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  1. Spoke to Toby and sending the cart back for a replacement today. Kudos to them for being really good, communicating and responding quickly.
  2. Mine is an INTV System III everything else works fine even other homebrews.
  3. I got mine in the mail but the cartridge appears to be defective? All I'm getting is a green screen is anyone else having this problem???
  4. Put me down for 1 copy of the CBS box please. I'm assuming this used to be the Smurf game announced way back. Sorry I haven't been here for awhile.
  5. Demo-Zee

    Game Art by Demo-Zee

    This gallery displays some of the artwork I've done for games.
  6. Just downloaded the rom and love all these games, thanks!!!! On my first playthrough the gameplay seems so fresh and original to me. I love the variety aspect and they're all fun and challenging. Will keep playing!
  7. I would like to help out would be interested in doing label art or box cover art if available.
  8. Always thought Plaque Attack for the 2600 would make a great game for the Intellivision. Essentially a double-sided Space Invaders. Probably still owned by Activision though.
  9. Looks awesome kind of Metroid like.
  10. This sounds like a very original game idea I hope it gets made.
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