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  1. https://bytemyvdu.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/interview-with-atari-vcs-2600-purevideo-vec-module-creators/
  2. It won't work on 7800 unfortunately. Well it will but only for 2600 games as this fixes directly to the TIA but 7800 games don't use the TIA.
  3. At last here is a proper solution to produe AV from your 2600 without defacing the pcb. Totally reversable and descrete, plus now has dual compatibility with PAL and NTSC. Have place sales ad in Supermarket section but wanted to let people know and discuss firther here in hardware. See here Cheaper via sales thread on forum of course
  4. ATARI 2600 VCS PUREVIDEO VCS PROFESSIONAL COMPOSITE AV UPGRADE KIT REQUIRES GOOD LEVEL OF SOLDERING/TECHNICAL ABILITY TO FIT - READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING The Atari 2600 VCS PureVideo Module is a DIY composite AV kit which allows the 2600 VCS owner to connect to more modern TV's via either composite RCA connectors or SCART (using an adaptor) and thereby removes the need to tune in via the standard RF aerial which can be a real struggle on modern LCD and Plasma displays. Unlike other available mod kits our PureVideo kit requires no cutting of traces or any other deconstruction of the Atari's original circuitry and is therefore totally reversable should you wish to return the system to it's original state PLEASE NOTE;- This is a self-fit kit which requires some skill and knowledge in both electronics and soldering. A full manual on how to fit this module can be viewed via the following link which you should copy and paste into your web browser; https://www.dropbox.com/s/76bal44rvp7jfj0/Atari%20Video%20Encoder%20Module%202600VECr52.pdf?dl=0 You can view this manual online or download onto your PC to study at your convenience. Please be sure to read this manual thoroughly BEFORE PURCHASING to ensure you feel comfortable that you have the required level of ability to install this kit as we will not be held responsible for damage caused due to poor installation. If you do not feel you have the required skill level to fit this we can fit it for you for a small fee (please contact for more details) Each kit comprises of; 1x 2600VEC r5.2 Encoder module 1x Composite AV cable with RCA connection 1x 3.5mm Chassis mount low profile stereo socket 1x 11” length of quality 2 core screened cable for interconnection Module supports both PAL and NTSC (North America) but does not support SECAM Don't take my word for how good this module is, check this independant review; https://bytemyvdu.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/interview-with-atari-vcs-2600-purevideo-vec-module-creators/ £15 plus P&P
  5. I actually got someone in France to check the TIA code and it's a PAL TIA
  6. Hi, Can anyone please tell me the pinout of a Secam TIA chip - is it any different to a PAL TIA? Have had a quick search for TIA info and all I can find is NTSC or PAL diagrams. Thanks The Doc
  7. That is indeed a timing issue not the AV. The issue is mentioned in the following post; http://atariage.com/forums/topic/208944-would-you-support-a-crowd-funded-brand-new-atari-2600-console/page__st__200__hl__+2600%20+av?do=findComment&comment=2727701 The jailbars could be corrected to "some degree" by altering the brightness, contrast, colour settings on the TV. It is important to remember however that a 2600, no matter how good an av mod is, is not going to give a display like Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. I have to say, personally, I really like the way the output has been installed. The stereo socket does look the part and is much better than alot of the hack jobs I've seen with RCA outputs which generally look like they simply don't belong. Good job, very nice
  8. Ok, so I've really not had time to look at this again till now and just plugged it in again 20 mins or so ago. As I said I struggle to get a good gauge of warmth from chips. The big boys are definately warm and a few of the smaller chips around the board. U locations 9-16 which I assume is memory doesn't really seem to get any chill off them. One thing which has developed which has not happened since I got this unit is sound. Originally there was no picture or sound of any kind and now there is a constant tone when powered up. Does this alter anything in the diagnosis?
  9. On another topic, and I don't know if I should be posting this here or on a new thread, does anyone know of a good head alignment program for Atari tape decks. Interceptor did an Azimuth program for most systems but I've never seen it for the Atari. I know some of you will say "what do you need a program for - all you need is a good ear". Problem is my ears are very bad and I've never been able to tune them up by ear. I've also seen homebrew programs on disc for the C64 and I've even seen it on an interface for the Spectrum so I'd really love it if someone could help me find something for the Atari. The only things I've seen by searching is a post which said to strip down an I/O cable and adjust so that a particular voltage could be read. This seems a bit extreme to me to be honest.
