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  1. No I have not yet but I keep watching the forums for any info that may help. You may also try doing a search at google or any search site and key in Atari Lynx problems or just Atari Lynx and it gives pages and pages to look through. Good Luck
  2. Try www.best-electronics-ca.com Brad Koda is very helpful! 408-278-1072 Monday-Friday 1:30-5 PM PST Good Luck!
  3. I meant to say as Erazotropa has explained. "Space Invader" is a term used by this Forum for questions/answers posted.
  4. Without doing any damage to the case itself by using a small instrument to pry under the plastic LCD screen and use the case as a wedge, removing it is easier by doing as Space Invader has mentioned by taking the screws out. Once this is done, you will notice that under the front cover casing the clear plasic is "clipped" on by 4 tabs. Use a small precision screwdriver to push these tabs outward and the screen cover will be popped off for the replacement to be installed. If you need a new screen, try Callisto on EBAY. She has them for sale for $6.99 plus shipping. Good luck and keep the LYNX alive!!
  5. If a ribbon is connected by "SMT" or a form of "adhesive" to a board...what is this term?
  6. The ribbon that came off is not the one that is on the bottom. I appoligize. I did not specify that is was the one on the side that looks like it has 4 leads in the ribbon that connects to the side conductor on the LCD glass from the board. It appears to be some kind of adhesive??
  7. The ribbon has come "unglued"?? How can I get this connected back to my board and LCD? Thanks
  8. I have even tried a Dremel with a cotton polishing wheel with no prevail!
  9. Can a cartridge go bad??? Today I inserted my California Games to play some HACKEY and to my major disappointment all i got was "INSERT GAME." I got out my pink eraser and cleaned my contacts, which I just played it last night and same thing. Tried it in my other 5 systems and still the same message. Can a cartridge go bad?
  10. I have a Lynx II that just recently when I put a game in it turns on and off with the buttons but I cannot get it to show the game, sound, or brightness adjustment. What is the problem??? Help Me!!
  11. I was afraid you would say that. I was hoping not to crack it open but looks that is going to be my only option. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I have 2 Lynx II systems that will power on/off with game inserted but no picture or sound. Backlight cannot be adjusted nor the volume regulated. What could the problem be?? A capacitor or diode??
  13. Good Day. Having a problem with turning the Lynx on/off by removing or inserting the game or removing/inserting batteries is possibly due to the power mosfet being jumped. If you were to open the system and look at the slot marked Q12, you may seen that the center and an outside contact may have been connected. One thing to do is find a working Lynx and remove the chip from this location and transfer to the non-working system. If this does not work, than the semi-conductor is not the problem. Good luck on it!
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement game port cover for the Lynx 1 or rig up something to put where the 3 teeth broke off to keep the cover from flopping around when I lift it or set it down. It doesn't open when I am playing because I am holding the unit. Any suggestions?
  15. I have 2 Lynx II's that will turn on/off with game inserted. The light will come on. The speaker will click, but the game will not start. I have cleaned the contacts in the game port, cleaned the contacts on the game cartridge and still nothing. What could the problem be? Please help my Lynx!
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