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  1. You can also choose to save in a traditional memory bank or one dedicated to each game in a new format, which can also be drag and dropped off the sdcard The SSS3 also rips HuCard roms. I backed up my Korean Bonk 3 arcade game using it.
  2. That's Fantasy, one of the Dr Ports games. The first Intelliclub game has been announced in the Intelliclub forum. You can sign up here: http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/intelliclub Once you're approved you can access the Intelliclub section of the Intellivision Revolution forum: https://intvrevolution-forum.forumotion.com/
  3. It is a real treat for any new Intellivision game, but especially for major releases like this. Thanks for getting such an appropriate artist to do the cover art. It's both nostalgic and original looking/feeling.
  4. Your screenshot has dithering in it. Still a cool game though.
  5. This looks much more charming than the bland Gamecube game. If I get another Everdrive I'll definitely give it a try.
  6. Model 1 Genesis is one of my favorite switches. PSP is probably the least satisfying. The first PS3 also sucks as it's pretty much a non-button. Xbox 360 is less unsatisying but also too non-buttony. NES is the most associated with a console not working for me. Just thinking about pressing it makes me feel anxiety.
  7. No, but what you're doing is similar to people comparing their first world problems to historic atrocities. By doing so you are guilty of what you are accusing someone else of. Law enforcement and community services regularly remind people to excercise common sense and do things like not leave valuables in your car and nothing visible that could be mistaken as such, don't advertise an upcoming vacation or post on social media about being away from home. It's why I don't invite people to see my game room when coming to my house to buy something or if it's really valuable, I meet them in a public place which doesn't lend itself to either of us robbing the other. They don't tell women that they're asking to be raped by the way that they dress.
  8. The last rom Carl sent me arrived mid October. I don't remember how long it took because I wasn't in a rush to receive it and would have been fine if he happened to not respond. The email address the rom was sent from is the same as the one he asks for donations to be sent to on his NEW site. https://carlmuellerjr.blogspot.com/?m=1
  9. The SSS3 also recently got a big firmware upgrade. Among other things, it now reads images at the correct speed, which means slower search times, but it fixes most or all issues wuth audio going out of sync and you can still set it to fast loading when you want it.
  10. I just meant that the different color blues kinda created an illusion of different sky backgrounds. But this looks really great!
  11. This is a very cool stage, but I think that the snow effect would work better if the AIR/HUD strip had black colored negative space like the Cave stage. Or having it white colored might give the impression of low hanging clouds? The current light blue/Cyan space looks like clear sky above and makes the snow fall feel like a slow moving waterfall.
  12. Since Jungle Hunt is likely going to make its way onto rom sites now, an option to buy the rom from Collectorvision would be nice.
  13. Legendary Axe is one of the best. They did a great job with the overall style and aesthetic. It doesn't feel like a generics side scroller with caveman sprite dropped in.
  14. That is the best presentation of "pre-crash" video game graphics I can remember. The visual enhancements do a great job of making the games and graphics feel exciting while keeping it clear what the games' pixelart actually looks like.
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