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  1. errrr, the correct html is floppydisk.com (singular)
  2. Try Floppydisks.com. I have gotten new disks from them, they all worked.
  3. I am a hardware junkie, love the form, etc. Kool score for the price.
  4. I too use my original equipment (Mom's birthday present to me in 1983), 800XL. Good to see I am not the lone wolf using real vintage Atari equipment.
  5. Sir Keith Richards (the oldest-longest living Humanoid in existance) WILL atop a heap of plastic ware (Tupperware), smokin' a Fag (as it were) and munchin' a biscuit (as it were) and praisin' the LORD of Rock 'N Roll and, of course, ATARI! All Hail The King, King Richards. We should all used when when had the opportunity. Green stuff is the new....Well, Green.
  6. Whoa. Great subject. I know I will pass before all my 'treasures' expire. Then the spousal unit will have her revenge,"Dump all that crap in the trash". I will cry, and cry, and cry, and cry..... Been an Atari 8 user since 1982. That XL my mum provided to me still fires up. It's not used daily, but what is? Don't answer that...
  7. "See your Atari dealer, today!" What dealers? By that time only mail order could deliver Atari merch.
  8. I love the looks on their faces. Like, what to do with this thing now? Great looking matching equipment.
  9. I use Atari's HFM for keeping track of my 8 bit carts and disks. It's a neat little database that's easy to use, and I like the Card File-like image. Question: I know there's a way to arrange the cards (files) alphabetically by Topic Line, but I cannot figure it out. The instructions aren't clear. Apparently I arranged my carts alphabetically, but cannot figure out how to do with another file for my Disks list.
  10. Still use my PR Connection by ICD. ICD made quality products for our 8-bits. God bless those Rockford, IL. Atari Nuts.
  11. Amended Comment: "those with no luck finding a working 822....."
  12. To update. Those that, with no luck, should try the Alphacom 42 Thermal Printer. My goto printer for listings has always been my trusty 820. I live that workhorse. But, they printing from the Alphacom 42 is superb, easy to read. Dot matrix, but very clear and readable. I have been typing type-in magazine programs. Used it to find my errors; works like a charm. If you yern for a thermal printer, consider this one.
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