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  1. I have Pinball Arcade on the PS3, Vita, and PS4 since you get a discount buying on multiple systems. For some reason, I think I have gotten most of my top scores on the Vita. Perhaps it's the perfect little triggers, or being close to the screen.. not really sure, but it is very fun.
  2. I haven't played the latest addition to the series, but I agree about the feet. I find myself laughing, as some of the characters are supposed to be badass warriors, but they are running around on their tiny, tippy toes like dainty school girls. It is definitely an interesting stylistic choice.
  3. Great collection! I'm especially enjoying the repro box pictures, as you have some I did not know existed. I would quite like to get some of them if I can find anyone selling, most definitely the PkK ones. Thank you, I am inspired! Where do you prefer to acquire your box protectors from? Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere already.
  4. Bank Panic is so addictive. I love fast pace games, and when you get a few levels in, this game really can test you. It is an awesome game from a fantastic publisher. Thank you to everyone involved in Bank Panic coming to Colecovision! It has become a favorite of mine.
  5. I love the Vita. With playstation plus, I'm getting two free games per month to try, and the games I have purchased are quite entertaining. I've played it for hundreds of hours and will for many more. The memory cards go on sale often, and I love the controls. I bought mine right when they started the new model, as I wanted the old model before they all disappeared (I read all the differences and decided I wanted the older screen over the new one). It has been one of the greatest dollar to hours of entertainment purchases I have made.
  6. So, I've got a couple weeks of data today, as I forgot to post. NES Smash TV - 150 minutes Popeye - 15 minutes Adventure Island II - 15 minutes Intellivision Lock 'n Chase - 80 minutes Frog Bog - 40 minutes Bump 'n Jump - 25 minutes Super Chef BT - 60 minutes Colecovision Bank Panic - 635 minutes Cat S.O.S. - 20 minutes Cix - 120 minutes Cye - 120 minutes Fireman - 20 minutes Golgo 13 - 30 minutes Jeepers Creepers - 30 minutes Jetpack! - 90 minutes Joust - 90 minutes Lock 'n Chase - 275 minutes Mr. Chin - 60 minutes Pacman Collection - 90 minutes Pang - 45 minutes Squares! - 25 minutes Steamroller - 60 minutes Subroc Super Game - 65 minutes Sky Jaguar - 15 minutes Yie Ar Kung Fu - 15 minutes Circus Charlie - 10 minutes Digger - 10 minutes Star force - 15 minutes Oil's Well - 180 minutes Galaxian - 20 minutes Tapper - 60 minutes Up 'n Down - 15 minutes Spectar - 120 minutes
  7. Thank you. Mouse Trap is one of my favorite games. I have not played Telebunny yet. I'll have to give it a go.
  8. I do not have a set and would like to enter, please.
  9. It seems I may have missed out on this one, but if it's still possible, I would like a copy. Thank you!
  10. I'm trying to constantly cycle through my library, and today I came back around to Spectar. I like this game a lot more than I originally thought. It becomes very addictive trying to survive the later levels as the bonus points get larger for each completion. I finally got over 40,000 points today. Anybody get a personal best in a homebrew lately? I like to know which ones really drive people to get further and see more of the game.
  11. So yesterday was my birthday, and as I was sipping a fantastic, rare scotch I got for myself, I thought about another way to treat myself: Colecovision homebrews. As so many exceptional games exist, I was hoping to get some opinions on everyone's favorite brews. I have found some much lesser known games to be at the top of my list after taking the risk and getting them without hearing any praise for them. While I have the chance, I also want to give a shoutout and thanks to 65GamerGuy, as his video reviews have helped me decide on many purchases and discover a few favorites like Steamroller (one of my favorite games across any system). So, let's hear it! What are your favorite homebrews to collect or play? What are your picks for hidden gems?
  12. Super Castlevania IV on SNES and Jeepers Creepers on Colecovision are the two which come to mind right away for me. I can marathon play either one of these gems. The music alone in SC is amazing.
