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  1. I love the ps4 and vita, and I am looking to find more hidden vita gems. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone live around Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Detroit? I have a favor to ask.

    1. Bryan


      I live a couple hours from there.

    2. Ransom


      I dunno...where does she live?

    3. adam242


      I live in NE Detroit suburbs.. PM me.

  3. My CV power supply has had some issues over the last few years, or at least I have come to believe it's the culprit. I have an rgb mod which I use with the xrgb miniframemeister, and sometimes the fantastic colors can be muted, dark, or just wrong. Wiggling the power cable where it connects into the CV can help or cause it to shut off altogether. I have seen power supplies sold online claiming to work for multiple systems, but have been nervous to try them for years, worrying about the fragility of my modded system. Can anyone chime in about newly made power supplies, or should I just send my CV back in to get the $50 power mod? I've been putting off a solution to this for a while since my system still works, but it can make me sad sometimes to see my CV, which I have put decent money into, not perform as well as it should.
  4. One huge difference in this case is the fact some of the heavier users of the radiation laced products were getting sick and dying, showing obviously adverse effects of these new and untested remedies within their own lifetimes. We have historic records of people and entire societies using weed going back over ten thousand years. While any substance or even activity can be overdone, causing detriment, it seems weed is one of the more harmless substances humanity has used since the dawn of civilization. The funny thing is weed has been hailed as a positive, healing thing for countless generations, and the time it has been so widely banned and ridiculed the most is the last couple generations. It lines up with sex being a taboo subject in the last couple generations as well, while many past societies did not share such stigmas. People seem to go through phases on what is acceptable. Weed has been not only acceptable, but praised for the majority of human history- minus today. Society usually evens out when it comes to social norms and what not. It's just there are always a few vocal/powerful people who crop up now and again who try to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to structuring a society, going strongly against the current, trying to convince the river it should flow in another direction. Dams can be built, but they won't change the "desire" the water has to continue its natural flow.
  5. I started playing the Nuka World DLC for Fallout, and it's been really fun so far. Also, I've been playing Rocket League on and off, with some decent improvements in my strategy and skill. After much pestering from a friend of mine, I finally got Overwatch the other day. The main reason I was putting it off was I have gotten a bunch of games in the last few months and have also been trying to accomplish many things in my personal life as well. The last thing I needed was another addictive online game. Oh well, there's no going back now.
  6. I've been playing some of the Uncharted 4 co-op update which was released recently. It is very addicting and fun, like the co-op modes of the past. I can't wait until my friends get into it so we can beat some of the higher levels together. Battlefield 1 has also been a lot of fun lately, with medic and support being my favorite classes. I've also been playing some Skyrim and Rocket League here and there.
  7. Those colors are looking awesome! I have been a bit out of the loop lately. Are you planning on any new game releases soon? I am a huge fan of your games. Either way, thank you for your contributions to the scene.
  8. Status update canceled. Weight of the world limit reached.

  9. One more week until No Man's Sky!

    1. Flojomojo
    2. Iwantgames:)


      Wahoo!!! Can't wait!

  10. I'm surprised stores don't up-sell you on things like chargers if they don't come with one. Maybe have the system make a message pop up at the register, kind of like when they ask you to buy a protection plan. At the very least, they should have a bright sign next to the 3ds display saying something like, "Hey, don't forget your charger!"
  11. Yeah, seeing these prices has me questioning my drive to finish my collection. I guess I'll just keep watching for now.
  12. Do you have any games you keep going back to over the years?

    1. Keatah


      Yes. You should make a forum topic.


    2. GoldLeader


      Deadly Towers for NES! It's often hated but I Love it! Also Midnight Magic on 2600...

    3. 7800fan


      AD&D Cloudy Mountain for Intellivision and Adventure for 2600

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  13. Life is short, play more video games!

