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  1. Welsh in the top 10 sexiest accents in the world. Just one question ... which one? For such a small country, we have too many accents. There's a local girl on the radio and she sounds amazing but I've never liked the 'Gladys Pugh' valleys accent that most people seem to associate with Wales.

    1. GoldLeader


      I always liked a Welsh accent, but I didn't realize there were so many

    2. Tickled_Pink


      Here in the North West we have what I like to call a Welsh Farming accent. The North East doesn't really have an accent. Then you have the valleys accent, the Swansea accent (Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones before she sounded like some weird hybrid) and a Cardiff accent (my wife). Actually, even Cardiff has more than one.

    3. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      I consider these top ten lists highly doubtful. Wasn't a German accent also among these? There is no such thing as a German accent either, since Germans dialects and regional pronounciation idiosyncrasies that tend to be carried over to other languages vary wildly (many Germans pronounce "w" incorrectly and have problems with the "th" when speaking English, but that's everything they have in common). So it's a Bavarian or Saxonian or Northern German accent (e.g.) o...

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