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  1. Wife's got to stop spending money. She agreed to buy a sealed Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectors Box for daughter's 17th birthday. Daughter's like: OMG! I really want it. I'm like: HOW MUCH FOR A BOX OF PAPER???

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      We've got the game and daughter's crazy about it. So she wanted the collector's box. That was a box that was released prior to the game, I think, which includes various bits'n'pieces from the game, such as a hard copy of an in-game catalogue. They're up on eBay at inflated prices. £170 for what is essentially a box of paper??? 😲

    3. carlsson


      You know the times are a-changin' when 17 year old girls are collecting video games. 🙂

    4. DrVenkman


      The in-game clothing and supply catalogs are great. I bet a paper copy is a fun collector’s piece. That said, you can peruse all the stuff off-line using the RDR2 companion mobile app on your phone, and that’s free, lol.

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