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  1. Lol, I was expecting a snow stage reveal.
  2. The American remake is one of ten from around the world.
  3. Here's a version of the title in the style of the in-game logo:
  4. I think that this is the most balanced that H.E.L.I. can be done in the original style:
  5. I haven't had any free time this week, so I'm just going to post this to use for the title screen if you like: http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hero_title1.bmp http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hero_title2.bmp http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hero_title3.bmp
  6. I love the non-Intelivision II discs, but I usually use a custom Genesis pad or Neo Geo stick for 4 / 8-way action/platformer type games. I still play new games with a disc enough that I get accustomed to it, even if a 4-point d-pad works better.
  7. I've been designing assets for an Intellivision port/version of Black Tiger, among other games. Princess Quest is already setup for pretty much everything the game would need, so it's definitely possible. Once I've got enough mockups ready, I'm going to create a thread for proof of concept ports and a separate thread for original IPs. I'm trying to finish enough assets to complete each game before sharing them, but a few are more or less at that stage. I also have some superfluous assets for H.E.R.O. I've been waiting till I finish one particular thing before posting them. Should be sometime this week.
  8. I wish there were pics or a clip of Chocolate Mine. It sounds like a variant of Boulderdash, but it could be anything.
  9. It would be very cool if it can use the same title as that physical pinball game Mattel Electronics made bitd and test marketed at real arcades. I don't remember what the exact name for it was, but it's similar to Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker. Regardless, it would be nice to see the shifty eyed dealer make appearances or be referenced in other games. Like maybe as a power up/bonus/misc icon in an appropriate game.
  10. My family kept buying Intellivision games into the NES era. Although I loved Treasure of Tarmin, my parents couldn't get into it and it damaged their enthusiasm for ordering new games. When they ordered Space Hawk based solely the title and a single screenshot, the disappointment with the game was the death blow for Intellivision in our house. They didn't want to continue gambling on blind game ordering. The nice thing about this day and age is that even if a company doesn't put out enough media for you to base a decision on, plenty of people will after a game is released. I still regret not getting to play another few years of new Intellivision games.
  11. I got segasonicfan(1) to refurb and add misc mods to my Mark III SMS and a North American SMS. They both have new leds plus his Genesis controller/turbo adaptor board built-in. So I can use 3 or 6 button Genesis pads, turn rapid fire on and off, as well as pause games using the Genesis start button. I have an old Master Everdrive for the NA SMS and the newest Everdrive for the Mark III, which I'm in the process of fitting into a Mark III cart shell.
  12. PC Genjin came out just over a year after the TG-16. When Bonk's Adventure was near release, there was a major ad campaign for it. I had a couple of non-game playing adults ask me about it after they saw the TV commercial. Bonk did have the weirder stuff changed, as did the sequels and Air Zonk.
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