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  1. Intellivision is a good example of how there is no such thing as a standard console line or official run. The Sega Master System was released in North America by Tonka and they later handed over the rights to Sega. But very few people would consider only the Tonka years to be official.
  2. I had this version up until sometime this past year. I got rid of superfluous games and chose to keep the version with actual box art. The couple of times I've parted with excess boxed Intellivision games, I've advertised them on craigslist and not received a single response. So it likely went to a thrift store or used game shop. When I first found it, I thought that it was just the remains of a flimsy Coleco box or must have shipped with a sleeve.
  3. Another way I look at gaming prices is what my earning power was back in highschool. $100 back then is like $1000 today.
  4. It would be very cool if homebrew games added some creative optional 3rd or 4 controller support. A co-op or head-to-head games/modes in which each player used two discs would be exciting.
  5. I used a Hauppauge device for years. It encoded mpeg2 video on the fly. It had the least compatibility issues of any capture device I've used, but every once in a while I had to adjust the settings or restart it to get it to see the onput source correctly. I recorded Intellivision footage lined through a vcr. I now capture using Game Capture HD devices with a framemeister upscaling the video from consoles. Intellivision footage outout through a conposite mod on my Sears SVA has no issues and looks great. It also has an RGB mod by that juicebox guy, which looks crystal clear when captured, but the image jitters every once in a while and eventually the franemeister drops the signal altogether. The RGB video trabscoded to component has no issues on my crt TV.
  6. As few copies of the original release of Spiker as there are, very few are still in the hands of the original owners. You'd be showing respect more to all of the people who paid $1000+ for it.
  7. I slowly picked them up over a decade or so. I didn't bother listing the ones that don't sell for much, like the Famicom and Super Famicom games.
  8. Prices are in U.S. funds and do not include shipping by Canada Post. All console games have been tested in the past and will be one last time before shipping. I'm not sure if I have a PSP to test Ys Seven. I played each of the MSX games back when I had an MSX system and I also played through the IBM version and Ys Eternal Windows many years ago. Ys I & II TurboGrafx-16 CIC: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tga1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tga2.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tga3.JPG Ys I & II TurboGrafx-16 Duo Pack-In CIC: $40 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tgb1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tgb2.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2tgb3.JPG Ys III TurboGrafx-16 CIB: $80 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3tg1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3tg2.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3tg3.JPG Ys III Sega Genesis CIB: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3gen1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3gen2.JPG Ys III Sega Mega Drive CIB: $40 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3md1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3md2.JPG Ys III Super Nintendo CIB: $40 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3snes1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3snes2.JPG Ys III Sega Master System CIB A: $40 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ysmsa1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ysmsa2.JPG Ys III Sega Master System CIB B: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ysmsb1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ysmsb2.JPG Ys I & II Eternal Story PS2 LE CIB: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps21.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps22.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps23.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps24.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps25.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yeps26.JPG Ys Seven Premium Edition: $50 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y71.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y72.JPG Ancient Land Of Ys IBM CIB: $100 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yibm1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yibm2.JPG Ancient Ys Vanished PC-88: $100 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ypc881.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ypc882.JPG Ancient Ys Vanished PC-88: $100 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ypc881.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ypc882.JPG Ys II FM-77: $80 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2fm771.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2fm772.JPG Ys II MSX: $40 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2msx1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2msx2.JPG Ys II PC-98: $80 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2pc981.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y2pc982.JPG Ys III MSX A: $50 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3msxa1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3msxa2.JPG Ys III MSX B: $50 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3msxb1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3msxb2.JPG Ys III PC-98: $150 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3pc981.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3pc982.JPG Ys X68000: $70 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y681.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y682.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y683.JPG Ys III X68000: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3681.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/y3682.JPG Ys Eternal Windows: $60 -misplaced first soundtrack disc. Will include if I find. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye2.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye3.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye4.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye5.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye6.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ye7.JPG Ys Anime VHS set: $60 http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yvhs1.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yvhs2.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yvhs3.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/yvhs4.JPG
  9. Some PC Engine games that do: Far East Of Eden: Fuun Kabuki Den has some, the best is at 3:10 in this video: Some digital adventute games with them: Private Eyedoll, Snatcher, Cobra II, 3x3 Eyes. JJ & Jeff/KC&KC has that sewer serpent. Beyond Shadowgate has a lot. Checkout the death montage at 1:35:15 in this video:
  10. No matter what your age, we can all agree that the Nintendo 64 is uglier than the mentioned consoles and if you think that it was a pain to play the Playstation library, you might as well avoid the N64 library altogether. Especially if an unconventional stock controller can be a dealbreaker for you.
  11. Thought that this would finally be the first year I'd make it, but I'll be out of town on Saturday. I wish they'd move it to spring or fall.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the Amico logo stretches and squashes and "dances" in place when shown in commericals and while the console itself starts up.
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