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  1. I just use plastic cases for all boxed games. I'm fine with worn boxes for many titles. I just like being able to admire the artwork and read the manuals.
  2. None of those games were available for Amiga until 1989 or later so your point is moot. The budget Amiga was still $1000 back then, so the "expensive" chipped carts comment is silly. Why waste money on an Amiga when you could get a Neo Geo for less? It had better games and the kind of scaling the Amiga could never do. Also, these games used no extra chips and both hold up very well to the Amiga's racing library:
  3. The stock hardware/games haven't aged well but most of the problems are fixed with no-AA patches/console mods and the Retro Fighters controller. Still disappointing that the library is so light on JRPGs, war sims and adventure games.
  4. I might still have some spare copies. Not sure if they'd be first or second pressing.
  5. I bought one as soon as they came to town bitd and it was priceless at the time. I believe I still have it, but don't use it because of the heavy Duo plug. I use one of those slim plug cables that I believe are made for old Macs(?).
  6. The frustrating part of Ninja Gaiden is that if your sword touches an enemy, only you take damage. In order to play the game you have to imagine that the player sprite unsheathing a bubble wand and that the space directly in front of the extended tip has an invisible bubble which does damage to enemies.
  7. I was sort of the opposite. I wanted one to play at least Tomb Raider on the go, but couldn't justify it because I already had a cell phone and my carrier didn't support N-Gage.
  8. Revenge of Drancon is always the first game I think of when this topic comes up. I first saw in in a display case with only the cover visible and thought that it was probably one of bland forgettable made for portable games. If I'd known that it was Wonderboy I would have begun saving up for a game Gear earlier. Bikkuriman World though is a godd representation of the game. If you play past the first screen you'll find accurate depictions of the Bikkuriman characters. Guardian Legend another game that turned out to be nothing like I imagined based on the cover. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Guardian_Legend#/media/File%3ATGL_Box.jpg
  9. The first party I made was a warrior, red mage, white mage and black mage. It turned out to be a good balance for beginners. After mastering the game I tried all kinds of crazy combos and remember finishing the game with 4 black mages.
  10. Yeah, about that... Something people need to keep in mind is that the difference of the experience between the same or similar Game Gear and Gameboy games is often essentially a generational gap in quality.
  11. Appare! Gateball is supposed to be based on "the Japanese version" of Croquet, but it's a good starting point to determine what would work best for an Intellivision Gateball game. If you didn't dispay other players during each turn they could each be very detailed and colorful.
  12. They're very different. Some people have speculated that PAL colors may be much closer to what was originally intended, based on the color names in tecnical documents. Here are sets I put together to sample from.
  13. Then I would also like to see what this game is like.
  14. I believe that it is the complete version of this game: That thread has a rom to try and a link to gameplay footage.
  15. If you're thinking of the Duo pack-in it only has Gate, Bonk's Adv, Bonk's Revenge and Bomberman. Lords wasn't released for another year or two.
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