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  1. Good that there is some honor out there. That's hard to find. This has 16 likes, folks. Dude is proud of this. Let's read what this clown did, shall we? Yeah. You're my hero, man. I wouldn't trust most of you with a penny, much less something of value.
  2. Some items do affect the game, folks. The biggest problem is the core concept. It's not fun. The item placement is completely random. This is poor design and a complete failure. There are no clues; items in the comic book aren't clues for tem placement (for instance, the minotaur has a ring on his horn). Missed opportunity, there. The placement of the items has no rhyme or reason. It's botshot crazy. The minigames are boring and repetitive. Given the amount of time players must perform them (while shuffling items around), they need variation. There is little reward for acquiring items. There is little substantial trade off to specific "load outs" in your inventory. There is a potential for the properties of items to make getting clues easier--or make getting one specific clue difficult, but it's never realized. There is no payoff for getting clues. Clues don't help me solve a later room. Swordquest is busywork and I don't need something to keep me busy. It's the worksheet that lazy teacher handed out when she had a hangover.
  3. orange808

    Ultima 3 Musings

    The finale still makes my list of "worst endings ever". Throw four cards on the table and run! I have to assume Garriot was tired and burnt out, so he just mailed it in.
  4. If an RGB board arrives, I imagine installers could easily upsell a power modification option to almost every customer. Hopefully, it will all come together.
  5. +1 on the flash cart. Devs need an option to work on real hardware. Off topic, but relevant (nevertheless): The 7800 is also going to need RGB to move into immortality. You take shots at me if you like. You can shame me for not "fixing it myself". Have at it. Won't make what I'm saying any less true. The 7800 needs an RGB mod if it's going to move ahead with a meaningful homebrew and enthusiast following. Old guys like me and my CRTs won't be around forever. We can lament the past and hate on the NES all we like, but the 7800 has a bleak future with only RF and composite video.
  6. I like turtles. You can use that tone elsewhere, cause I won't see or hear it again. Also, breaking the law is breaking the law. Doesn't matter if the door was unlocked.
  7. Oh yes, the "noble" harmless person that's just experimenting with cheating Ma Bell. Sure. Okay. Didn't share the information with them to help them close the loopholes, but it's ethical. It's "different".
  8. You've only got half the story, as most of the big releases would spread through phreaking. If they could crack the game and get it for free, they sure weren't going to pay to transmit it. It's simultaneously abhorrent and fascinating.
  9. Can't we reassign the pointers in DPC+ using the data fetchers?
  10. What's the source of these color charts? Are these caps of real NTSC professional video monitors? Also, you will need to mind your computer monitor. It also has to be able to reproduce colors accurately. Otherwise, you're spinning your wheels.
  11. Celebrity in Denver was the best arcade I knew of. Unfortunately, I don't know of any photos or video of the downstairs arcade, which is a shame. It was absolutely sprawling. Anybody out there have anything?
  12. They're definitely "games", they just aren't fun (at all). Honestly, I'd rather actually play Atari Pac Man or Coleco Donkey Kong--and I never want to play those.
  13. The RND function will "start over" and return the same values after each power cycle on the Apple 2. Warm reboots will not reset the sequence. For almost all of us, early Apple 2 software had very random outcomes playing Oregon Trail. It's an obscure bug. I haven't looked at the source, but you can just add this immediately after you get a keypress (at the title screen or the main menu when the player selects an option): FOO=RND(-1*(PEEK(78)+256*PEEK(79))) I bet later versions of The Oregon Trail included this fix. If not, patching it would be trivial.
  14. One version of The Oregon Trail simply fired bullet straight up the middle of the screen when you pressed the space bar. Animals moved horizontally from one of the screen to the other. I remember it as a "shooting gallery" with three rows. Animals were drawn as white outlines with two frames of animation. I recall a deer, rabbit, and bear. It's one color against a black background. The 2600 can do a three row shooting gallery.
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