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  1. FWIW, "Tak" is Thanks in Danish
  2. Wow, this was one of those days back in the day that convinced me the TI was a capable competitor to its more commercially successful brethren here in Europe in terms of games. Absolutely awesome to see the code released!
  3. True enough, but given that Matthew is working on the mkII which will also support more VRAM, it might be good to align with him if he's open to that. I for one look forward to whatever you guys come up with!
  4. I'm not against 99x8 support, but I think it would be good to at least look at the f18a first. Most of the new software aiming for better-than-the9918a graphics seems to be targeting that chip, and I've always found the existing 99x8 library a bit lacking, especially in the games department.
  5. This is impressive! We should try to figure out if this comes with a somewhat complete AGI engine. If so, perhaps it can be used as a springboard to port some of the other Sierra adventure games.
  6. I will happily commit to buying a set at that price,. provided shipping to Europe doesn't double the cost ;). Although I would really prefer a cartridge. Aren't most of the new boards updatable in some kind of way anyway, these days, even if with a minipro? You could socket the EPROM and ship updates on new chips for a small fee if push comes to shove?
  7. Ah, yes, probably! I will test again tomorrow when I'm at my computer.
  8. I think there's an issue with the uploaded image though... when I try to run it in js99er, all walls have a jellyfish texture.
  9. Some of those textures are incredibly refined, so impressive to see this on a 9918! I mean... that green metal door texture for instance, is amazing!
  10. You're right, I was looking at it on my phone and the resolution seemed implausibly high, but this indeed fully fits within the capabilities of the VDP
  11. Not sure if this is correct though. Even looking at the thumbnail of the video, your horizontal resolution seems higher than what the 9918a can display using the 4x1 macropixel method. Look at the slope of the leftmost block. That looks like it uses a 1x1 pixel resolution to me. I think you've only applied the 4x1 limitation to the textures themselves.
  12. If you drop the lower third from the screen, like in my raycaster or the megademo, you only need to transfer 4k. I believe we once came to the conclusion that we have a bandwidth of slightly more than 2k per frame on the TI. That would imply 2 frames to update the entire screen. As far as number of rays to cast goes, I've been wondering if there's a way to interpolate the calculations... Could you just calculate 32 rays (e.g. only the odd ones) and fill in the gaps by averaging the height of the two columns next to it? Sure, you'd need to have a special case for when the ray hits a new wall, but perhaps it wouldn't be too awful looking if you just copy the height of the previous column in that case... Either way, this proves that horizontal resolution is much more important than vertical resolution!
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