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  1. Steamroller might be my favorite game of all time. Great job on this. I actually love the game so much, I'm going to design some t shirts and prints/posters for myself (Don't worry, I won't be selling them or anything, just purely for my own enjoyment).
  2. I work at a barcade now, so after work last night I played some Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Galaga.
  3. Fireman has been a favorite piece in my collection for years. I never expected to see something like this! I would like to reserve Dupont style #9, please. Thanks to everyone involved.
  4. I love when games offer large amounts of content, as I'm sure most people do, but so far the core game seems very solid and offers enough to be worth it to me. Granted, I've been a fan since Dreamcast days (so I love the series).. but I think the reviews I've seen so far giving it high marks are accurate.
  5. I'm no authority on CRTs, but that looks great. Nice work showing the many capabilities the Phoenix has.
  6. I just realized a huge plus for me in the snes controller port.. I have the snes super advantage arcade style controller, so I could use that to play all my CV favorites. I can't believe I didn't think about that before. I have been on the fence about getting one of those awesome arcade controllers for the CV, but this could tide me over until I decide on it.
  7. About to go play in my first pinball tournament.. I only found out about it yesterday. I wish I was more prepared.

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      Just got home. It was a lot of fun. I got 7th place. I'll probably go next month.

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      P-I-N-G! P-O-N-G!


