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  1. The controls are intuitive. It makes the difficulty deal with the game play and not fumbling with controls. Very addictive game. I bought it on a whim. Glad I did!
  2. I apologize for causing a recalibration of the week's times. I'm in a state of exhaustion, and it slipped my mind this morning. I am really loving Bank Panic! You need great reflexes to truly score big in this game, and I always enjoy a good test of the reflexes. I also got into an almost hypnotic state while playing Cix (or is it "i x")? My mind went in many directions, and I found some fantastic new strategies! I am excited for the future of my Cix scores. It kept making me laugh how there are enough zeroes for hundred of millions of points to be scored when I was just breaking 100k, but now I'm ready for the challenge!
  3. Well I went to work and forgot to put my times in for the past week.. Here they are in case anyone cares. Colecovision Cix - 240 minutes Schlange CV - 60 minutes Jet Pack! - 125 minutes Subroc Super Game- 35 minutes Pang! - 10 minutes Bank Panic - 45 minutes Steamroller - 35 minutes Magical Tree - 20 minutes Joust - 75 minutes NES Smash TV - 145 minutes Arkanoid - 30 minutes
  4. Thank you. It seems I am only missing Monster Masher. I am excited to track down a copy! It looks fun.
  5. My girlfriend and I really enjoy your games and the music in them. Thank you for all the work you have done. I'm trying to get a complete collection of your games. Would you mind posting a complete list of your games or sending it to me in a message? I want to see what I'm missing.
  6. I always appreciate and respect your input on matters of the CV variety. I have thought about getting a bunch of homebrew controllers, but I realized I love Yurkie's modded controllers, so I don't really need anything else. I can save the hundreds of dollars and put it toward some more exciting homebrews.
  7. Colecovision Lock'N Chase - 300 minutes Cye - 80 minutes Cix - 40 minutes Mr. Chin - 20 minutes Jet Pack! - 135 minutes
  8. I can't pass up an unlabeled cart gamble if they are the right price. Flea market season is just starting here. Hopefully I'll have a few chances to roll the dice, Colecovision style.
  9. Are there enough left for me to get a couple medium flashbacks and a couple original Colecos?
  10. At which game can you not be beaten?

    1. roland p

      roland p

      IK+ (amiga) and Yie ar Kungfu (msx). Bonks Adventure 3. Shadow Of The Beast (Lynx). Sure that's all a while ago and I'm old and rusty now.

    2. Rick Dangerous
    3. DeputyMoniker


      None but I usually with at Mario Kart.

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  11. I'm getting Bloodborne. It looks to be a challenging rpg.
  12. I haven't played lately, but I remember being in the pod and finding it after hitting the options button.
  13. In LBP3, there's an option to import stuff from the prequels.
  14. I actually don't work on Christmas this year! Instead of hearing people exclaim they are happy someone is open on Christmas, I'll be relaxing alone with some video games.

    1. Unbeliever



    2. WispFollower
    3. WispFollower


      The passive aggressiveness is strong with this one.

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  15. I think today wil be a PS4 day. So many games, so little time..

  16. Seeing this old thread has inspired me. Time to turn up the surround sound and get into this intensely loud and thrilling game!
  17. I received my games. Joust is fantastic! Hard difficulty seems closest to the arcade version. I'm dying to play SubRoc. I hope the second SGM run ships soon.
  18. I understand, as I have seen grouchy and angst filled people on both sides. I'm not into unnecessary stuff like that. If someone wants to send me an offer I don't like, I'll politely decline or counter offer. Perhaps it's all the flea markets I've been to, but I love haggling. I suppose I understand people who just want straightforward pricing. However, I think it skips a good chunk of fun, and you might as well have your stuff on Ebay at that point instead of a social community of collectors.
  19. Collecting is a uniquely fun hobby. I have paid a high price on a handful of items (five or less), but considering I have well over one thousand games and dozens of rare accessories cib, I am not worried about it. Sometimes, you just have to have a certain item!
  20. I'm not worried about price appreciation, as I do not plan on selling anything. I'm merely enjoying an acquisition gained for a fair value during a time when it is tough to even find at all- just collecting, appreciating, curating, or any other similar terms people care to use.
  21. I can't find the completed listing on Ebay or the Colecovision auction thread here, so I'll have to take your word for it. However, buy it now prices don't always tell the entire story, as someone might not realize it's worth, post it, then someone snatches up a deal. I think from what I have seen, $900 is still a good deal for a sealed copy since that nice opened one was well over $900 with shipping. I was the one who got the Atari2600.com sealed copy. I think I was very lucky to get such a deal, once again thinking of the opened one which was sold auction style, not buy it now. It was the most I have ever paid for a video game, but considering it brings me up to seven of the top ten hardest to find CIB games, and I got all the others for a song, I'm doing alright.
  22. I didn't mean any disrespect. Sorry if it came off that way. The one on Ebay was opened.
  23. I didn't see that one as mint, and it definitely wasn't sealed.
  24. Another reason I haven't posted a for offer thread is it seems to generate what I believe is unnecessary anger. People start shouting at you to post set prices, even though the goal is to feel out the demand/value. In addition, a huge part of the fun for me is haggling, but some people don't appear to have the patience and/or social skills to handle it. I don't enjoy making waves, so I have kept a lot of my collection in the dark instead of putting it out there to hear offers.
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