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  1. It's a pretty odd situation when you realise that it'll be less hassle to pop over to another country to do your exams.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      There is a shortage of around 40,000 nurses in the UK. They're trying to recruit more but I guess that there's huge worldwide competition for qualified medical personnel. Daughter wants to be a neonatal nurse but doesn't have any qualifications. So she's starting a course to be a healthcare assistant which she hopes she can use as a springboard towards the career she wants.

    3. jd_1138


      I think a lot of the nurses here in the USA just get a 2 year nursing degree from a privately owned career college type place.  Because the university route (getting a 4 year Nursing degree) doesn't have enough spots to train all the nurses.  Maybe they have something like that in the UK.  I guess the credits may or may not transfer to a 4 year program.


      What's the test for if you don't mind me being nosey.

    4. Tickled_Pink


      It's for my Law masters post grad degree. There was a time when you could hop on the ferry for just £10. We used to do it just for the tax free booze and tobacco (part of the Irish Sea's in international waters). Then the EU stopped it. Now it's £60 per person for a return trip. Just priced it. So it's certainly not the cheapest option because we were going to make a day trip out of it. There are various routes into nursing over here. I noticed within the past 6 months that entrance requirements to Uni courses have been relaxed somewhat. Presumably to entice more people into the profession.

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