.html there have been a couple other homebrew versions of scrabble but I can't remember where they are but imho I think there are better platforms for Scrabble than the colecovison
  6. Sorry about that. I'll add a annotation to the video immediately.
  7. Sure you can use it in your newsletter! I'm glad you like it
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8zGDSIDji4&feature=youtu.be
  9. Wow That is very strange. I'll get this taken care of ASAP.
  10. I was bored today so I decided to make a Super Game Module Commercial Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmwFHIe92e4
  11. Just as long as the controllers are better that will make me happy.
  12. I know the price of the SGM has been talked about before but I was curious as to how much the games will generally sell for? Will it be significantly more than a typical game since it has EPROM and all that good stuff?
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