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  1. hello cart received yesterday only 3 weeks after being on the preorder list works fine, i like the way to select the game. the cost is fair regarding the quality of the product. very nice work i hope that it is reliable in time. regards
  2. hello my high score is 62,463 i wasn't aware about the A+B axis. this should have help me to survive à little bit more.. really nice game
  3. hello can you add me to the list please? thank you
  4. hello could you please add me to the pre order list? lynx II thank you
  5. hi you guys are amazing players i m a just a supreme cheater in that game.... i can imagine the number of spent hours on it.. congrats
  6. damned! i have now to apply my theoritical tips to myself....
  7. hello normally you can do curves number 1, 2 and 5 at full speed. it is a matter of position and anticipation. for number 3 and 4 you actually don t have to use the brake but only to release speed early enough and then re accelerate at the right time. i m trying to see which alternative is the fastest.. manual mode is only a benefit at start up to reach full speed some milliseconds earlier than auto mode. i have only tried the 4 speed manual mode. good luck
  8. nice try you can also optimize your run with manual mode. this can improve speed at start up good luck
  9. hello 2"57'27 should be possible to go below 2"55'00 i guess
  10. hello 75,180 controls of pacman are awful... but strange to see that i didnt forget how to play this game.
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