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    In building my 5200 collection and soon my game room. I am open for trading just PM me :)

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  1. This is totally amazing I absolutely love the Popeye. I wanted to see if I can get permission to have Atari age make a cartridge just for me. Popeye is the original game that I got for the system back in the day I still on that same system in that same cartridge and it would love to have an updated version. Thank you
  2. Atari the Jedi

    Atari the Jedi

  3. I would definitely be interested in buying a set. Was wondering if Popeye came with an overlay.
  4. I know what I would like to see is the cover plate for a two port system. I could also use the cord wrap myself. Currently my two Port is having to sport a 4-port cover plate.
  5. So I just sent him a message letting him know that I would be interested in several. I didn't know if he was going to do the CBS sizes or just the regular 5200 I'm assuming he's going to do the 5200 and maybe the Parker Brothers and Sega could also fit in that size
  6. Ive talk with Dan about this a couple of years now about this he's always told me if there's enough interest he would do it. So he knows I'm into it it's just that I'm sure he has to do a big order in order for him to make it financially feasible. I even sent him a 5200 cartridge and measurements. I'd be down for about 50 to 60 cases myself.
  7. So I was going through the thrift store and found a Telstar AC adapter model 6041. I know that these are kind of common but what I've never seen before was connected on it was a coleco and that states "caution do not use as battery charger: and it seems to fit a 9 volt battery. I'm assuming that it fits some of the old school coleco portable games. I was pretty amazed since it was in the trash pile after testing it it does receive power. Has anyone seen one of these before?
  8. I was lucky enough to find two of them at the same time both machines now reside in them. I never saw them in the wild before and I'll never see him in the wild again I'm sure
  9. I have 1 game, my first game. Sub-Pack it's a later EM but I love the fact it doesn't have the difficult scoring mechanisms. I've been restoring it bringing it back to glory.
  10. I need of joystick parts for the arcade version of Red Baron also used in Food Fight and some battlezones. I am willing to buy whole controllers from junk machines.
  11. Here is a link to my youtube I was able to get my Bally's sub-pack working. At least in part since I've been going to school and work I haven't had a lot of time to devote to it but i chip away a little at a time. Totally rescue this machine from certain destruction at the metal scrap yard
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