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  1. Some very strange Atari came in the mail today! I won an auction for two boxed Taiwan Cooper games. "Bobby Is Going Home" curiously doesn't match the label on the database here, and I can't find a cartridge scan match anywhere on Atarimania. I've never seen a cartridge like this before, haha. Also, I love how bizarre the flavour text for Donkey Kong is. Also, here are the games that I've picked up since my last post.
  2. Hello! Can anybody hear me?

    1. GoldLeader


      HEllo...Hello..Hello....(Echo echo echo)

    2. doctorclu
  3. I think that they emerged from gamergate. I dunno, a lot of the writers for that site deserve to be treated as bad as some of the subjects of gamergate simply due to their shitty writing. I'll probably get a mini if they're still available at retail price when everyone who "needs" one has one.
  4. This article flat-out sucks. A lot of the flavour text used to describe some of these games and their prices made me visibly wince. No better than kotaku, they're both just two sides of the same "muh childhooooood / whoa haha nerd culture, right?" coin. Also, their prices are completely misleading. $6.49 for an NES AND StarTropics, my ass. Even if it was missing a 72-pin, it wouldn't be that cheap. The line about the extra screw in the cartridge was pretty dumb as well. Clearly this writer has no idea what he's talking about.
  5. I don't find very many video games at my local thrift store. I know that someone in town did find a Vectrex and a bunch of games last year, because it went to my friend's game store, but aside from the rare cases like that, there are no games to find aside from the scattered PS2 sports title. Luckily, there are a good number of decent VHS tapes and board games. Today, I got the best board games in a long time from my local Salvation Army: Zaxxon and Pocket Simon, both for $2! Zaxxon will look nice next to my Q*Bert board game
  6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Played it years ago on Steam, but since I ditched that, I picked up a physical copy for around $10. I'm going for a total stealth/pacifist run on hardest difficulty.
  7. Dragon's Crown. I loved the PS3 version so much (it's a 10/10 game for me) that I picked up the Vita version, even though I don't have a Vita or any other Vita games! My girlfriend's letting me use hers, haha.
  8. If my girlfriend (and likely by the time I die, wife) is still alive after I pass, then it goes to her (and we talked about it, it's also vice versa for her collection). If we both die at the same time, it'll go to one of my close collecting friends in my hometown.
  9. Nothing wrong with a bit of Adventures of TRON! Such a fun game. I even made a homemade gif of it for this thread!
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