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  1. V.R

    Lynx Multi Cart

    This sounds really promising! Sign me up baby!
  2. The great thing about the Lynx, is there are so many genre's to choose from. I personally enjoy most of the arcade ports. Its great to pick up the Lynx and have a quick blast. STUN Runner, Rygar, Hydra, Battlezone 2000, Paperboy, Roadblasters, Rampart...the list goes on. You can't go past all the Epyx games too. Blue Lightning, Electrocop, Gates of Zendocon, Chips Challenge, Zarlour Mercenary etc.
  3. Mate, its sad to see you sell off your prized possesions. One day you'll be sorry you did, I hope you reconsider. Everytime I play my lynx it brings a smile to my face, as I'm sure it does for you. Good luck with your life change, I'm sure its for the better.
  4. It is not a problem removing flat or ridged cartridges from a lynx 2. Its not as easy as the lipped carts, but I wouldn't say that its a hassle.
  5. I can't find any real evidence that this game existed. I'am guessing that it got cancelled. It was scheduled to be released in 2007, by then the DS had taken over from the GBA.
  6. I think thats the way to go. It would take a long time to do. Dont think I'd have the patience personally. I like the game, because I can just have a quick game when im bored etc.
  7. I think it would almost be impossible to finish that game. There are to many missions. Certainly to many to do in one sitting. Great game though. Anyone finished the normal wire frame mode?
  8. I too ordered a board from ebay. They arent well made in my opinion, as they only employ single sided tracks. Make sure u solder the socket on the top side (the silkscreen side). Id bend the pins flush with the board once they are through the holes and then do a small solder over the top. Make sure you have a thin soldering tip aswell.
  9. This is some good stuff Gorf. As much as I love the 68000, It is a crippled processor. Replacing it with something like a 68020 like you mentioned would likely not work correctly due to the way in which some games were programmed. Has anyone actually tried this? obviously retaining the original bus of course.
  10. If Im not mistaken, the original intention for the jag was to use a 68030 processor. However due to some tight asses (tramiels?) the old hat 68000 was used. Do you think the 68030 would have made a difference Gorf? Being a proper 32bit processor and running at higher clock speeds. The 68k should boot the Jaguar and then be taken off the bus. The 2d games would be worlds better than they already are if the coders used the RISC's soley. It you think Rayman was nice, it would have been childs play if they only used the RISC's. Every time the 68k acesses the bus, it cuts the bus width 75%!!!! It then does what it does already sucking the very life and power from the GPU and DSP that are now in battle with the 68k to get a friggin cycle or two off the bus. If that is not bad enough, it does that at HALF the clock rate of the rest of the system. They musta been puffin some mad chronic! The best illustration of this is a 64 lane highway that a bunch of cops decide to shut off 48 of those lanes all of a sudden. You were doing a nice smooth 75 MPH. Now you are doing about 10 MPH stop and go. Now the cops open those lanes again. Good right? Well yeah but opening all of those 48 lanes back up dont bring the traffic speeds very quickly back up to that nice smooth 75 MPH. It is really no different in having a halfspeed 1/4 buswidth processor on that 64 bit Jag bus. Every time the 68k hits the bus its like someone cut 48 bit out of the system temporarily. Closing off the other 48 bit of the JAguar. Another RISC core soley for system control would have been deadly. Now you take away the 68k and now you only have the GPU and the DSP at full throttle performing as they were meant to. The Jag should have been the GPU, the DSP and 4 megs of RAM, 2 megs each processor on seperate busses and a small unified cache between them so they can talk to each other. You would have never seen the Sony PS1 (as long as Atari made the right tools that is.) Actually, the trouble with the above is the DSP, though fully able to do 32 bit accesses is crippled as it only is connected to the bus at 16 bits. Another major blunder of the chip design. The DSP's bus with is the same as the host processor. The 68k is to the RISC's as kryptonite is to Superman.
  11. The Lynx is alot more expensive than it used to be some years ago. I really do believe they have grown in popularity. They go for decent prices here in Australia. However I agree that $50 is to expensive, Id search elsewhere.
  12. To be able to see the lynx screen in the sun, you would need to fit reflective backing behind the screen. However, the screen itself does block alot of light, similar to a welding mask. You would need a new screen in my opinion. Doesnt really bother me not being able to play in the sun, beacause there are plenty of other things to do in fine weather.
  13. I love Rygar to. The graphics are very close to the arcade version. However I found the game to be much easier on the lynx, which is not a bad thing. All in all its one of my fav lynx titles.
  14. Funny this topic should come up. Iam in the middle of developing a game with a few arcade ports. At the moment I plan to include 6 to 8 games on the cartridge. Its great to get an idea of what games people want to play, so I will take into consideration peoples preferences. More details to come soon.
  15. Its a great game, can get really though. Sometimes makes me want to throw my lynx in frustration.
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