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  1. That looks like my past release... Likely with the manual error and all!
  2. Not sure of the entire story. But you can trace the roots of me tracking down one of the original carts that were produced from harry way back in the day from a prototype cart that was found. Just check the history and you'll see lots of talk about EOTB.
  3. You know, I originally did half of a play through on a PSP through an emulator. I saved it through the emulator, not the actual game menu. It worked for my purposes. But then I wanted to play all the way through on real hardware to make sure it was solid and there were no issues. Worked fine.
  4. No worries man... please don't be offended as that is not my intentions. We've had numerous great conversations... this is just small potatoes. Honestly. Maybe I'll have you release my different version of Dgate out to the masses... lol Again... all is good. Don't get too wrapped up in this.
  5. Enjoy! For those wondering: More info coming soon! September still looks like a "GO" MOST of my local printer woes have been resolved!
  6. I have mixed feelings about you releasing the ROM knowing that I am putting another release out there. It was in bad taste. Kinda like when Chris was selling $200 versions of the game because he got a handful made right when I did the first release. But at this point, it doesn't matter. People want a playable cart for their collection rather than just a ROM. That's what I've been seeing. It was bad timing, that's all. No one else in this community that had the ROM for years did what you did. Even when you posted it; you were hesitant. Again; moot point now. Bad timing when you did it. Emails: I don't like people speaking FOR me, which I do classify what you did as such. If you and I are having a sidebar conversation within an email or a PM; I would trust that that conversation stays with you. What you did was basically inform me that I can no longer have that trust and others need to be super specific about talking to you in emails as well; or they will find that you regurgitated it everywhere. So... all of that said; a simple PM to say all of this would have been fine. There's nothing to hash out, because I do not have a problem with you. Your timing was just awful....lol Play games and be merry!!!!!!
  7. But... It's out there. Might as well plop it in a forum sometime soon. Rhat happened with EOTB. Lol
  8. Hmm... I suppose I should have played it a bit more. I'll fire up the ROM and try it out again. I recall it being annoying enough I deemed it not worth playing after s period of time. I did NOT play multiplayer. That likely could have changed my opinion! I'll give it s shot again.
  9. Odd, because I know people are looking for Skiing Blue text label. I looked for a long time when I was collecting.
  10. The RP game was really hyped. I recall playing it a few times and runs didn't score correctly. To me, that type of "glitch" means the games was unplayable. Wasn't there also a glitch where if you scored ten runs or something, it would only show a score of 0 and you'd lose, even though you really won? It was an ambitious project, I'll agree it's more than a demo, but it was unfinished/unpolished. EOTB did meet my expectations and actually surpassed them with its gameplay, depth and being fully complete. It has the bonus quests built into the game just like the SNES version. I never expected that. I think it's a difference of opinion on the two games. Me being a huge baseball fan, growing up and playing games like RBI Baseball and Baseball All Stars, spoiled me. This one left me flat
  11. I think I built that game up to be more than I I should have. I was hoping for a really good game. There are good parts to it, however, it is a buggy game that is not fully complete. It is more than a demo, but still an unfinished and unpolished game.
  12. Anyone need a DreamCast? 2 controllers Power and Video cords Three games (Wetrix, Sega rally, tee off) This needs to be cleaned. $65 shipped.
  13. That scramble is a fun one to play. I used to own that one in the past! Fun!!
  14. Yep. It's still there for people to grab. I didn't get any other offers for it, so this was what I decided to do to toss 40 games into someone else's collection.
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