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  1. Momentarily felt like a teenager - minus the greasy hair and spots.

    1. Trip2018


      I feel like a teenager all the time... plus the greasy hair and spots!👍

    2. DragonGrafx-16


      I'll be 30 in a year an a half and I still have problems with greasy hair and spots! Please stop, I've had enough! I literally have to wash my hair with oil reducing shampoo everyday.

    3. Tickled_Pink


      I used to have hair that greased up pretty quickly. I'd run my hand through my hair and it would have a nice shiny coating afterwards. Only realised in the past few years that I'm long over that phase. My hair's quite ... uh ... "normal" now.

  2. Tickled_Pink


  3. Just goes to show you really don't know people. Murders on the island are extremely rare but there was not far from here a couple of months ago. Police have arrested four suspects - two are a couple who offered my daughter a job after she went to their stables to ride a friend's horse. She decided against taking up the offer. Bullet dodged. 😶

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      Travis, yup. Anglesey. The murder made the national news - a retired lecturer fixing a problem with his satellite dish was hit by a crossbow bolt. I always suspected it was a setup because what was he doing on his roof at midnight? What's been said is that someone cut the cable to his dish, forcing him to go outside to investigate. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two murder cases on the island in my lifetime, and I think one of those may have been downgraded as manslaughter. The most infamous one was when we had a serial killer on the loose in the 90s - he was gay cinema owner from another part of Wales.

    3. carlsson


      So you're only having a handful of murderers, but when you do those are worthy of an Agatha Christie novel. Not the usual mob shootings, but people killing using crossbows and ... sorry, but it sounded so absurd that I laughed out loud ... gay cinema owners who elsewhere would be the victims but at your place are the villains.

    4. Tickled_Pink


      Agatha Christie? More like Criminal Minds. Very quiet place around here usually. Just the usual drunken brawl or a road accident because someone's taken a bend too fast.

  4. Heh! I actually started working on a disk cataloguer many years ago. It supported several DOS and menu formats. It was going to be published by Derek Fern at Micro Discount but then he wanted it to support the faster menu formats. He upgraded my 1050 to a US Doubler for free so I could do it but the project eventually fell by the wayside despite probably being some 90% complete. I probably still have the source code on one of my floppies, assuming it still works. Christ! Just found this from a previous attempt to resurrect the project. Life got in the way again. My Atari Magazine article about Menu Print
  5. That's "Shitty" sold. Gone to a good home.

  6. Okey dokes. So, an eBay cart purchase it is then.
  7. Or rather, rediscovered one I'd forgotten about. Went to see parents today and my dad said he'd found a game box with two controllers on either side. I was thinking, huh? That sounds like an Intellivision. Sure enough, it was one that I'd picked up at a car boot sale years ago but never even switched on to see if it worked. It's a little (very) on the dusty side. I don't have any carts for it (I think I might have had one with it at some point). What would happen if I turned it on? The INTV has an OS, yes? So does it show up something if I don't have a cart in it?
  8. How much can you get for two kidneys on eBay? I need £200,000 pronto.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      My great aunt's cottage is being auctioned off. She moved into a residential home last year. Had great memories going round there when I was little. I found out later that it was never hers - her parents rented it off another family in the area. So the house has been rented by the family for over 100 years. Looks like the owners have decided to get rid. It has 15 acres of land with it as well. 😫

    3. carlsson


      Save your kidneys, sell your kids instead. 😛

    4. Tickled_Pink


      Daughter's just come in with a list of classes she wants to compete her horse in on Sunday. Each class costs money.

      There might be something in what you say. 🤔

  9. So, Scarlet is being released Holiday 2020. That's great, but ... uh ... when is that? Easter? Christmas? Thanksgiving? We don't all speak American, Microsoft.

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    2. Flojomojo


      RETAIL holiday usually starts around November. That's when all the new toys come out and the shops do half of their yearly business.


      You'd think we would be able to spread things out better.


      I blame Pumpkin Spice.

    3. GoldLeader


      'Member in Mallrats when they mention the Easter Bunny, and say he's been set up in the mall since two days after Christmas? (Even that line is supposed to be the character exaggerating, but it totally seems that way sometimes....You'll see Christmas decorations right behind the Halloween stuff...Get yer Pumpkin Spice in September!!

    4. matt2d2


      It's from the movies. They have two big seasons, which are summer (end of may to end of July) and holiday (which encompasses Thanksgiving and Christmas).

  10. Atari are launching the new 400 and 800. Seriously, they've gone full retro-retard with the VCS.

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    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Waiting for the 5 1/4" floppy drive before I commit.

    3. Stephen


      Nothing but renders and 3D prints of non-existent junk. I'll eat a turd sandwich if anything comes from this. Or maybe just a taco.

    4. MrMaddog


      Atari 400 originally had 4K and 800 had only 8K.


      Clearly FauxTari is recreating the "not enough memory for anything" type of computer as Warner did... (Only Kasser actually smartened up)

  11. Ordered a couple of cheap SSDs as boot drives for my struggling laptops for now. Let's see if they become more usable. They'll do until I can get a HP Spectre with an OLED screen for a decent price.

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    2. cybercylon


      A SSD can really put some extended life into an older machine.

    3. DeathAdderSF


      My travel laptop is a 15-year-old Thinkpad (still w/IBM logo!). Switching that beautiful beast to SSDs has made a huge difference.

    4. Tickled_Pink


      Just received notification that the drives will be here by 1pm. Scan Computers - always on the ball.

  12. Finally got the screen working. I didn't realise there were different LCD chipsets and was following the instructions "by the letter". This screen uses the hx8347i.
  13. Just tried to put together my first SDrive Max but no dice. I have two Arduino Uno R3. Looks like one's faulty as it isn't being picked up by anything. I managed to finally figure out how to flash the other one in Windows from the Linux instructions several pages back. Set up the microSD card, plugged in the screen and ... nothing. Just a white screen. No calibration crosshairs. I picked up a cheap alternative to the Elegoo screen. Same components and layout. But I'm not getting anything from it other than a white screen. As I haven't done anything with Arduino so not sure how I can go about testing the screen. Guess I'll have to hunt around for a Hello World or something. Bugger it ... I'll try and write my own.
  14. I've decided that PTSD sucks. My sense of time is truly screwed. Took daughter to a local dancing pony competition this evening. I realised that it was the first time she'd done dressage on one of her own horses for 6 years. But it seems an age ago that she was 10. Things that happened 20 years ago seem like they only happened a couple of years ago. That's fucked up.

    1. Keatah


      Not really. There's a reason for how that happens.

  15. While daughters went clothes shopping yesterday, I went for a browse around a computer store. They had a row of gaming keyboards on show. Some with Cherry MX switches. Tried them out and was left thinking ... what's so damned special about them? Where's the click? To me, they seemed like any other keyboard a quatrter of the price.

    1. NE146


      It's more for the tactile feel of the press. If you want a more audible click I think the cherry mx blue is the one. That said, I mostly use bottom of the line $9.99 keyboards lol even though I do have a mechanical keyboard on my main.

    2. save2600


      Seems to me, PC hardware today is as cheap and disposable as the software they run anymore.

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