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  2. I would definitely be interested in buying a set. Was wondering if Popeye came with an overlay.
  3. I know what I would like to see is the cover plate for a two port system. I could also use the cord wrap myself. Currently my two Port is having to sport a 4-port cover plate.
  4. So I just sent him a message letting him know that I would be interested in several. I didn't know if he was going to do the CBS sizes or just the regular 5200 I'm assuming he's going to do the 5200 and maybe the Parker Brothers and Sega could also fit in that size
  5. Ive talk with Dan about this a couple of years now about this he's always told me if there's enough interest he would do it. So he knows I'm into it it's just that I'm sure he has to do a big order in order for him to make it financially feasible. I even sent him a 5200 cartridge and measurements. I'd be down for about 50 to 60 cases myself.
  6. So I was going through the thrift store and found a Telstar AC adapter model 6041. I know that these are kind of common but what I've never seen before was connected on it was a coleco and that states "caution do not use as battery charger: and it seems to fit a 9 volt battery. I'm assuming that it fits some of the old school coleco portable games. I was pretty amazed since it was in the trash pile after testing it it does receive power. Has anyone seen one of these before?
  7. I was lucky enough to find two of them at the same time both machines now reside in them. I never saw them in the wild before and I'll never see him in the wild again I'm sure
  8. I have 1 game, my first game. Sub-Pack it's a later EM but I love the fact it doesn't have the difficult scoring mechanisms. I've been restoring it bringing it back to glory.
  9. I need of joystick parts for the arcade version of Red Baron also used in Food Fight and some battlezones. I am willing to buy whole controllers from junk machines.
  10. Here is a link to my youtube I was able to get my Bally's sub-pack working. At least in part since I've been going to school and work I haven't had a lot of time to devote to it but i chip away a little at a time. Totally rescue this machine from certain destruction at the metal scrap yard
  11. Thank you everybody for the information we're going to be getting started shortly after Christmas. Does anyone have pictures of the battle zone game with the components inside? I need to see how everything gets put together
  12. For me it's generally the local scene to be honest I've only found one person who is even willing to give me the time of day. But we don't have that kind of relationship. I have seen John's videos and Thom's videos and I find them both to be entertaining and informative. As well as other people online.
  13. For me the console gaming and anything Atari was something I would try to hold onto and yes myself I was primarily alone especially as Atari died out and intendo was in and then when Nintendo and Super Nintendo begin to fade out I became a gatekeeper of those items too. I was a poor kid and we never had money there would be no way that I would have ever had an arcade game. Even as the young adult such thing would seem a million miles away. But here I am I got to arcade games and I wanted to learn more about them how to take care of them how to enjoy them and appreciate them to the fullest. I figured if I had a car from 1972 there would be a bunch of enthusiasts for it who would be willing to help me and be one more person in the crowd. But I totally agree and understand where you're coming from when you say it's something personal for me there are just some games that I would never get rid of and that they mean so much to me
  14. Yeah I wish we werw more like the car crowd. I understand some of the frustration I'm hearing on this thread, I have gotten myself a couple of arcade games, however, I have also tried going on Craigslist and trying to plug in the scene so basically no avail. I consider myself a pretty level headed person I'm not crazy and I don't try to smother new friendships or anything. As a console gamer / collector I have found Atari Age to be really cool to make some awesome people even if it is just online but the arcade scene seems to be a different animal altogether. I will continue to try and check Craigslist slum around the couple of semi-arcades that we have in town. I'm not going to give up. I do think that times have changed and ywt do I not expect there to be a 1980s arcade in some sort of time bubble, however, common courtesy can still be had in this world and I'm not finding it in my local scene too much. It's not really much trouble to call somebody back nor would it be much trouble to say to somebody I'm sorry I just have too many friends and commitments to really devote anymore. I'm an adult I would understand that. But understanding introverts I know that such courtesy may never happen from some people. I truly think that there's some really awesome people, Tom Tucker or least someone at his store was kind enough to answer a couple of emails pretty quickly a question that I had. They didn't make any money off of it but to get the free information was very valuable to me.
  15. I can totally understand if somebody doesn't want to stretch their social circle because they already have too many friends and commitments I've been there myself many times. I think the problem is going to become like those in the antique watches and clock hobby where many of them have pretty much died out and there's not a whole lot of people who know how to repair watches anymore. If you want to keep the hobby alive you have to allow a new blood in. I have personal connections too many big car collectors and enthusiasts and they finally are starting to see the light in growing their hobby as many of their stock is in their sixties and above. I've been into Atari and console gaming all of my life and have been more than willing to help people put their stuff together give advice knowledge and help the hobby grow. For the longest time before the internet I was the only person who I knew who was directly into a few of the boutique / niche items such as 5200.
  16. Trying to break into the arcade scene is difficult in my area, everyone seems kind of snooty or so much like a hermit. Some of the people won't even give me the time of day, others seem nice at first but don't have any social skills. Many of them simply seem to hide in their room with their precious games. And I've met a couple of pinball people in my area and they look down at me as if they were the Queen of England. Is this common throughout the country or am I just lucky that my area seems to have a few bad eggs? Most hobbies and collector scenes generally have a healthy mix of people who like to have a common interest. I'm finding it a little bit discouraging. Any thoughts on how I can try to plug into my local scene better?
  17. I'm into both of those sources. You can really learn a lot and get into the community pretty tightly
  18. I finally got tirred of the paper thin and ratty-looking bookshelves. So I made myself some custom shelves. I measured the height of most of my games and insured that I could increase the maximum square footage. While I agree a bookcase or shelving should not be ornate with a lot of scroll work etc, I think your game room should really look the way you like it and reflect yourself as a collector. Too many times I see people willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a collection and yet put it on a $10 crappy card table. I like the think of my game collection is almost like a museum collection where there will be times that I rotate pieces but if you're going to spend thousands of dollars on something you should really invest in some good shelving, planning and layout of your game room. I think metal Jesus displays this in a very economical way. I really like his layout and lighting
  19. I want to have mine all black I think with green lettering maybe with glow in dark paint or something. I'm excited to do this from ground up. Usalley I'm an orginalist but here I have a chance to do something cool
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