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  1. You gotta live in this world, so get diggin the new.

  2. Don't miss Man Goes Down. Such a cool game. I would have gladly paid $29.99 for it at Sears.
  3. It's interesting. (OP might consider abandoning the direct Zelda (and directly Zelda inspired) assets and exploring a design that can be published later on without fear of legal issues.)
  4. Meh. I look in the toolbox and try to find the right tool for the job at hand. I dislike BASIC and always will; it's buried at the bottom of my skull case. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, because I've never found anything worth doing to be particularly easy. And...like any other language, I have winding complex love/hate relationship with everything C. I must be doing it wrong, though. :-) Even C# stubbornly refuses to write itself--and I still have to know a lot more about the linker and compiler than I would like. *shrug*
  5. Sorry, RevEng, but: All those questions were pretty much answered. I feel like your post was composed entirely as a vessel for damage control on your friend's behalf. The answered questions feel like filler to me; designed to sandwich a carefully worded statement to contain the discussion. It's wooden and it's calculated. Look, if she thinks the games are shitty, fine. There's definitely no shortage of shitty games. I hate Undertale. (A failure of game design and poor presentation on every level.) Everyone has an opinion. But, calling Spiceware and Champ Games lazy crosses a line. It's not really "unfortunate". It's bullshit. It's the same thing as MrSQL. It's not different. Sorry. She isn't Carol Shaw or Rebecca Heineman. You have to be a great individual game software developer to start talking shit at other devs. What has she done? MiSTer cores aren't video games. Roger Ebert had quite a prolific career. Didn't make his dumbass opinion on games okay. Come to think of it, outside of the lovely technical production values, Citizen Kane is a shit movie, Roger. It's boring. If you're going to put that much effort into the raw production (top notch), you need to present a great story. At its core, the film is empty and boring. So, maybe he wasn't a great critic after all. Rise of the Robots had great graphics, but there wasn't a game behind it. Miyamoto privately seethed that Donkey Kong Country was boring and lazy. Compared to Yoshi's Island, it is. Miyamoto can get away with it, because he did something better. Is DKC really lazy? No. What is lazy? I can't think of too many examples of lazy game devs. Can you? I think Custer's Revenge qualifies. Jewel swiping clone games on mobile are pretty lazy. Champ Games and Spiceware? Not so much. Even Superman 64 had a team of people working hard behind the scenes; there were a lot of reasons it failed--and it wasn't because nobody cared. ET is regularly bashed as lazy, but that's a lazy shitty meme; ET sparkles with polish and craftsmanship--despite the polarizing game mechanics. Everyone has worked on a stinker. Doesn't make us lazy. Although, I can't think of any substandard shitty Spiceware or Champ Games releases. There's nobody forcing the game out the door or creating havok with those Atari devs. There's no clueless boss, politics, or budget hammering the new Atari games into oblivion.
  6. Kitrinx would have to chime in on the feasibility of that. It might be easier to create a framework to target the Nano hardware directly at compile time--and make each game it's own core. Obviously, devs would need to port their stuff over.
  7. Fair enough. People selling roms might want to let people know their game will only work with emulators with that can emulate all Atari hardware--including new carts. Regardless, the popular (and often repeated) claim to inherent accuracy advantages is false. That's why I pointed it out.
  8. More accurate than Stella? Why? Because FPGA is *magic*? :-) Is it really more accurate? Also, I don't recall Champ Games promising MiSTer compatibility...
  9. Is MiSTer about preserving hardware and helping develop new software? Or is it a machine for playing warez?
  10. An extra huge thanks to Spiceware for the accurate and diplomatic response. Perfectly stated.
  11. Now, St. George used his sword on the immigrant poor, cuz he can't kill no dragon...

    1. x=usr(1536)


      Politics?  Not a great idea.

    2. orange808


      Well, they did name the record #10 Upping St.  Maybe it was a BAD idea.  

    3. x=usr(1536)


      Listen, I know the song and the album.  But without context the lyric might not go over well.

  12. That's partially true. Marqs has cautioned that some issues are due to the digitizing hardware and that isn't completely implemented by the FPGA. Marqs shared that he specifically hunted for a more robust solution for the upcoming OSSC Pro. I know Chi will do his best, but it partially depends on the hardware. Skeptics would be better served to wait. We will have to wait and see what's possible.
  13. For the curious, Fudoh has a review out there that's actually worth reading.
  14. Minidig example: http://www.qotile.net/minidig/code/bigmove.asm VDEL explanation: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281539-vdel/
  15. You might get onto Fox News for a world record 20 year necrobump. :-)
  16. orange808

    Congo Bongo?

    Very nice. Looks like you would be able to do Marble Madness with that technique as well.
  17. The most dependable line doubler for this should be an old Faroudja machine. My second pick would be a DVDO iScan vp50pro. The GBS with custom firmware might also work well, but I haven't tried it.
  18. https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=33358&start=100 There it is.
  19. "Sorg" didn't just dismiss it. He spewed a nasty condescending shitpost and made it clear he thinks the entire practice of ARM assist has no merit (in his eyes). I don't know if it's been scrubbed since then, but it happened.
  20. ZackAttack built the ACE format for C++ development. I understand there is a classic "chicken and egg" problem; it might not be worth all the time and effort. It would really help me out, though. Working exclusively on real hardware feels like a time warp. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281105-open-source-c-project-template-now-available/ PM if you need some test roms.
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