  13. Intellivision Lock 'n' Chase - 450 minutes This game is maddeningly addictive. I'm getting closer to my old high score. My times this week were only from two play sessions. When I play this game, I keep thinking, "One more round!" Before I know it, hours have gone by. Very few games grab me like this these days. Not a classic game, but Rocket League on PS4 has the same hold on me right now. It has five minute matches, the perfect length to keep thinking of going one more round. It's hard to stop!
  14. I knew I would start remembering more favorites.. Here are a couple: As mentioned above- Arkanoid with the paddle controller is so fun, but damn it's tough. Level three is maddening. Anyone master this level? I can not believe I forgot about Little Ninja Brothers! I love this game so much.. Please try it if you have not. It is a great two player game as well. I'm still looking to buy a nice, mint condition CIB copy of this game. I've been casually looking for years. Wild Gunman and Duck Hunt have also entertained me much over the years. If you play Wild Gunman, don't cheat! Keep your zapper pointed down at your hip until the enemy draws. It's so much more fun. Also, the mode where you fight a whole gang is fun and addictive.
  15. I fired up my rgb modded INTV this week and all I can say is WOW! I can not believe how good it looks. Space Hawk - 15 minutes Bump N Jump - 15 minutes Super Chef BT - 140 minutes Lock N Chase - 195 minutes
  16. I am bad at ranking things I like.. I agonize too much over how much I enjoy one over another. So, in an effort to break my old habits and not spend hours thinking about this, l'll just throw out some games I love in no particular order. Smash TV - One of my all time favorite games ever. Fast action, fantastic level design- truly a masterpiece when using a dual arcade stick setup. Adventure Island series - All three have their charms. I also love the box art. Rescue - some of my favorite video game music I have ever heard is when you're sneaking in and out of doorways. Burgertime - Great translation of an arcade classic. Pirates! - I got lost in this game for MONTHS. Great music, huge open world. I remember making a journal to log my travels and take note of rumors heard in taverns. I love this game. It was ahead of is time. Anything by KOEI.. I could go on about a few titles, but I will just say they are awesome in many ways. Popeye - Great arcade action. The Legend of Zelda Contra and Super C - Never used the code, still love them. Super Dodge Ball - nice port of an arcade favorite of mine. Predator - very tough platformer with great music. It took a while, but this one really grew on me. Gunsmoke - Nice arcade action. Didn't know about this one until college. I love a good shooter. Tetris - Scarily addictive. Bump N Jump - I like this game on any system. Super Mario Bros. - The game which showed the greatness of platformers. I am leaving out a lot, but I guess every list needs to end somewhere. This makes me want to dig out my collection and see what I'm forgetting. Thanks for that!
  17. NES Smash TV - 55 minutes I have been working a lot lately, and I have been distracted by some good modern games which came out recently.. However, I'll be playing a good amount of classic games soon. I can't stay away too long. Plus, I've got an RGB modded Intellivision on the way! So, that makes three RGB modded classic systems for me now- with Colecovision and N64 being the others. What a time to be alive!
  18. That one was CIB, wasn't it? I can't recall ever seeing a sealed one.
  19. I made it! I'm somebody! Things are going to start happening to me, now...
  20. I've been playing Elder Scrolls.Online the past few days. I created a guild yesterday, so if anyone wants to join, let me know. It's been a lot of fun so far.
  21. I just got the platinum trophy for Diablo III, so I'm going to try and move on. I have completed most of the in game challenges and acquired all the trophies, but I still want to keep playing. It just keep getting better and better. I picked Samurai Warriors 4 back up after a long break. Excellent game. I'll be playing it all night tonight.
  22. Colecovision Cix - 120 minutes Cye - 60 minutes Joust - 60 minutes Steamroller - 40 minutes Jeepers Creepers - 30 minutes Lock N' Chase - 25 minutes Pac-man Collection - 25 minutes Gorf - 5 minutes Nintendo 64 Wave Race - 25 minutes Wayne Gretzky's 3d Hockey - 10 minutes Wayne Gretzky's 3d Hockey '98 - 20 minutes Super Mario 64 - 12 minutes WCW vs. NWO Revenge - 20 minutes
  23. The left fire button, the joystick, and right fire button are the three door firing controls.
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