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  1. Oh, wheeaaaa, wheeeaaaa, wheeeaaaa. Whoa is all of youze guyz. Thank the LORD (is that still allowed to say?) someone hung on to this stuff and is willing to deal with old odd farts like us.
  2. Well, I have ordered from him since the get-go. Only minor issues, but nothing big. Always has come through for me. I wish he didn't put all that Atari packing tape on the boxes (my wife hates this hobby). Anyway, Brad is okay with me. He took the chance and purchased and warehoused all this 'stuff' for years and rightfully can control it anyway he wishes. Sorry to hear Bruce getting out of the biz. He was great to deal with, always talks my ear off when I called him, but real nice. Never had an issue with Bruce. Don't know The Brewing Company. Good to know some Beer Dude like me likes Atari.
  3. Selling my ENTIRE ATARI Collection! Almost every commercial game made for the Atari8! This the announcement that will be made......Upon the news of my DEATH! RIP, He liked Atari Stuff.........
  4. My wife thought I had enough in 1984! Well, I think there is more to get. Hopefully it will not cause a divorce. We've been married 37 years. Who knows?
  5. Great to know. Good luck. It's a great machine.
  6. The problem is the print wheel, rubber deteriorated. I bought one of the replacement rubbers, but it was too brittle as well, the print quality was really poor, too poor to use. i too would like to use my old friend, the 1027. Not until a better rubber is made.
  7. I like Atarigraphics and the lightpen. I know not many used it, but I like it better than the touch pad.
  8. I have said it before. I love the XEGS. I have only upgraded the memory on mine to match the 130XE. I have said it before, not many programs utilize the extra banked memory. Good to have for Demos, that is about it. I like the pastel buttons, cotton candy colored goodness, totally rad late '80s styling. I used a IBM Model M (clicky) keyboard with mine. The keyboard is heavier than the console. Anyway, I have all the 8-bits, I use this on the most. Cart port is right where it should be, on top, not in the back like those wacky-doodle Tramiels put them on the 65XE and 130XEs. What were THEY thinking with that? Anyway, congrats on your XEGS. Enjoy it.
  9. I like simple games, PacMan, Qix, etc. Well, today I played Video 61's Animal Keeper. I ordered Putt 18 from Lance and got this instead. Not disappointed, in fact, I LOVE the game. Never played 2600 Zoo Keeper, so I knew nothing of it. Man, this is a fun game, additive. I have already reached Level 20, 63000 points! I decided to keep the game. This Atari 8-bit never lets me down. 35 years after getting my Atari 800XL, a gift from mom (I was an adult), I still love it. It still does not let me down. Wonderful surprises still await. And, by the way, I am almost 60! Thanks Lance and crew! Keep 'em comin'!
  10. Check out all those pirated copies of games now on disk (Qix, Star Raiders, etc.)
  11. Good Lord, I thought I was the ONLY one still using floppies! Love it!
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