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  1. hello 75,180 controls of pacman are awful... but strange to see that i didnt forget how to play this game.
  2. hello i got 118,700 which wave have you reach to get more than 400,000 ?
  3. hello there are several tips to increase chance of success. - prioritze tiles which will unblock others - try to memorize 3 or 4 possible moves ahead of a chosen tile - always look on the edges first from top to bottom and do it permanently - as jblenkle said : i m also say out what i m searching (3 or 4 different tiles at the same time) - if you have to choose between 2 possibities of twin don t hesitate too much because there is a big part of chance behind each choice... - use earphones and concentrate with the sound and music... good luck
  4. sometimes i m completey stuck without finding any twin tiles and sometimes the tiles seem to be evident to find... quite strange sensation
  5. Hello again dudes this took me a while, just to have the 144 tiles compiled.. nice game
  6. salut welcome to atariage. i'm from france too. nice story, sorry to read that you didn't get a lynx earlier.. à+
  7. the japanese manuals are pretty cool. i like the slime word one
  8. hello does someone be so kind to share a stl file for a 3d stand? thanks a lot. peyo
  9. Peyo

    homemade game boxes

    i have added to the galery some other boxes but with scan from atariage
  10. Peyo

    homemade game boxes

    hello thank you for the mail i was aware about these two posts. i finally started to use template from BadPricey and install Scribus and follow instructions... i have found this website to download some boxes pictures with higher quality scans than atariage, but not all games are available http://www.the-liberator.net/site-files/retro-games/games/atari-lynx-game-cartridges.htm i have done some of the boxes for the following, quite funny to do even if i'm not an expert in publishing software.. Blue Lightning / California / Klax / Pacland / Rampage / Robosquash / Shadow / Slime / Steel / Tournament / Turbosub / Xenophobe / Zarlor I can share if someone else is interresting (not for commercial purposes..). here are export in pictures but qualiy is better in pdf.
  11. hello everyone i guess this topic was already raised in the past but i was not able to find a right answer. i would like to make boxes for my lose games. so about 20 boxes are missing in my collection. does someone already have the "ready to print" boxes with good quality pictures for the official 71 games and would be so kind to send me my missing ones by email? thanks in advance a lot a lot.
  12. hello all, when will the season 2017-2018 start?
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