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  1. I got mine as well yesterday. Looks great. Thanks for another great release.
  2. I'm watching your video now. Welcome to to club.
  3. I just completed my order for all three. Can't wait to play them. Thanks.
  4. I'd buy two in the 3rd run with box or no box. Either way. Thanks. Please make it happen.
  5. PSIO pre-order page clock was off again this morning. Last night it seemed the pre-orders would be up 8am (central time) today. When I looked at the home page earlier this morning it seemed another 24 hours was added to the clock. Now when I checked the page I see pre-orders are gone again.
  6. Any idea what this offers over the Mega EverDrive? I have a Mega EverDrive on order at Stone Age Gamer at the moment.
  7. jirkoo


    Still available?
  8. I would like one as well if still available. Thanks.
  9. jirkoo

    Elansar Jaguar

    Gone already! Hopefully, there will be another run.
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