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  1. I have a lot of Next Generation magazines. It ran from 1995 through 2002. I have most of the issues from the earlier years. If you are interested I can get you more specific dates/issues. Are you looking for a bulk purchase or just single issues with articles relating to Game.com and N64? (I tried a PM but it said 'action failed')
  2. I have issues one and two available in pretty good condition.
  3. I came up with five of them. Just tell me where to send them.
  4. I have Empire Strikes back. Just the box and cartridge. No Instructions. The box is in pretty good shape. The only flaw is it looks like, at some point, there was moisture on the box which caused a little ripple in the paper when it dried. Would you do $5 plus shipping?
  5. Sold him some stuff. It was an easy and smooth transaction. No issues.
  6. I have a complete Sewer Sam if you are interested. I can send pics. Does $10 plus postage sound ok?
  7. I have a few on your list but only two are complete. If you are interested, I have a complete Sewer Sam in very good condition, a complete Frogger but the box lid had a ripped corner and the instructions have a corner of the cover missing, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back with a decent box but missing instrructions, Beauty and the Beast missing one overly, Microsurgeon missing both overlays, Safecracker with no overlays, Sword and Serpents missing only the Wizard's overlay, All the Imagic games have boxes and instructions but are missing one or both overlays as noted. I also have Dracula and Tropical Trouble but no box, instructions or overlays for those. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. I have 5 sports titles for the Saturn if you are interested. The titles are World Series Baseball, World Series Baseball '98, NHL Powerplay '96, Fifa '97 and Sega Worldwide Soccer '97. Two of the cases have slight flaws but discs and instructions are in excellent condition on all. $4 each plus shipping.
  9. I have one I can sell you.Here's everything I can include: You can have everything for $50 + shipping. Wasn't used in years so some carts may need the contacts cleaned. Intellivision Console in good condition Intellivoice Boxed games: Armor Battle[w/instr,two overlays] Advanced D&D:Treasure of Tarmin[w/instr,one overlay] Frog Bog [w/instr,one overlay] Utopia [NO instr, one overlay] NASL Soccer [NO inst, one overlay] NHL Hockey [w/instr, NO overlays] Major League Baseball [w/instr, two overlays] NFL Football [w/instr, playbook, two overlays] Sewer Sam [w/instr, NO overlays] Frogger [w/instr, NO overlays] Star Wars:Empire Strikes Back [NO instr, NO overlays] Swords & Serpents [w/instr, one overlay] Microsurgeon [w/instr, NO overlays] Safecracker [w/instr, NO overlays] Beauty and the Beast [w/inst, one overlay] Unboxed [no instr.]: Space Armada [three overlays] NFL Football [NO overlays] Skiing [NO overlays] Bowling [NO overlays] Auto Racing [one overlay] Burgertime [NO overlays] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [NO overlays] Night Stalker [one overlay] Sub Hunt [NO overlays] Mission X [NO overlays] Boxing [one overlay] Astrosmash [two overlays] Snafu [three overlays] Truckin' [NO overlays] Tropical Trouble [NO overlays] Single Cartridges [No instr,No overlays]: Beauty and the Beast, Armor Battle (2), Frog Bog Box Only (in decent shape): Blockade Runner
  10. I would recommend going to an auction site with those magazines. I was suprised at the results when I cleaned out my closets with many of the same mags. You'll probably be contacted by international buyers but they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.
  11. I have two issues of Dreamcast Magazine, Issues #1 and #2 from Volume 1. I also have about 20 Gamefan magazines from Volumes 2 and 3 (I think). They are all in excellent condition. If you are interested let me know exactly what you are looking for.
  12. I have both. Only missing an overlay for Swords and Serpents. The boxes are in OK to good condition. Cartridges have not been tested recently but if they don't work, they most likely only need a cleaning. The label on the Treasures of Tarmin cart shows signs of age but is not peeling. If you are interested, I'll do $5 each plus shipping.
  13. You are contradicting yourself with the 'rain man' comment. That's how an offer can be considered without having to lookup they value of everything. If an offer comes in on a lot, you see if it is reasonable and respond with an 'Accept' or 'Decline'. There's no 'back and forth'. Someone gave the example of a store pricing it's goods. Well, when an item doesn't sell the price gets lowered. If it still doesn't sell it gets lowered again until it sells. My goal was to avoid that nonsense. One would think that a forum full of game collectors would be a logical place to get reasonable offers for video game merchandise. You said yourself that you can 'rain man' an entire lot in 10 minutes so you should be able to come up with a resonable offer for anything you are interested in. Tell me which is easier: a) Pricing and photgraphing a couple hundred individual items with very few or no rare items or b) Throwing a compiled list out there with a few shots of the bulk items and saying 'If anybody wants any of this, tell me what your interested in and we'll go from there' Most of you are telling me that I should have priced 100% of the items when only 30% had any interest. Seems like I would have wasted 70% more time and energy. Bottom line: Don't be so quick to dismiss 'make an offer' posts. If you had any interest in anything, there were bargains to be had and you missed out.
  14. I completely understood your point. I guess you didn't get mine. It wouldn't take much research to see that $100 is a complete lowball offer. Such an offer would be responded to with a polite, 'thanks for the offer but I'm going to decline'. If you choose to respond with a higher offer then who is playing the games here? If you would be willing to pay significantly more why bother with the lowball offer? Why does the seller get seen as the snake in this scenario? As a seller, the price I 'KNOW' I want is the price that the buyer is comfortable with that I am willing to accept.
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