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  1. Thanks. I tried Diamond GOS years ago. No practical use and very cumbersome to boot. Simple old Atari DOS is so much more simpler and actually quicker. Too bad no one ever found a balance. I guess you can't expect miracles on 64K. As for the other programs listed, not much use to me. Wish I had upgraded to ST or TT back in the day. Too much vested in the Eights now.
  2. Wow 30 pounds for a Jag! Just recently bought a well-loved Lynx 1 from them. Good service. Not cheap now.
  3. I would agree with the figure of around 1-2 million STs sold (at the most), not 4-6 million units. I believe Atari only sold about 2 million 8-bits and those are everywhere. If they sold 4-6 millions, those would be everywhere as well. Europe may have been the market, but that was small in comparison to Apple and Big Blue. As for musical folks, that was really a small demographic specialty area. Let's face it, Atari was not a leader in the consumer computer segment. Innovative as hell, but terrible marketers.
  4. That does look cool. What is a mouse used for on an Atari8?
  5. New to this area of AtariAge. Maybe an old question. How many STs were sold back in the day? What country(ies) were the they mostly sold? Numbers as compared to the Atari Eights.
  6. I totally agree. My caps are 35 years and look and work fine. Those XLs actually had good components.
  7. That's an Atari-made board. There were several versions, layouts. All will work. Bests' are indeed, The Best.
  8. May want to check with Mr. Disk Drive Repair Guy of the century. Mr. Paul V. Alhart, Lom Loc, Ca. He may have some spare Indus GT drive parts laying around.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I never considered it in that light. Yes, you are correct (in my case anyway), it is largely a generational thing. I just don't have the patience with complex button combos and the like. But I never looked at it from your perspective. I am certain you are lots younger than I. You were raised with these electronic gizmos (as we older guys say) and it, more or less, comes very intuitively to you. For me, it's work. I don't like that four-letter word.
  10. 2600 games--One Button, No instructions (usually) required. Modern games--TOO DAMNED MANY BUTTONS!, Instructions and Youtube required to figure out the gameplay. Just sayin'. Simply for me, works for me.
  11. Hallaluya! You'll singing my song now! This from a guy that still has 8-track tapes, cassettes, vinyl and a flip phone (which I hardly ever use). F()ck texting.
  12. I may get some static for this, but here goes. In my opinion, the max memory expansion really needed is 256K. The Rambo XL, originally by ICD, is one of the simplest RAM upgrades there is. Dropcheck (search here on this site) sells re-imaged, brand new, Rambo XLs for a very reasonable price. Some will say a Meg RAM upgrade is best. But, if every one was really honest, our computer is really limited to accessing 64K at any one time. The extremely limited software available that takes advantage of that much RAM, which is only used as banked ram, makes a Meg RAM upgrade (again, IMO) overkill to the max. Even with 256K, you'll not use it much. I works great with a 256K-upgraded Atariwriter Plus word processor, it allows for larger document files. It will allow programs like Gigablast to play along with the full music playing in the background. It will allow for some demos to play that take advantage of the extra RAM to sequentially load data (picture captures, music, etc.). Please don't get carried away and Frankenstein the thing. Removing the resistor and replacing it with the jumper makes perfect sense to power up the SIO port. Atari should have never put that resistor there in the first place. And remember, opening and closing your 1200XL multiple times stresses the mylar keyboard ribbon cable (wears the contact fingers out).
  13. The fact that ICD of Rockford, Il. made it, and the fact that it has a pass through SIO. AND it is small. Very good quality and good documentation. I am sure the 850 is quality as well, but I couldn't afford those, or they were not available at the time I needed one for my printer (out of production by the time I went from a direct-connect 1027 to a dot matrix printer (the Fortis 1410 which I still use).
  14. Up to 22,595 points. Still on level 8. You are off my high score list Carl.
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