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  1. ^Slumdog Millionaire? Good for you. ...About how much did this milestone cost, anyway?
  2. Didn't think to check Atarimania. Silly me Thanks, though. I'm glad to hear that I didn't get scalped for it. The same seller had a 64-in-1 for sale as well, but I think what it ended at ($40) may have been too much for it.
  3. Hello, new member here: I just bought this game... ...Off eBay, and I thought I'd attempt to get a value/rarity estimate on it. Was $20 too much for this? It's similar to the multitude of PAL multi-carts listed on the rarity guide, but this exact design (a space program going horribly wrong over a field of box-art; four dip switches on the front) isn't listed. (Though the exact same image was shown on the box of another 2600 multi on eBay that recently ended-though the cartridge itself did not have the same image on it as its box.) I'd asked on Digital Press first, but since their forum is about as active as a sloth I'm asking here as well.
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