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  1. I can tell you I had a Lynx 2 wonky screen. Best's new LCD screen fixed mine.
  2. I sold my Honda 50 minibike ... Don't you wish you had that Honda 50 now. Those suckers are collectable now, and expensive in good condition.
  3. Just recently tried Ninja Gaiden and Gaiden III. My gosh, those fighter games are hard for me to figure out. The figures are so small it's hard to figure out how to control them. Then again, I have never been very good at fighter games. Too much D-pad movement. I think a McWill modded screen (better resolution) would help. Cybervirus is visually stunning, but hard as hell.
  4. That would be ideal. Bright beautiful screen. Keep the basic controls layout of the Lynx II, maybe a tad less fat. a long lasting rechargeable battery would be nice. Maybe a way to connect to larger monitor/TV. We can wish, but I fear the market may not be there. More new games on physical cards would be grand as well.
  5. Samsung 13". One of the later models, great pic.
  6. Using a battery bank plus the switchable cord kit would cost over $40. Not bad, but I can use the money else where.
  7. Thanks for that. But I had the parts and the rechargeable batteries just sitting around. Those options are pricier. Mine only cost about $7 total to make.
  8. Got my cart today. Works well. Be careful the micro-SD slot is spring loaded. When I unclicked it, it shot across the room. Found it.
  9. I have several Lynx units and love them all. I got my first Lynx package in 91 or so. Now with them getting really old and I am terrible with a soldering iron (butchered attempt to revive a Lynx I), I was thinking what to do for the far future. I love handheld gaming. With the Analogue Pocket (expensive and not yet here) and the Blaze Entertainment's unit out now, I was thinking of investing in one. Both have their PROS/CONS. For the price to fix the power supply, recap, and McWill a unit, the total cost is near what an Analogue Pocket with Docking unit and Lynx Adapter (assuming all goes well and they are available), is now appealing to me. Thoughts?
  10. Just received a Lynx I from Telegames UK used in its box. That's nice. But, the paint has worn to the white plastic casing. I have searched this site and cannot find a definitive answer on what paint (color-shade, ect.) to use. Is that info Handy (pun intended) anywhere? Painting a LYNX shell info? Techniques. Spray or brush on. Suggestions/recommendations. I would like to get this bad boy half-way presentable so she can go to the ball (another pun intended).
  11. Best E. (Brad) has a reputation. Not always a good one. It is hit or miss. I have personally not had a grand issue with B.E., but others have. If you go through Best, be VERY precise in what you want and have your talking points ready. No beating around the bush or double-talk or chit chat. I try as hard as I can to find alternative sources. However, sometimes it is unavoidable as he DOES have the goods you need. I just wish he would run out of that Atari packing tape that you splatters all over his packages. I don't like advertising to THE WORLD what I am ordering.
  12. I looked through ShopGoodwill.com. Ridiculous. Their prices are now as high as Ebay's. They even copied the "Buy It Now" option for some items. Not good. They are now getting Ebay-like payouts. Sad. As the theme song from the movie Warriors (original version) says, "There's no where to run. No where to hide".
  13. No, you are not missing a manual. It came with a Pilot's Operating Handbook and the Flight Physics and Acft Control manual. There was also a Quick-Reference sheet on card stock (very handy to use) that basically tells you what buttons are used for all the controls include a diagram of the airplane with directional arrows. The FSII was a pack-in with the XEGS. It's a great program, hard, but very advanced. In all these years, I have NEVER landed an airplane. Or successfully navigated to another airport.
  14. Wow those Panasonic (didn't realize they were still in biz) are expensive. At least the Eneloops Pros.
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