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  1. We think we have it bad with collectables? Daughter's just worked out that she has around £2500 worth of plastic horses on her shelves. #expensiveobsession

    1. jd_1138


      Those are pretty cool.  Does she have the truck with the horse trailer too?  Schleich branded?  I wish I had kept my 1970's Lone Ranger horse and action figure in the box.  Instead it was heavily played with and broken.

    2. Tickled_Pink


      She has a pile of Schleich but she's in the middle of trying to sell them. One buyer offered her £300 for the lot, along with a large wooden stable that she has but the buyer was in the US and didn't realise how much it would cost to ship. The £2500 collection is her Breyers. One of them she has is a Limited Edition Joey (War Horse). Think I paid £75 for it for Christmas a couple of years ago. Apparently it's worth around £300 now because they don't even use the moulds anymore. The thing with Breyers is that they often use the same moulds for different horses ... they just paint them differently. Think the Frankel and Secretariat moulds are identical - just different paint jobs. Although she takes them out of the boxes, she keeps them just in case she ever wants to sell.

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