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  1. Ex-wives. That is the problem...Indeed.
  2. Haven't heard from Bob 1200XL in a long time. Hope all is well. Happy fishing. APX Salmon Run and all..
  3. I agree, the prices are just stupid crazy. There are other sites. Mercuri, Bonanza. Those prices have jumped up as well. I did a recent purchase with Ben Smith (Bravo Sierra). That went well.
  4. Yeah, well, Paul has made my old Indus purrr again. New controller chip, alignment, etc. Received his A-T-A-R-I disk full of AW+ updates.
  5. I sent Slor a PM as well. No response back yet.
  6. They will have to 'prove' it will play all the LYNX carts before I commit. If they do indeed have a workable Lynx adapter, then I will consider it. Not gonna commit on the pre-sale.
  7. ....and one more thing from the former AAAUA days. Once Vice President of AAAUA was John Hardie, a very prolific Atari collector. He left S.A. to go to New York. Got married to a gal named, Beverly (from Denver, I believe). Is he here on this site as well?
  8. I just reread your Art articles a few days ago. I think you did a four or five part series on the various programs available, Fun with Art, Rambrandt, etc. I got FWA just about a year ago new in the box; I haven't cracked it open yet to try. Anyway, your articles were entertaining. Most of it, like most technical stuff with computers, is over my head. I hope you have had a great career in Art. I am certainly glad I kept my FRANTIC newsletters. Even read (last night) an article I wrote to them about my computer problems.
  9. I got several of these from Brad at Best 15 or so years ago for $15 a piece. I think he has raised the prices. I like them better than Painline controllers, but not as well as an adapted Jag controller.
  10. Several years ago I paid about $25 for one. It works the same as the all black version. Glad I got it however.
  11. I think it was Subscribing AAAUA member Mathew Baker that wrote a series for the (FR)antic newsletter covering Art on the Atari in the early 90s. He too went off to do an art degree. Are you..him? And, yes Thelma passed around 2000. So did a number of others that were involved in the Association and newsletter at that time. Several of them members were involved with the USAF or the military. Some had retired. I guess the bulk of the members were over middle age at that time.
  12. Keyboard feel of the 1200XL. I am wondering if there were several manufacturers of 1200XL KBs. I was always told by folks and printed matter that these were the VERY BEST KBs of ALL the Atari 8s. I typed a bit on it today, testing it with a word processor. It feel mushy to me with almost no audible feedback. Maybe it's because of late I have been using a really nice IBM Model M type keyboard on my XEGS. Anyway, it feels like mashed potatoes to me now. It works well and I can speed along.
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