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  1. Brad raises his prices on low-stock items. Found out that he isn't the only one. Large retail chains do too.

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      • but [email protected]@k everything is low stock, NOS, super rare, and vintage... some big store chains liquidate low stock items for pennies on the dollar. clearance, too good to waste, etc.
  2. Ugh! Awake at 5am because I went to bed too early.

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    2. fdurso224


      @Tickled_Pink I was looking through my books on the lead you gave on him being in a bed. Are these either one  bro?






      Garfield comics

    3. Tickled_Pink


      @fdurso224 The Abu Dhabi one's the one. 😂 Bottom one's not showing up. The top one's one I've seen as well. Not sure what it was. All I know is that the book either had a green cover or a red one. 😛

    4. fdurso224


      Excellent. Glad the Aby Dhabi is to your liking and the one you were looking for. Now as the exercise that's not showing up.


      How about now bro. He's in a bed from what was mentioned. Here's the link.





  3. Take a bow, and the trophy and $1.8million home, Emma Raducanu. Kind of makes her A-levels useless, though.

  4. Best online comment found this morning: I wonder if anyone ever chokes on food in the Imperial cafeteria and Vader has to say "That's not me."

  5. Developed a habit of not going to bed until I get a Victory Royale. #healthyliving

  6. When I saw it, I thought, "aren't you going to look stupid?" If you're going to make a point, make it AFTER the deal's been done. Burning your old Ronaldo shirt because of rumours he was moving to City. Dear oh dear. Too funny.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      I don't think he's going anywhere. Not yet, anyway. He has a chance to play alongside Messi.

    3. carlsson


      Rumours say that Real Madrid are about to make Mbappé official any minute, and that PSG are looking to sign Haaland from Borussia Dortmund for almost as much money as they'll get for the French, but the grapevine could be wrong on all details.

    4. Tickled_Pink


      I can't see it happening. PSG might want Haaland but first, they have to be clear that Dortmund are willing to sell before they let Mbappe go. And if Real had any sense, they'd be signing Haaland themselves for that kind of money. Not only that, but I don't think Real are as good a team as PSG at the moment, so it would be a sideways step at best. If he does go and PSG haven't pushed him out the door to make way for Haaland, he would have been badly advised.

  7. Who's going to have the heart to tell him that buying Atari tokens is not the same as buying Atari? 🤦‍♂️

    1. x=usr(1536)


      Not me.  That is comedy gold right there.

    2. GoldLeader


      When I heard this Soulja Boyeee fellow was a Scammer, a Liar, a Cheat, and a Thief...My First Thought was,  Dayemn!  He'd fit right in at the New Version of Atari!

  8. Sure you have, Soulja Boy. Sure you have. 🙄

  9. The lunatics have taken over Edinburgh Castle, citing Article 61 of the Magna Carta and its alleged "legal rebellion" clause. Just one problem. Article 61 is no longer valid and hasn't been since 1216. It also had no "legal rebellion" clause and it only applied to 25 barons elected by other barons. Lesson: be careful what bullshit you choose to believe on social media.

    1. GoldLeader


      I'd like to respond about our lunatics but, no politics.

    2. Tickled_Pink


      Don't worry. I've seen 'em.

  10. New job's currently a bit of a shit-show but hopefully it'll sort itself out.

    1. carlsson


      Once the laxative clings off, hopefully it will be better.

    2. jd_1138


      All jobs are shit-shows due to humans being, um, humans -- fellow employees and customers. I can't wait for our AI overlords. :)


      But seriously, the longer you are there the easier it will get. Kinda sucks being the new kid in town.

    3. Tickled_Pink


      @jd_1138 Software development for an American-owned plant hire company. They had to start me the week that the one guy who can provide admin privileges for the repositories is on holiday, didn't they? 

  11. Starting new job on Monday. Starting with some MS Teams meetings in the morning before heading off on a 4 hour round trip to pick up some equipment. Principally a laptop and apparently two monitors. I think I'm going to need a bigger desk.

  12. Don't normally feel sorry for Germans, but they really need to sort out the rules for the show jumping in the Modern Pentathlon. It's ridiculous that a gold medal chance can be taken away because a horse you've been given refuses to cooperate.

  13. First kidney sold to a Brazilian buyer. The amount of money I made has persuaded me to part with the other one as well. It's going up on eBay soon as well.

    1. atari2600land


      Don't you need a kidney?

    2. Tickled_Pink


      Pfft! Kidneys are for the feckless. The constant toilet breaks when they should be working.

    3. Kiwi


      Once you put the third kidney up on eBay, people are going to start asking questions. ;)

  14. Passed Human Rights Law exam no. 4 out of 16. Now I need to find £6000 from somewhere to pay for the rest. How much is a slightly battered used vintage kidney on eBay these days?

    1. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      Depends on the patina.

    2. carlsson


      I'm seeing numbers from $1500 to $250,000 for a kidney. The lower range origins from developing countries. I'm sure you could easily raise £6000 if you're going to the dark market.

      Edit: I didn't mean that Wales is a developing country...

  15. The pony in my avatar had to be put to sleep today. Daughter and some of her friends learned to ride on her. She was somewhere between 28 and 30. We'd had her for 11 years but she'd gone downhill rapidly in the past few weeks.

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    2. jaybird3rd


      My condolences.  Coincidentally, we had to put down one of our longtime family dogs this morning, too.  17 years old.  :(

    3. Tickled_Pink


      @Rick Dangerous Her name was Tilly. @Rogerpoco Funny you should say that, we're the same and was talking about it today with the person who had been looking after her for us. She said that she had to force herself to even look sad when her mother died and she drove back home all the way from the North East of England (Sheffield), when she was supposed to be at her mother's funeral, after she got news that her cat had died! I think people just jade us in the way that animals don't. Tilly had been retired from being ridden 3 or 4 years ago because of her age and because daughter had outgrown her. Whenever she was taken out for a walk, people thought she was a Thoroughbred foal and they'd be shocked when told her age. I always thought she looked like a mini TB. Her mother's side was all purebred Welsh Section A, hence her size (12.2 hands), and included a pony that won at the Royal Welsh Show several years in a row in the early 70s. Her dad's side was a bit of a mess. She had a famous Arabian in there plus a whole bunch of Thoroughbreds, including four English Triple Crown winners. Her other pony's an Appaloosa, with a predominantly American lineage.

    4. Tickled_Pink


      Oh goddamn. I've just realised something. A couple of years ago I started working on a book about Tilly to give to my daughter but never finished it. It was going to be a story of her lineage, including whatever I could find about the famous horses within it. Not sure if I should finish it now.

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