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  1. I'm a high score junkie. I adore my Atari 2600 and my Mame cabinet. I'm in the mood to expand upon my Mame's game selection and was wondering which of the other older systems would cater too my high score chasing needs? Preferably those with an initial entering feature so you can see who got what score =)
  2. And now Mario is red as he should be. Nice! =) Romfile = Mario Kart.rar Please let me know what you think =D
  3. Found a better game to use as a base. Now using Mach Rider and it's alot more fun, hehe...
  4. Just noticed Mario Kart 8 is soon to be released for the WiiU and I thought it strange that nobody has done a homebrew or hack on a racing game so we would have Mario Kart on the NES, so I'm fiddling together a silly little hack of Excitebike I would much rather have some 2 player racing game as a base but the 2 player ones are overhead view and way to many sprites for me to edit. Would be cool with something where you saw the car from the behind. The hack's not done yet and I don't know when it will be, just a fun thing I fiddle with now and then =) But I could get a move on if there's an interest for it. Mostly just wanted to show my sillyness to the world, haha....And I'd love to have something like this on a cart personaly
  5. Do anyone know of a list of all the racing games for the NES? I'm having a hard time finding one.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place, but I recently got my hands on Petite Computer for the 3DS an emulator for SMILEBASIC where you get to make your own software. I dabbled with BatariBasic so I figured somethings out but I need to ask a few questions to grasp somethings. Anyway, my code so far allows for movement of an @ which is the player and an Z which would be a zombie. My first question would be. How would I go about giving the zombie a random chance of moving towards the player if one of the buttons are pushed? I know how to make it move towards the player every time the buttons are pushed, I would need a random counter and I'm not sure on how to set them up. Like giving it a chance of 1 in 4. X=5:Y=12 ZX=20:ZY=12 @LOOP K=BUTTON(2) IF K AND 1 THEN Y=Y-1 IF K AND 2 THEN Y=Y+1 IF K AND 4 THEN X=X-1 IF K AND 8 THEN X=X+1 LOCATE X,Y ?"@" LOCATE ZX,ZY ?"Z" VSYNC 1:CLS GOTO @LOOP Many thanks in advance =)
  7. I'm having a bit of trouble with hacking the sprites of Contra for the NES. It seems that when I look at the sprites in Tile Layer Pro the sprites for the main character is extremely hard to find. Is there any way to do an autosort so the sprites line up so I can see things more clearly. Or if there are some better tool? The closest thing I get to see the character sprites is in the editor in Nesticle.
  8. No, I have no experience with compiling mame. Are there any documents about the subject that you recomend? =)
  9. From what I have seen on the net hacking roms for MAME is very outdated. Dosn't seem like many (If any) people are still doing it. But I'm a sucker for arcade games and I love highscores so it rocks that you can do romhacks for MAME, even though information is hard to find. Here is a zip with the patch for centipede. Wish I could make it standalone so you could have both the original centipede and this one...Anyone know how to setup drivers in Mame? =) Patch - centiped.zip
  10. Thanks! Got it working now, and I managed to make a hack, though not of Donkey Kong, but of Centipede. You are now a guy with 2 guns instead of a snake and you fire 2 horizontal bullets instead of 1. The centipede is now eyeballs. The mushrooms are now tombstones, the spider is a ghost and the flea is a skull =)
  11. Now, I just need to figure out how to get the hacked game to work in Mame, any thoughts? =)
  12. I managed to fix the error, it was looking for different romsets then was listed, I managed to find out what files to add and now it works. =) I only wish it had support for VS. Super Mario Bros, but it got support for tons of other games so I'm happy =)
  13. Not sure where too put this but I'm trying to setup Turaco and do some romhacks. I keep getting the same errors and I don't know what is wrong. In this case I'm trying to get the sprites in Donkey Kong and I get these error messages. First one says: Error, dk.3n not found. Not suprising since there is no file by that name in the dkong.zip file. The second error I get says; Error loading driver : drivers\NINTENDO\DKONG.INI. Sorry. I'm guessing you'll have to manually edit the .ini file and make it go to the correct file but I have no idea which one of the files contains the sprites. I have extracted the files in the .zip into it's own folder called roms in the Turaco map, like this: C:\Turaco\roms And the drivers are in the Turaco map also, like this: C:\Turaco\DRIVERS The TURACO.INI should be correct too. This is what I did in it: If anyone has fiddled with this program please let me know how you configured it. Any help at all would be great. Thanks in advance.
  14. Experimenting on a racing game, and I want the playfield to scroll vertical. What would the simplest way of doing it be? Also, I've been playing Gate Racer a lot and I really like the feature of having gates to go through, Any tips on how to achieve this feature? =) Source: rem CODE INSPIRED BY Atarius Maximus at http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=109288 TITLE drawscreen if joy0fire then goto start goto TITLE start player0x = 50 player0y = 80 player1x = 255 player1y = 255 scorecolor = $0E dim _P1_L_R = player1x.a dim _P1_U_D = player1y.b dim _P0_L_R = player0x.c dim _P0_U_D = player0y.d main AUDV0=0 AUDV1=0 a = a + 1 rem POSSIBLY INEFFICIENT CODE, SEPARATE COLOR INFO FOR EACH FRAME... player0: %01000010 %01111110 %01011010 %00011000 %00111100 %00111100 %00111100 %00111100 %00100100 %00100100 %00111100 %00011000 %01011010 %01111110 %01011010 %00011000 end player1: %01000010 %01111110 %01011010 %00011000 %00111100 %00111100 %00111100 %00111100 %00100100 %00100100 %00111100 %00011000 %01011010 %01111110 %01011010 %00011000 end COLUP0 = $0E COLUPF = $0E COLUP1 = $0E playfield: ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. ..X.X......................X.X.. end EXPLOSION rem POSSIBLY INEFFICIENT CODE, SEPARATE COLOR INFO FOR EACH FRAME... if f = 10 then player1: %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 end if f = 20 then player1: %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 %11001100 %11001100 %00110011 %00110011 end if f=20 then f=0 drawscreen if joy0right then player0x = player0x + 1 if joy0left then player0x = player0x - 1 if player1x < 15 then player1x = rand if player1x > 130 then player1x = rand if player1x = 255 then player1x = rand : player1y = 20 if player1y > 90 then player1x = rand : player1y = 20 : e = (rand&3) if e = 0 then NUSIZ1 = $00 if e = 1 then NUSIZ1 = $01 if e = 2 then NUSIZ1 = $02 if e = 3 then NUSIZ1 = $03 _P1_U_D = _P1_U_D + 0.60 if a = 60 then score = score + 1 : a = 0 if joy0fire then goto faster goto main faster _P1_U_D = _P1_U_D + 0.60 if a = 30 then score = score + 1 : a = 0 goto main
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