  10. Cheers to Bob & Atarti8warez, I can confirm the PSU is definately good. I have other working systems with which to test it. The board is visually giving nothing away. Oddly I don't really sense the heat on chips like most folk cos I used to work in kitchens and ended up with so many burns I kinda developed desensitised hands. I suppose I could use the back of my hand or wrist though. I have actually already swapped a few of the chips you mention into a socketed working board and those I have tried so far all work. I was going to start on the memory next at any rate but it's nice to know I'm travelling the right way around it. Shame both boards aren't socketed but then that'd just be to easy wouldn't it! Does all the memory affect the initial boot. I don't know if I read something or just simply imagined it but I have a feeling the initial boot only involves a section of memory. Is this correct? For all I can remember this info might have been for an entirely different system in my collection. However if this is the case which chip locations would I be best to start with? Struggling a bit for time at the moment so it'll be tomorrow night, hopefully, before i get time to sit down with the soldering iron, but I'll report back and let you know how I've got on Thanks again
  11. Ok, I've tried really hard not to rise to the bait here but I'm finding it hard to hold back much longer and thanks to those how have spoke out favorably towards me. I had actually searched a number of posts and seen a considerable amount of waffle amoungst the content. What I had actually asked for, which I could not gleen from other posts, was the most probable causes so I didn't have to go round like a dog chasing its own tail. Oddly enough I thought this was a forum where people helped each other out in order to keep these systems alive and enthusiasm running strong. Clearly it appears to be just another social networking site where people either bitch or engage in self-congratulation generally saying alot whilst saying nothing at all. I don't want to fall out with anyone and I probably should of made my position clearer as to where I was up to and what i had researched, so my bad on that score. As you'll see from my profile I am a relative newbie to the forum but I do understand this - You need to keep it real fellas and if you want to chat socially then do it where it is appropriate or newcomers like myself will be turning away in droves
  12. If you do decide to sell up again then let me know. I've got the bug big time right now and though a relative novice to the Atari 8-Bit scene I'm keen to expand my knowledge quickly. I don't know whether you are North or South Wales but North is handy for me whereas if you are in the South then I have a friend who could come and view. Some pics first would be a must though so that we know if the drive is worth our time.
  13. Hey folks, Ok so I posted a while ago about an 800XL which had a sound fault. At the moment I'm no further on with finding the cure so have moved on to this other I have which only displays a black screen. I have tested these chips in a working board; Sally, Antic, GTIA (+ Pokey & OP-Amp whilst trying to cure sound issues) but all of these are good chips. None of the other chips in these boards are socketed so.... before I start going crazy desoldering chips can anyone give me some pointers towards the most likely culprits? All advice glady received
  14. Appologies Skr for getting name wrong and thank to BillC for pointing this out. I can only say I've not had much sleep recently and my eyes were starting to go squewy, so again sorry. The link appears to be working now. Maybe my computer was getting as tired as I was. But anyway thanks for that post, I reckon I'll have to get me one of these
  15. Hey Moonsweeper, I'm struggling to view the link you posted, is it still active? I love to find a good source for these as have numerous machines pass through my doors with no psu's and it'd be great to pair them up with reliable working ones
  16. UPDATE: Dropped chip from position U1 and tested in working board and we've still got sound so not that me thinks. Bill if you or anyone else has any readings which you believe I should test then I'd be really happy. As described above I do have a fully socketed, fully working system with which I can swap out chips. Resistors I'd need a bit of help with and if anyone can highlight which caps are most likely to be suspect then I can easily replace these. Please keep the ideas coming folks - I really want to crack this baby
  17. Thanks, I'll pop that bad boy out tonight and give it a test in the socket one I use for such things. Hopefully the saga ends there but should that turn out to be good then any readings on the resistors/caps would be really helpful. Again thanks for the nudge in the right direction - really appreciate it
  18. I thought the numbers on the chips looked like atari codes. Did TI use atari chips?
  19. Can anyone please help with an atari 800xl I have which has no sound? I should straight away fill you in with where I am up to with it - Well I currently have 7 800XL's. 5 are working and 2 have issues. the one I'm trying to fix at the moment has no sound so I took the POKEY chip out and tried it in a working machine and we got sound ergo it's not the POKEY. I know someone is going to mention oscilliscopes at some point - no I don't have one. I don't mean to sound to direct but it'll just speed things up a bit to let everyone know now. I do have a DVM though and I'm not to bad with a soldering iron Also I am in PAL area and they do have the monitor output (I saw people mentioning this on a similar 600XL thread - I never realised NTSC consoles didn't have this) If anyone could advise I'd be really grateful Oh ps my other none runner has a black screen issue - tunes but does not display. I reckon I'll have a go at this machine when I've fixed the sound fault on the first one
  20. Just seen your post, thank you, that's brilliant. I dont suppose you have a diagram of the PAL modulation board?
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