  14. Very nice pickup! It's good to see people saving old stock like this from going into the trash. I may be interested in some 2600 or Colecovision stuff. Good luck with the selling!
  15. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Perhaps I will be back sometime soon! I have some stupid anxiety issues, and maybe I allowed myself to be discouraged over nothing. I used to get such a rush pushing myself to get super high scores, and I'm missing that rush lately. I also just got an rgb modded intv recently, so now I need to track down some carts, as I don't have all the classics yet.
  16. Oh man, I should know by now discussing a topic like a list of your favorite games will end up getting intense, but it still surprises me! haha Well, anyway, I have a terribly hard time ranking my favorite things, as I always seem to forget something big. I'll just say these are some excellent sgm games I have enjoyed quite a bit so far: Super Subroc, MajiKazo, Knightmare, Rally X, and Super Pac-man. I have some games I haven't gotten around to playing yet, so we shall see which emerge as possible favorites.
  17. I love this game. I am tempted to play along this round, but I had some animosity thrown my way last time when I scored over 440,000 points.. It's probably best if I stay in INTV high score retirement, as playing in any of the high score contests seemed to cause people to dislike me. It's too bad, as I used to love the weekly rush to learn a game and adapt quickly.
  18. I can't speak to the console cable issues, as my ps4's included cables are working fine, but I definitely understand being a minority consumer. Big companies cater to the majority, or else they waste boat loads of profits. I enjoy when games come with instruction manuals, inserts with game art on them, or when the inside of the box has art instead of just being blank. Most people don't give a shit about art, so many games just come in a simplified, blank box. Since I enjoy that little extra, I will spring for it on games I really enjoy. For example, I got the Libertalia collector's edition of Uncharted 4. It came with some great extras, which help me enjoy the final game in one of my favorite series ever.
  19. I'm amazed people think $60 is too much for a controller. Mine last through thousands of hours of game play, making it about a penny or two per hour of play at the most. They have tons of tiny parts, the ability to connect to multiple different machines wirelessly, a very long charge time on the battery, and a solid build quality. It feels like a $60 device to me. I realize many classic controllers have lasted decades, but with the simplicity in their designs, functions, and builds it is really comparing apples and oranges. As far as not coming with a cable, it makes sense, as most people buying a Playstation controller already have a Playstation, which came with a cable.
  20. Uncharted is one of the greatest game series ever made. I am sad it is the end of Nathan Drake's adventures, but damn what a ride! Uncharted 2 is one of the most entertaining masterpieces of modern gaming. I got lost in the story, and one day realized it had amazing multiplayer. The coop was incredible.. I couldn't get enough. I have been playing a bit of story mode and a bit online so far in Uncharted 4. So far, I am really enjoying it. The only bummer is the coop doesn't come out until autumn. It's not a huge deal, as I have been anticipating this game for years; I can wait a bit longer. I probably put most of my Uncharted hours into coop arena, so I am quite excited to see what they have in store this fall. I have been going back and forth in the online matches from getting rocked to doing some dominating myself. However, the ranked deathmatch mode seems to be well balanced, with good, close matches happening. Another great title from the people at Naughty Dog!
  21. I beat the final boss in Dark Souls III today. The last couple were a bit tough, but being over level 100, I eventually learned to dodge and slash at the right times, and my fully upgraded broadsword and Estoc rapier did the trick. I am nowhere near done with the game, though. I still need to acquire some items and perhaps level up some more to take on the new game plus mode. Tougher enemies, more powerful items, and most likely a lot more dying. Also, Tropico 5 is one of the free games this month, and it's pretty fun. You basically become a dictator on a tropical island and try to prosper. I have already sunk a few hours into it. My biggest hurdle so far has been rebels rising up to overthrow me, but I am learning better ways to prevent it. Check it out for a relaxing change of pace from fast paced action or competitive games. It's great for just kicking back and strategizing.
  22. I have been playing a ton of Dark Souls III the past week, and I am loving it. I am going to beat the whole game without summoning help or looking up hints, and while currently a level 69, so far, so good. There were only two bosses I had to replay more than a couple times to beat- probably the result of pulling all nighters and losing focus. I just started exploring the Profaned Capital area today. The enemies are getting bigger, with some dropping about 2,500 souls. It's great fun, and I definitely recommend it to anyone up for a good challenge. It is probably going to be one of the better games released this year, along with No Man's Sky and my most anticipated title- Uncharted 4. I can't wait for the Naughty Dog greatness. I have been waiting years for this game, and it's only two more weeks!
  23. I use a round edged tool on my mini Swiss Army knife which has no blade. I slide it under each side of the top flap, carefully apply upward pressure until the little side flaps inside the box let go, and no creases are made. Sometimes, I need to slightly move the corners of the box diagonally so the flaps let go without bending. I meant to make a video a while back for anyone interested in keeping their homebrew boxes mint.
  24. Wow, thanks for the response! That game looks pretty fun. The way you describe a conniving, cheating AI opponent actually makes me want it even more. The satisfaction when you beat the cheating bastard computer is truly sweet.
  25. I am impressed and entertained by how well you guys are addressing the challenge of finding family friendly fps. I admire the collective knowledge of this community, and I feel your powers should be tested further. Can you come up with any non-family friendly games like Mario Party? I'd like to find some games which don't necessarily require all people playing to have the thumb agility required by fps games so I can interest my girlfriend in playing more video games.
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