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  1. When I was in Korea there was an Atari users club. I got a game called, well, wait for it..... Sperm Invaders... Yep, little sperm cells traveling down the screen. Gross, right, but it was a fun clone of Space Invaders. Has anyone seen, heard, or got this game? Have no idea what I did with my copy.
  2. I have 64K 600xl and an 800xl and would love an external 256k memory module.
  3. I added a IBM Model M (the world's BEST clicky keyboard) to my set up and I love it. Use the MyTEK adapter to use a PS2 type keyboard and you'll be set. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld/products/tk-ii-xegs-s-ps-2-for-xegs-keyboard-replacement As for video mods, it's a personal choice. I find the video output from the XEGS to a CRT to be just fine for me. Plus, it allows me to use the light gun and the Atari lightpen on a CRT. I like it simple.
  4. Here is the Antic article I referenced in ANTIC. Look here on how to label the function buttons on a XEGS console unit from Antic Magazine. The publisher of a magazine used a XEGS as part of his operation. https://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n8/gazette.html
  5. Text easy to read (START, RESET, OPTION, etc.). What I did, and I cannot take credit for this as I saw this in an old Antic article; with a label maker, put labels (START, SELECT, RESET, OPTION) on the front edge of the console inline with the buttons so you can easily see them. It works great.
  6. I always liked the looks of the XEGS. Some hate it. I love the pastel buttons. It's my daily driver. Very easy to upgrade to 128K (130XE mode). Other than that, leave it alone.
  7. I wish I understood a tenth of what you are spouting here. Man, I don't think I am technically up for Fujinet. I know nothing about configuration or setting up a server.
  8. I am blown away at the detail of N.B.! Great work. I am sure Matt (Gunstar) would love it too.
  9. Looks like TBA is only game in town right now.
  10. Has that warm fuzzy feeling to it. Love Epyx Joystick. It's one of my favs. Nice clickiness to it. My grandson, just last night, saw (heard) me using one on a game. He said, "Paw Paw, you're gonna break that joystick". I told him the sound he was hearing were mechanical switches and that is the sound of victory. He just replied, "Oh".
  11. Thank you for that comment. I too am getting so freakin' tired of EVERYONE using the pandemic as an excuse for everything that is not functioning properly. "Well, because of covid....". "We are behind because of covid...". G.D. it! Shut the F up already and get back to freakin' WORK! "Well, because of covid, I can't seem to release my ass from this easy chair..."
  12. I thought (actually my wife) I had it bad. But, MAN!
  13. Thanks for the updates on the USPS. I guess I have been fortunate, no lost shipments. It is truly a sad commentary on our troubled times. Let's hope all this gets sorted, and soon (no pun intended).
  14. 'US postal and package delivery infrastructure is in the process of turning 3rd world.' Sounds like the 3rd world was just insulted :-). I get all that, but insurance doesn't cost much to add. The amount of time to deliver is never an issue with me. But a lost package with no recourse is. It's throwing dice at the table. Come on RED!
  15. I see that TBA is selling v.1.3 now. I have read here that there is a v.1.5 coming soon. I guess I will hold steady and wait for further news.
  16. Slowly coming up to speed on this. Is there only one place to get the fully built, ready to go, cart. The Brewing Academy? The VCC shows Out of Stock. The B.A. says they will not insure their packages after 1 Apr 21. I am hesitant to order from a company that cannot guarantee delivery. Money grows only on U.S. Govt trees, not mine. Advice for coming up to speed with the Fujinet.
  17. Yeah, well that's a no-brainer. Today's news SUCK! Gloom, despair, and tragedy on me....deep down depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Sorry, a bid Hee Haw humor (humour)....
  18. Thanks for bringing this game to my attention. I just played a few rounds. It is a fun platformer.
  19. I am just now getting up to speed on Fujinet. You mentioned that a 1030 version of Fujinet is in the works?
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