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  1. "Extra special" was Soulbuster's description of these copies in the original announcement.
  2. 20 copies of D2K Special Edition have the clear cart, exclusive overlays and poster. Only 10 were made available to the public: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Intellivision-Homebrew-D2K-Arcade-EXTRA-SPECIAL-EDITION-CIB-Poster-Serial-16/114468792131?pageci=c84c9ec9-b123-4651-baaa-3985329d110e Intelligentvision Donkey Kong: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Rare-Intellivision-Homebrew-Donkey-Kong-CIB-Intelligentvision-pre-DK-Arcade/114468777442?pageci=18730595-0aba-4057-bf03-3bf60ae4e0cb DK Arcade serial # 315: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Intellivision-Homebrew-Game-DK-Arcade-CIB-Serial-315-Donkey-Kong/114468783644?pageci=2a0fa5a5-362d-468a-9fba-590b227903ca D2K Arcade: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Intellivision-Homebrew-Game-D2K-Arcade-CIB-Box-Protector-Donkey-Kong-DIIK-Arcade/114468784989?pageci=e7c77775-c80e-43a3-b77f-1b2be898e4f2
  3. CRTs create different levels of buzzing sound depending on the image displayed. It was very noticeable when commercials for mail order products began using computer generated fonts against single color backgrounds. In video games, scenes with strong contrast seems to make it worse. The PC Engine CD "Push Run Button!" screens are a good example.
  4. I got Sonic 2 as a free mail away bonus for buying my second Sega Genesis with Sonic 1 pack-in.
  5. The section clear music carried over from Bonk's Adventure doesn't sound as nice in Revenge because they didn't fade it out like the original version. I find it uncomfortable to listen too.
  6. Apparently I was supposed to be checking RGR's twitter in order to find out that although they took payment for orders to Canada, they can't actually ship them. They said that EMS is now available to Canada, but it will be an additional $20 (USD?).
  7. No word yet? I confirmed that both orders haven't had tracking numbers added to them and messaged RGR on facebook.
  8. China Warrior isn't a "fighting game". It's a Gladiator style game and a huge improvement. You now had legit single frame sprites instead of the novelty of jumbles and it's much easier to control. One of the biggest problems with classic gaming is that game mags bitd helped perpetuate a lot of myths about how gaming is 'supposed' to work. Most people are conditioned to shoehorn every game into one of a handful of predetermined genres. Games which aren't generic enough to slide into these cookie cutter shapes get dismissed as being broken. Meanwhile many genre defining games with major flaws get a free pass and working around those flaws is considered part of the appeal... when it's the titles that "everyone knows" are legendary classics or were released on popular platforms. When a games isn't as broken but doesn't fit a perceived genre, isn't from a legendary series or wasn't made for a mass appeal system, it gets dumped on and often scapegoated as yet another reason X console "bombed".
  9. PC Genjin wasn't the PC Engine mascot. Bonk became a mascot for the Turbo lines, but that was shortly before mismanagement led to the Turbo/Duo brand becoming a self-sustaining market instead of a world dominating bisiness model. Many other factors contribute to whether or not a console becomes a worldwide mass market success. Because these are console and software businesses, not mascot sellers. The only times mascots made much of an impact was Super Mario for NES and Sonic for Genesis. Even on SNES Mario was more of a joke than a system seller, with more crap/edutainment software than legit Super Mario games. Other than the Running Man for Intellivision, there weren't really any real console mascots that defined a brand before or after NES and Genesis.
  10. Has anyone in North America received a clear PC Engine shell from Retro Game Restore? My paypal payment was never updated with tracking and I never got a response to an email inquiry... even though they were quick to respond when I asked to cancel my smoke controller shell order after preordering the smoke console shell.
  11. I guess I misinterpreted the interview I read or listened to a long time ago. Before that I assumed that it must be dynamic tiles.
  12. Look at all the PC Engine ports of Sega games that look better than Sega's own ports to the Mega Drive. Every game has a different budget, team, priorities, etc and are made at different times. Some games receive multiple ports to the same console and one turns out better than the other. Visuals are usually better or worse because of artwork, not programming. Buck Rogers bucks the trend is a case where the Colecovision suffers from poor programming, as everything but the player sprite is choppy and it has a lot of flickering. The SG-1000 version is nice and smooth throughout. Sega wasn't a small group of friends making games for fun like some "pre-crash" third party publishjers. They were a major publisher and manufacturer, among other things. They didn't have a "home console" team. They had many teams and individuals who did all kinds of work. Most Japanese development teams/house/etc and farmed out a lot work to other random devs. We don't even know who really made many Japanese games bitd. You can have a Nintendo or Sega game credited not simply to them, but to a specific team or individuals. But in reality the "graphics" guy or the "sound" guy just passed on ideas to the team doing the non-creative work. They may have even contracted out some of the work to other individuals or companies.
  13. Same reason that games with unique versions for Famicom and NES look different. Different teams, developmont conditions, budgets, rom sizes, etc. Personal opinion obviously plays a role as most of OP's examples look better to me on SG-1000. Especially the font and HUDs.
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