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  8. I'm not super familiar with it. What does it offer over rgb?
  9. I've been playing Witcher 3, trying to beat all the quests and get all the gwent cards. Really looking forward to SoulCalibur VI. Always been a huge fan of the series.. got the collector's edition on the way!
  10. I'm thinking about getting in on this, just trying to justify it since I already have an rgb modded CV from Yurkie with an atari max sd and super game modules all hooked up to a mini framemeister.. I guess it would be nice to move the wear and tear of my constant use to newer hardware? Need to think on this one.
  11. Forgive me if this has been mentioned somewhere, but can you use paddle controllers with this? I'm not sure if any current homebrews are compatible with paddles, but it could open some interesting possibilities for the future.
  12. This is a fantastic game. Great gameplay with lots of different strategies to employ. I think I will be playing this quite often. I really enjoy the permanent high score table. Also, the box, overlays, manual, and cartridge label are well done. The concept and art of this game make me laugh, and the gameplay is tough and complex enough to keep me coming back. I guess I'm trying to say I really appreciate this release. Thanks to everyone involved.
  13. Sound design can be quite immersive if done properly, and many modern games do it well. I love the ambient music, sounds, dialogue, etc. Some soundtracks are so incredible, I can't believe they haven't released them on cd and vinyl- Elder Scrolls and the Uncharted series are some that come to mind immediately. It is rewarding to invest in a nice surround sound or headphone set up and just listen to the awesome sounds of some of these games.
  14. Shadow of War has been really fun for me so far. They definitely added some things, making the nemesis system even more fun and engaging. I keep getting sidetracked from the main missions to fight the captains. Sometimes, the battles get really wild. I had one where I think five captains showed up. Most were ambushing me, but I think a couple were after each other. I'm playing on nemesis difficulty and looking forward to unlocking a higher level.
  15. I believe you about how penguins normally behave, but the ones I encountered gave me no chance to even react. A half dozen came flying in an arc out of the water, landed directly next to me and all pecked me at once. It was quite the surprise. I didn't even have time to attack them. I have taken a few day break from this game. I think I'm ready to try again.
  16. I've been trying to get better at Don't Starve, a whimsical yet very brutal survival game. I really enjoy this game, but damn.. it is hard. The slow build up can be relaxing, just gathering materials, crafting things, hunting/fighting, etc. Survive the creatures, hunger, sanity issues, and everything else long enough, and winter descends upon you. Thought it was tough before? Now, it becomes punishing. Plants stop growing, you can't be away from a campfire for very long unless you have found the materials to make strong winter clothing/have a thermal stone, small game animals disappear, and dangerous new animals appear. Freezing to death happens very quickly away from fires. Just chopping some trees becomes a potential game over unless you build a fire in the middle of a forest. I have gotten better at preparing for winter by stockpiling crafting materials, wood, food, etc. However, it seems whenever I am having a great run, ready to take on winter and dominate, some lowly creature I have fought and killed many times will come out of nowhere and end it all. Another untimely ending occurred when I had my camp near the water's edge. Winter kicks off, I'm surviving.. then a rabid pack of penguins comes flying out of the water, surrounds me, and before I can even press a button, I am toast. I didn't even know penguins were in the game, so it took me off guard a bit. Dying in this game stings in a uniquely painful way. Sometimes I think, screw this game, not doing this anymore.. Then, the next night I'm up til sunrise fighting spiders, crafting items, and discovering more about the game world, little by little. I will survive a long round one day.. with much patience and perseverance. Until then, I will continue to blink at the screen, speechless with frustration as I watch my character keel over, the screen fading to black and forcing me to choose- Main Menu or Try Again.
  17. Oregon Trail is definitely a memorable classic game. Who could forget all that tragedy and dysentery? It has been too long since I have played it. I am in for a copy.
  18. I've picked my Rocket League addiction back up recently. It's a really fun game, but it gets frustrating when trying to play competitive doubles with random people. Some people are just perpetual ball chasers and blame you for everything. Oh well, that's the nature of random partners. Another reason I keep playing this game is it's a perfect one to just relax and play while playing some good music. I've picked Persona 5 back up recently as well. It's a great game for the end of the night. Pour a drink, listen to the music, choose your next move. I've been craving something different lately, though. I want something punishing with slow buildup, like a survival game. I started doing some research about the best survival games available right now, but it actually set me back. There are a few on PC in a seemingly endless state of "early access" with constant updates changing the way the games work. I'm not sure I want to buy a game like that, yet some of them have very dedicated fans and communities. Does anyone here play survival games and have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  19. It's hard for me to imagine anything probable which would ruin retro gaming for me besides maybe something from within, like burning out on playing or collecting too much. Anything with value will have a market, which has variables affecting the supply and demand. YouTube is just another market variable, and no amount of angry fist shaking will cause it to cease to exist. Maybe I just don't watch enough content I hate to put that much thought into it. Life is too short to find more reasons to raise one's blood pressure. I enjoy my retro games and a few people who put out videos about them while avoiding annoying or uninteresting ones. I do not want to condescend anyone here, but I guess this kind of rage confuses me a bit. Don't run a feed of frustrating content into your life. It's surprisingly simple. We can't choose how to spend every second of our lives, but we have reasonable control over our recreational experiences, right? I hate bullshit spin, so I don't watch the news. I can't stand pop music, so I listen to better stuff. People who dominate the conversation annoy me, so I do not befriend them. I understand no one wants to pay more money for anything, so if the prices go up, it's a bummer. However, I do see a plus side to the rise in values and even the ridiculous craigslist, ebay, etc. posts which have some common game for a crazy price. If retro games are being overvalued by people who have or find them, they are more likely to be saved or preserved. I find it much better than the countless stories people have told me about how their family member, spouse, etc. threw away all their games, "because it was just old trash not worth anything." If everyone thinks old games are gold, they will be more likely to save them. If they put them on the market for way too much, they will eventually learn the real value due to no interest. I do some collecting, but maybe I'm not serious enough to be horribly affected by a rise in prices. If I want a game which is a hundred bucks, I think about what I have to do for a hundred bucks, and ask myself if I will get the worth of it if I trade my efforts for the game. If I decide I want it, the purchase is made, the game is enjoyed, no regrets. If it isn't worth it, I must not want it that badly, so I walk away and find something else to spend that money on. I'm not trying to oversimplify things here, but my point is you control how you spend your free time, which games are on your shelf, how you spend your disposable income, what YouTube videos you watch, which people you listen to, and countless other things in your life. Why fill it with things which bring you down? Why spend so much time directing your mood to unpleasant places? Upon reflecting on the time I spent writing this post, I will end it here and go back to increasing my relaxation to maximum levels.
  20. One of the worst "features" of modern websites has to be those floating menu bars which stay on the screen while you scroll. I have never understood who needs those. Is it really possible to get so lost scrolling down the page you forget where up is? Just keep the menu at the top of the page, please. Screen real estate is valuable.. it's why people want bigger phone, pc, and tv screens which go all the way to the edge of the device- to see more content, not menus and ads. One of the stupidest things about those floating menu bars is I keep seeing ones with one button, which brings up more categories or a site map. So.. they are condensing the buttons to one being visible, yet make the stupid menu bar plastered across the screen when it's just a solid color or something (essentially blank). Where do they come up with this shit?
  21. What are the bounties on Wiz Math, Super Sketch, Leeper, Logic Levels, and Alphabet Zoo?
  22. I have been playing Tekken 7 this past week. I stayed up late last night finishing the final trophies and picked up the platinum. I'm not a trophy hunter, but with how much I enjoy Tekken games, it isn't tough for me to play them until platinum. Other than that, it's been a bit of Overwatch and Killing Floor 2.
  23. I keep thinking it would be fun to have one, but with a mini framemeister already on my shelf, I feel I should just play a real snes. I understand it's a good option for those who don't want to track down real hardware and carts, though.
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