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  1. Hello, I finished this wonderfull game when i was young... not sure to have time available to redo it.. how long did you take to reach taxing levels?
  2. Congrats! What does the final boss looks like? Shark? Octopus? How long does it take to finish ? Did you get extra points for beating the game?
  3. i have one for sale (from France...), but no box...
  4. hello when you look into the discussion from the previous contest on slime world, the record seems to be done "before" the rules "don't shoot the maggots" is settled...
  5. Hello. Do you have the code to access directly to this level?
  6. Congrats to nop90! Any little gift for the 2nd place ?? 😊
  7. Yes... i don t know where to find the 10,000,000 difference between my score and the AA record...
  8. Hello My first game with california games i owned in 1991... It s a very complete game regarding the difficulty scale from adventure 1 to 6, with interesting concepts (time left and no gun) Level 6 is too hardcore. I have used a cheat code to be abe to finish it and to see the whole map... Anyway, for level 1, i have collected all the items and gems and found all the secret doors. My score is 11,305,200 without shooting the worms. The current high score cannot be beaten with this rule.
  9. Hello 4 deaths, but i honestly dont think to do better...
  10. Hello I managed to go down to 10 but this is a lot of effort to memorize the right positions and moves to do for level above 20... i started to take notes... let's see if the record is beatable in the coming days!
  11. Hello Effectively quite adictive game... My score for the moment 86 7254 The road is long to 16....
  12. Thank you regarding the record of the high score, would it be better to register 85,327 (this do not change my first place ) as i was not able to reproduce the "bug" with the score 100,000.. i think it is fair bye
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